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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 July 2018

* Movie studio AI predicts who will like a film based on its trailer >>
* First Hyperloop ‘vacuum train’ planned for Chinese province as state-run firm invests $1 BILLION >>
* Nuclear Bomb Sensors Eavesdrop on Whales >>

* Airbus unveils its massive solar-powered drone that can stay in the air for 45 DAYS >>
* Ingenious robot captures sea creatures without harming them >>
* IBM thinks blockchains can help reduce carbon emissions >>

* Robots working as a group are able to determine the optimal order of their tasks >>
* NASA Deploys Tiny Satellite To Scour The Halo Of The Milky Way >>
* Disney’s first VR short ‘Cycles’ debuts next month >>

* Houses of the future could have genetically-modified plants built into the WALLS that change colour when they detect deadly gases and viruses >>
* How to Fly a Drone With Your Body >>

* Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model >>
* 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result >>
* Video Friday: Japanese Androids, Rolls-Royce Microrobots, and Robotic Racecar >>

* Doctor Who’s First Female Doctor Will Bring a New Generation of >>
* Here Are All the Best Trailers From Comic-Con 2018 >>
* Microsoft PowerShell Core For Linux Now Available as a Snap >>

* Google AI experiment compares poses to 80,000 images as you move >>
* Doctors rely on more than just data for medical decision making >>
* Airbus’ whale-sized plane made an oversized maiden flight >>

* Every Neuron of a Fruit Fly Brain, In Nanoscopic Detail >>
* Beyond Elon Musk’s Drama, Tesla’s Cars Are Thrilling Drivers >>
* China pours $1 billion into a ‘Hyperloop’ for cars >>

* Most of AI’s Business Uses Will Be in Two Areas >>
* Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter Launch the Data Transfer Project >>
* Does Dirty Air Cancel Out Exercise Benefits? >>

* How a friendly chatbot can help customers love your site >>
* Take Control of Your Learning at Work >>
* Waymo’s autonomous vehicles are driving 25,000 miles every day >>

* Why Elon Musk isn’t the hero we imagined >>
* MIT Astronomers Solve Enduring Mystery of a Dimming Star >>

* China’s super-sized space plans may involve help from Russia >>
* Autodesk’s Lego model-building robot is the future of manufacturing >>
* What does AI and machine learning mean for finance, security, energy? >>

* The AI revolution will be led by toasters, not droids >>
* Solutions for near-term antimatter fusion propulsion using isotope breeding cycle >>
* If only 3D desktop printers could 3D print sales! Units crash in Q1 >>

* Super-aliens might gather stars and galaxies >>
* Impact of AI and Mobile Internet compared to Growth of China and India 2013-2025 >>
* Google reveals plans to string a 4,000-mile-long undersea cable from France to Virginia by 2020 to speed up its network >>

* Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor will use existing technology for rapid approval >>
* New Wearable Sensor Detects Stress Hormone in Sweat >>
* ‘Apollo 11’ Film to Show First Moon Landing Like Never Before >>

* Take a Virtual Walk on the Moon in New York City! >>
* First Moonwalker Neil Armstrong’s Memorabilia Heads to Auction >>
* Jupiter’s Breathtaking Cloud Formations on Display in New Juno Image >>

* Who Owns the Moon? A Space Lawyer Answers >>
* Human ‘fingerprints’ detected in Earth’s seasonal temperature changes >>
* First smallpox treatment approved amid fears virus could become “weaponised” >>

* Team suggests a way to protect autonomous grids from potentially crippling GPS spoofing attacks >>
* DARPA Plans Bugbot ‘Olympics’ to Foster Breakthrough in Tiny Machines >>
* Researchers move closer to completely optical artificial neural network >>

* Creating Genetically Modified Babies Is “Morally Permissible,” Says Ethics Committee >>
* Transhumanism is Under Siege from Socialism >>
* First Baby Snake From Dinosaur Era Found in Amber >>

* ISSUE 126: Death of the ESB >>
* Talking Up Kubernetes with Rancher >>
* Core i7-8086K overclocking and CPU soldering >>

* Virtual reality giants unveil VirtualLink as a standardized cable that may simplify VR rigs >>
* Containers or Virtual Machines: Which is More Secure? >>
* San Francisco aims to issue electric scooter permits next month >>

* Neil Armstrong’s collection of space artifacts goes up for auction >>
* Scalable multi-node deep learning training using GPUs in the AWS Cloud >>
* Researchers prove the arrow of time is irrelevant to quantum computers >>

* World’s fastest human-made spinning object could help study quantum mechanics >>
* AMD Will Drive AI to the Edge >>

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