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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2018

* Regulators want drones to have visible ‘license plates’ >>
* AI Chatbots Try to Schedule Meetings—Without Enraging Us >>
* The self-flying M*A*S*H air ambulance takes off >>

* Uber self-driving car crash: Vehicle detected Arizona pedestrian 6 seconds before accident >>
* As CO2 Levels Rise, Rice Becomes Less Nutritious >>
* Tinder ‘Places’ hooks you up with people who visit the same bars and cafes as you >>

* All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2018 >>
* Samsung wants AI features in all its devices by 2020 >>
* Ubisoft’s AI-powered gaming assistant is now available >>

* Sony’s 4K Projector Offers More Than Meets the Eye >>
* Researchers develop self-driving boats that can double as bridges >>
* Routers Are Being Hijacked By A Dangerous Stealth Malware >>

* Disney built a 7-foot robotic trapeze artist >>
* Automation Will Make Lifelong Learning a Necessary Part of Work >>
* The evolution of data science, data engineering, and AI >>

* SpaceX’s new Falcon 9 rocket still needs a key update before it can fly astronauts >>
* Amazon’s real-time package tracker is rolling out across the U.S. >>
* Brain implant for OCD surprisingly helps alleviate diabetes too >>

* Uber in fatal crash detected pedestrian but had emergency braking disabled >>
* Samsung’s three new AI research centers are just the beginning >>

* Microsoft patches problematic OS to deal with SSD woes >>
* AI and robotics legend Joanna Bryson to kick off MCubed >>
* Coding for Catastrophe: Contest Seeks Apps to Mitigate Effects of Natural Disasters >>

* Currently In a Danger Zone? –“Solar System Has Completed 20–25 Orbits of the Milky Way” >>
* Ethical and Economical Questions Surrounding AI – C2 Montreal AI Forum >>
* AI Challenges and Learnings from Experience- C2 Montreal >>

* Watch every startup from Startup Battlefield Europe >>
* Facebook is updating how you can authenticate your account logins >>
* Chimp evolution was shaped by sex with their bonobo relatives >>

* What Is Spacetime? >>
* Woman charged $7,000 for Amazon toilet paper delivery gets refund — more than two months later >>
* MoviePass said a $300 million lifeline could sustain it for over a year >>

* Scientists crack code to cheap, small carbon nanotubes >>
* Elon Musk has a history of wild ideas — some of them have worked out >>

* Trump calls off Singapore summit with North Korea >>
* For Chinese wine connoisseurs wondering what’s in their bottle, it’s blockchain to the rescue >>

* Study Shows How The Human Body Can Detect Events 1-10 Seconds Before They Occur >>
* Cutting out bacon and booze could reduce your risk of cancer by up to 40%, study >>
* Pornhub has its own VPN now >>

* Oumuamua Was Just The Beginning. Astronomers Find An Interstellar Asteroid Orbiting Retrograde Near Jupiter >>
* The Ant Nebula Actually Has Intense Laser Emissions Coming From Its Core >>
* Missile-Tracking Satellites Are Part of the Plan to Foil Russia’s Hypersonic Weapons >>

* This NASA Camera Melted During a SpaceX Rocket Launch, But the Photos Survived! >>
* In AI we trust – implementing empathy in digital assistants – C2 Montreal >>
* General Fusion Demo Nuclear fusion plant around 2023 and after that commercial fusion – C2 Montreal >>

* Microsoft and boffins cook up hardware-secured database >>
* OpenStack had a summit, so everyone’s talking about it >>
* EmDrive? More like BS drive: Physics-defying space engine flunks out >>

* Intel’s latest promise: Our first AI ASIC chips will arrive in 2019 >>
* The national security implications of Chinese venture capitalists are overblown >>
* Klevio launches its smart intercom and app that lets you open doors remotely >>

* Facebook AI turns whistling into musical masterpieces >>
* China’s Didi Chuxing continues its international push with trial service in Australia >>
* A Simple Beam of Light Could Catch Zika-Infected Mosquitoes >>

* Why Live on Earth When You Can Live in a Hole on Mars? No, Really. >>
* You’re Doing Scrum Wrong, and Here’s How to Fix It >>
* How to find the TV channels you want online >>

* Facebook Explains Why It Engineered The Half Dome Varifocal VR Headset >>
* Hilarious royal wedding ‘bad lip reading’ video goes viral >>

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