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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 July 2018

* Here’s Why Today’s Neutrino Discovery Is a Big Deal >>
* Astronomers Follow Ghost Particles Down the Barrel of a Black Hole >>

* SpaceIL plans to land hopping robot on the moon by end of 2018 >>
* How to predict the side effects of millions of drug combinations >>
* Startup baraja promises cheap reliable lidar for selfdriving cars >>

* Future of Work will be exploding with opportunity and imploding dying at same time >>
* Predicting the Future of Work: Preparing for an Uncertain Tomorrow >>
* How-to-prepare-for-the-cloud-worker-era >>

* NASA’s Big Astronaut Trash Problem >>
* Elon Musk pledges to give every home in Flint, MI clean drinking water >>
* This robot can sew an entire t-shirt without human help >>

* Ear Implant Lets Deaf Gerbils Sense Sound From Light Signals >>
* Apple’s MacBook Pros Get Faster Chips, New Keyboards (Kinda) >>

* CRISPR Makes Cancer Cells Turncoats That Attack Their Tumor >>
* Now you can 3D print an entire bike frame >>
* 3D printed ‘underwater jetpack’ that can propel users at speeds of up to 8 miles per hour >>

* Fortnite is such an insanely massive hit that Epic Games is giving some of the money back >>
* By going free, Microsoft Teams is taking on Slack more directly >>
* Microsoft just turned your conference-room whiteboard into an app >>

* Get ready for a golden AI and machine learning autumn >>
* Kepler Mission Placed In Hibernation To Download Data Before Its Last Campaign >>
* China’s fertility industry is booming >>

* Daimler-and-bosch-plan-a-selfdriving-taxi-service? >>
* Desktop hypervisor; VMware’s testing a new cut of Workstation >>
* Microsoft might move jobs abroad due to U.S. immigration policies >>

* Microsoft launches new wide-area networking options for Azure >>
* Pay what you want for 35 hours of professional Python training >>
* We now know why horses snort – because they’re happy >>

* Flying Trains Could Be Coming Your Way >>
* Two Cape Canaveral launch towers demolished >>
* Internally, NASA believes Boeing ahead of SpaceX in commercial crew >>

* First-Ever Color X-ray on a Human >>
* GitHub Enterprise and Business Cloud users now get access to public repos, too >>
* YouTube Launches “Copyright Match” Tool to Protect Initial Uploaders >>

* The First Real Boom in Virtual Reality? It’s Pornography. >>
* Yes, HBO should be more like Netflix >>
* Hinge uses AI to suggest a ‘most compatible’ date every day >>

* Become a UX/UI master with these online design courses >>
* Could gravitational waves reveal how fast our universe is expanding? >>
* The next big ‘Fortnite’ eSports event is an $8 million, 8-week tourney >>

* Nvidia Shield TV levels up to full-featured PC gaming with free GeForce Now beta >>
* Cooling buildings worldwide >>
* Facebook improves AI by sending ‘tourist bots’ to a virtual NYC >>

* Self driving robot race car takes on Goodwood Festival >>
* England’s marshes may start to retreat and disappear in just 20 years >>

* Star Trek: History & Effect on Space Technology >>
* DeepAR in Amazon SageMaker >>

* The-icecube-neutrino-detector-at-the-south-pole-hits-paydirt >>
* Gaia and Hubble Space-Telescope Findings May Reveal a ‘New Physics of the Universe’ >>
* Giving Mice — Male and Female — Hot Flashes Reveals Possible Path to Treatment >>

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