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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 May 2018

* We’ve measured the pressure inside a proton and it’s extreme >>
* ‘Memory transplant’ achieved in snails >>
* Facebook is testing cloud-saved photos and videos in India >>

* Meet the Robofly: Wireless insect powered by lasers takes flight for the first time >>
* Watch a truly driverless car navigate city streets >>
* Uber’s plan to fly you around >>

* DARPA’s Next Challenge? A Grueling Underground Journey >>
* YouTube can now tell you who made the music in that video >>
* Predicting the 10 Millionth U.S. Patent >>

* Laser can detect your heartbeat and breathing from a metre away >>
* Most distant oxygen source ever found reveals presence of stars that formed just 250 million years after the Big Bang >>
* Wasp insects bang their bellies to alert others of food >>

* Bio-sensors that can track your EVERY move are tested in ‘cyborg cows’ ahead of being implanted in humans >>
* The AI that can spot illegal immigrants: Lie-detecting virtual kiosks can spot deception ‘better than a human’ >>
* Facebook says it shut down 1.3 BILLION fake accounts in the last six months >>

* This DeepMind AI Spontaneously Developed Digital Navigation ‘Neurons’ Like Ours >>
* Artificial Intelligence Chipmakers Battle To Power Cloud Data Centers >>
* Online to Offline 2.0 — Experiments and Examples from China >>

* Employers like EY and IBM are now hiring workers without college degrees >>
* This algorithm is quickly clearing old marijuana convictions in San Francisco >>
* DeepMind AI taught itself to navigate a maze like a mammal >>

* Two surgeons in China are planning the world’s first human HEAD transplant to help paralysed patients walk again >>
* Scientists Determine The Diameter Of The Disc Of The Milky Way Is 200,000 Light Years Across >>
* Google’s Duplex Raises the Question: Should Robots Sound Robotic? >>

* Agile development exposed as techie superstition >>
* Serverless continuous deployment for the AWS crowd: Feeding time in Lambda-land >>
* Red Hat admin? Get off Twitter and patch this DHCP client bug >>

* Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car aims to wake up Newquay: Rocket work restart in August >>
* Blackhole consumes a mass or our sun every two days and has a mass of 20 billion suns >>
* Elon tweets about 60 space launches per year for five years and space colonization with BFR >>

* Strained graphene for 25000 Tesla fields for table top free electron lasers and valleytronics >>
* Towards large-scale microchips with graphene >>
* Global Conference on Applied Physics, Mathematics and Computing >>

* Who gets the gains from innovation? >>
* AI dengue prediction tool trialled in Asia, Latin America >>

* If There Is A Multiverse, Can There Be Life There Too? >>
* Scientists Just Found the Fastest-Growing Black Hole. Here’s How Fast It ‘Eats’ >>
* Perspective on the View from Out There >>

* “Big Tech” foe George Soros just stocked up on Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix >>
* Twitter delays shutdown of legacy APIs as it launches a replacement >>
* How will virtual reality change your mind’s consciousness? >>

* Jupiter’s Clouds Look Like AI-Generated Art >>
* A new benchmark suite for machine learning >>
* You can get a 1TB SanDisk Ultra II SSD for $200 using this code >>

* Researchers Create First Flying Wireless Robotic Insect >>
* Google’s AI-powered News app arrives on iOS >>
* Dialpad gets AI injection with TalkIQ acquisition >>

* Announcing the TechCrunch Session on Blockchain Agenda >>
* Trump’s Iran U-turn could restart the global nuclear arms race >>
* Some of the universe’s first stars have actually been seen >>

* Maria Agnesi, the Greatest Female Mathematician You’ve Never Heard of >>
* Apple accelerates its self driving car plans: DMV reveals the iPhone maker now has 55 ‘Project Titan’ autonomous vehicles on California roads >>
* How Microsoft is using location data to map the future (VB Live) >>

* This 7.3-gigapixel panorama ‘timelapse’ of London is made from 6,240 D850 pictures >>
* Google Wifi’s Network Check now tests multiple device connections >>
* The Multiverse Could Be Teeming With Life But Is Also Problematic, Says New Study >>

* Machine Learning of Human Brain >>
* Human Mini-Brains Growing Inside Rat Bodies Are Starting to Integrate >>
* Neuroscientists see a new way to manipulate minds >>

* Could technology help cure depression among older adults? (Short answer: Yes) >>
* Startup Maps AI into Flash Array >>
* 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing to Push Optical Network Equipment >>

* Micron’s 1x DRAMs Examined >>
* Chinese-made robots shine at Robotop Summit >>
* China officially starts its own mobile communication satellite service >>

* China sets record for longest stay in self-contained moon lab >>
* Here’s what China is doing to boost its artificial intelligence capabilities >>
* Tianjin city in China eyes US$16 billion fund for AI work, dwarfing EU’s plan to spend US$1.78 billion >>

* JD.com plans to make its courier robots smarter >>
* Robots probably won’t kill your business, but short-term thinking will >>

* Senate votes to reinstate net neutrality — but it has a long way to go >>
* The Senate Just Voted To Stop The Repeal Of Net Neutrality — Here’s What Happens Next >>

* Reviews For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Are Out. Here’s What Critics Are Saying >>
* It Takes a Single Autonomous Car to Prevent Phantom Traffic Jams >>
* Spam Robocalls Aren’t Slowing Down. Here’s the Tech That Could Stop Them. >>

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