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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 May 2018

* This VR project shows us how animals see the world >>
* How AI could be using our voices against us >>
* This AI Knows Who You Are by the Way You Walk >>

* FDA approves AI tool for spotting wrist fractures >>
* Dr. Matt Kaeberlein – The Dog Aging Project >>
* The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue >>

* The incredible mind-reading headset that automatically changes the plot of a film based on how bored you feel >>
* AI can now predict internet comment fights >>
* Oracle’s Aggressive Sales Tactics Are Backfiring With Customers >>

* How Visual Object Detection can Transform Manufacturing Industries >>
* Jeff Bezos says lunar settlement will save Earth by moving heavy industry into space >>
* Scientists develop AI systems that can identify people >>

* The Next Privacy Battle in Europe Is Over This New Law >>
* SpaceX’s ‘Load-and-Go’ Rocket Fueling Approach Viable, NASA Safety Panel Says >>
* Maybe DNA Can’t Answer All Our Questions About Heredity >>

* We can’t trick people into accepting genetically modified foods >>
* Hamburger-making robot Flippy is back serving 300 burgers a day at Calif. chain >>
* How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Risk of Nuclear War? >>

* Dolphin ‘happiness’ is measured for the first time >>
* Inside Japan’s Buddhist temple that performs hundreds of funerals for ROBOT DOGS >>
* Elon Musk unveils a map of more than 10,000 ‘Superchargers’ across the world >>

* Facial recognition may help save endangered primates >>
* Microsoft Developing a Tool To Help Engineers Catch Bias in Algorithms >>

* Gene-edited rice plants could boost the world’s food supply >>
* NASA’s building new tools to manage water, as climate dangers grow >>
* How AI Helped One Retailer Reach New Customers >>

* a16z Podcast: When Journalism Goes Global >>
* a16z Podcast: Autonomy in Service >>
* VW’s iconic microbus is making a comeback in 2022 >>

* Here Are Three Factors That Accelerate The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence >>
* More Than Death, Fear Decay >>
* Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Real Estate Agents? >>

* This sensor stops your quadcopter before it can cut you >>
* Gillmor Gang: Auto Immunity; Digital cars, food, Hollywood, and other disruptions. >>
* Researchers build a self-healing ‘robot skin’ >>

* How AI will change astronomy, healthcare, and social justice >>
* How to handle a koala-chlamydia epidemic >>
* Brains and Chains: The AI & Blockchain Conference >>

* London launches world’s first contactless payment scheme for street performers >>
* Star Wars is off the pedestal and must deliver quality stories >>
* Trump-Kim summit: President Moon could attend, says South Korea >>

* The market, drivers, threats, and opportunities for incumbents and newcomers in the telehealth market >>
* Robot submarine discovers the ‘holy grail’ — a shipwreck with billions in gold >>
* Creating The Future >>

* World’s Most Advanced Space Camera Could Boost Search for Alien Life >>
* Seven Dusty Sisters >>
* These Spinning Disks Of Gas And Dust Reveal How Planets Get Made >>

* China races to be world’s leader in big data industry >>
* Chinese astronauts complete desert survival training >>
* Why AI Will Bring an Explosion of New Jobs >>

* The gig economy is coming for your office job — here’s how it works for companies doing it already >>
* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in June >>

* These tiny homes are 3D printed, run by Tesla batteries, and cost $250,000 >>
* Alexa was caught recording private conversations and emailing them to random people >>
* SPACE Administration would streamline federal oversight of commercial launches >>

* Startup Battlefield Europe 2018 Winner: Wingly >>
* Researchers Use VR To Train AI Drones, Cutting Autonomous Vehicle Crashes >>
* Microsoft Patents A Tactile Feedback Device For Mixed Reality >>

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