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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2018

* AI trained on 3500 years (180 years a day) of games to beats humans at Dota 2 >> >>
* What does it take for a bot to beat Dota 2 heroes? 128,000 CPU cores, 256 Nvidia GPUs >>

* Google Earth now lets you measure distances and areas >>
* Oculus launches its first app focused on watching television >>

* Phone batteries reveal what you typed and read >>
* Why aren’t startups working? They’re not great at creating jobs… or disrupting big biz >>
* Scientists reveal brain mechanism behind alcohol addiction >>

* AI and robotics have been separate fields up to now >>
* Will Launching Plants into Orbit Yield New Medicines? >>
* US Navy reveals ‘superslippery’ submarine and warship coating that lets craft slide through the water more easily >>

* Being neurotic is in your DNA: Scientists discover 599 genes related to the personality trait in biggest ever study of its kind >>
* Crewed missions to the moon and Mars need dreamers and doers >>
* Made in Space targets 2023 for building large structures in space and later future asteroid mining >>

* Tinder drops swipes in favour of algorithm picked matches similar interests >>
* So you’re doing an IoT project. Cute. Let’s start with the basics: Security >>
* Can a Bot Learn a Second Language? >>

* This new solar farm combines clean energy and beehives >>
* Layoffs at Watson Health Reveal IBM’s Problem with AI >>
* Worlds Adrift: can its billion-dollar tech make it the next Fortnite? >>

* There are two types of worrier – which you are depends on genes >>
* 3D face-detection could come to the Samsung Galaxy S10 >>
* Tencent Joins the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member >>

* Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement >>
* Sphero branches out beyond robots with Specdrums acquisition >>
* Westworld Leaves Its Biggest Questions for Another Season >>

* China Extends Lead as Most Prolific Supercomputer Maker >>
* Volkswagen’s all-electric race car conquers Pikes Peak hill climb in record time >>
* MoviePass is Going To Start Charging More For Popular Movies Next Month >>

* What if Autonomous Vehicles Actually Make Us More Dependent on Cars? >>
* Neurons Made From Blood Cells—A New Tool for Understanding Brain Diseases >>
* Shipping containers are now being used for cryptocurrency mining >>

* Inside a bitcoin billionaire’s master plan for futuristic office and $21 million penthouse : Miniature luxury cars, holographic receptionists, and secret tunnels >>
* Ten takeaways on Gen Z culture, media, and consumer marketing from VidCon >>
* How To Speed Up Continuous Integration Build With New NPM CI And package-lock.json >>

* Supercharging Kafka — Enable Realtime Web Streaming by Adding Pushpin >>
* Containers: Development and Management >>
* 10 Best Practices for Microservice Architectures >>

* 16+ Terms Entrepreneurs Should Know for Navigating the Healthcare Industry >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2018

* This virtual reality headset runs at human-eye resolution >>
* This floating robotic factory will build satellites and spaceships in orbit >>
* Scientists validate theory of relativity on galactic level >>

* India Eyeing a New Monster 100GW Solar-Capacity Goal >>
* Building the workforce of the future: key learnings from Grow with Google >>
* Navy backs ‘omniphobic’ coatings to help ships travel farther >>

* Why we don’t need to prepare young people for the ‘future of work’ >>
* 11 Niche Video Streaming Services You Should Subscribe To >>
* VW electric racer smashes Pikes Peak’s overall record >>

* Smartphone batteries can reveal what you typed and read >>
* This boat runs on solar power >>

* Tiny washing machine >>
* Artificial Intelligence Restriction >>

* Cell-sized ‘microlasers’ could regulate brain activity >>
* DNA synthesis breakthrough could lead to faster medical discoveries >>
* Opinions on #AI are a dime a dozen, unless you’re hearing from one of the field’s pioneers >>
* Meet PowerDolphin the UNDERWATER drone! >>

* Astronomers make huge exoplanet discovery haul in record time >>
* Northrop Grumman Just Became a Bona Fide “Space Stock” >>
* Sleeping with this weighted blanket >>

* Game of Thrones return confirmed for 2019 >>
* Future of mixed reality: how augmented & virtual worlds will collide >>
* Snapdragon 1000 Chip May Be Designed For PCs From the Ground Up >>

* NYT: ‘Firefox Is Back. It’s Time to Give It a Try.’ >>
* ETTV Launches Official Proxy to Fight ISP Blocking >>
* Censorship Machines are ‘Destroying The Internet’ As We Speak? >>

* How Amazon and Netflix are changing comedy in India >>
* Can Two Injections of Tuberculosis Vaccine Cure Diabetes? >>
* ‘New Zealand wants you’: the problem with tech at the edge of the world >>

* How automated investment products are disrupting and enhancing the wealth management industry >>
* Trump’s ‘Space Force’ could fuel a new $1 trillion economy, Morgan Stanley says >>
* China takes surveillance to new heights with flock of robotic Doves, but do they come in peace? >>

* The Robots Roaming the High Seas >>
* A Plea for AI That Serves Humanity Instead of Replacing It >>

* Oracle is changing how it reports cloud revenues — what’s it hiding? >>
* Oracle now requires a subscription to use Java SE >>
* The Tools Humanity Will Need For Living In The Year 1 Trillion >>

* India tells its banks to get Windows XP off ATMs – in 2019! >>
* Continuous Testing: Your Ultimate Summer Reading Guide >>
* Why Should You Start Using AI Chatbots? >>

* Xiaomi offers itself as ‘new species’ as it allays doubts to justify US$6.1 billion stock sale >>
* China’s 1st nuclear-powered icebreaker in the pipeline >>
* Millions working in shadow of sharing, but uncaring, economy >>

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