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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2018

* Google and Levi’s ‘connected’ jacket will let you know when your Uber is here >>
* Tinder’s upcoming location-based feature seems a bit creepy >>
* How An AI Network Is Trying To Reproduce How Humans See Differences In Images >>

* INT To Showcase 2,228PPI AMOLED VR Display At SID Display Week >>
* Are you working in the right part of the Product Life Cycle? >>
* Uber wants to sell a flying car service in five years >>

* Google Open Sources Seurat To Bring PC-Level VR To Mobile >>
* Xpression Is An AR App That Lets You Impersonate Anyone >>
* Sony-Backed Japan Display’s Impressive New Screens Suggest Smaller, Clearer PSVR 2 >>

* AWS introduces 1-click Lambda functions app for IoT >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has roughly 300 launches before retirement >>

* Researchers warn of critical flaw affecting PGP and S/MIME >>
* Brain pacemaker could help stroke patients recover quicker >>
* Researchers use AI to brighten ultra-low light images without adding noise >>

* Recovered Asteroid 2010 Wc9 Set To Buzz The Earth Tomorrow >>
* Libra Credit is a decentralized lending ecosystem >>
* LIDAR and self driving cars need to get a lot better >>

* Saturn’s Hyperion in Natural Color >>
* DNA nanomachines cartwheels for 100X the speed of previous DNA devices >>
* We have molecular structure of telomerase which could accelerate antiaging results >>

* Why Traditional TV Is in Trouble >>
* A Platform Strategy Won’t Work Unless You’re Good at Machine Learning >>
* Japan Moves To Ease Aging Drivers Out of Their Cars >>

* You’re in charge of change, and now you need to talk about DevOps hater Robin >>
* Google employees resign over controversial Pentagon drone AI project >>
* Orchestral manoeuvres in the Docker: A noob’s guide to microservices >>

* Report: facial recognition software inaccurate in up to 98% of cases >>
* Chrome Tests Picture-in-Picture API To Show Floating Video Popups Outside the Browser >>

* Google employees reportedly quit over military drone AI project >>
* Boston Dynamics to Sell Dog Robot SpotMini in 2019 >>
* GraphPath plans to combine Knowledge Graphs with the blockchain >>

* How China’s Tech Revolution Threatens Silicon Valley >>
* Nuclear Bomb Test Moved North Korea Mountain >>

* Probe saw plumes on Europa 20 years ago – we just didn’t notice >>
* We messed up our figures on how much carbon dioxide is too much >>
* Huge new Facebook data leak exposed intimate details of 3m users >>

* The Race Is on to Mine and Protect the Deep Seafloor >>
* Asteroid bigger than a football field to skim past Earth >>
* Facebook suspends 200 apps in post-Cambridge Analytica investigation >>

* Anti-aging protein alpha Klotho’s molecular structure revealed >>
* Artificial intelligence is changing everything, ‘We need a different mentality’ >>
* New Multiverse Research Suggests Scientists Need a New Law of Dark Energy >>

* Scientists discover promising off-switch for inflammation >>
* Antibody-Drug Conjugates – A Groundbreaking Solution to Cancer >>
* Stephen Hawking service: Possibility of time travellers ‘can’t be excluded’ >>

* Table top optics reduced to four microchips that can fit in a sugar cube >>
* On the threshold of a major jump in AI technology that can adapt to new circumstances >>
* DARPA and Dynetics working to reusable volleys of Gremline drones by 2019 >>

* Thousands of smaller and more powerful gliding missiles for US special ops >>
* NextPlatform estimates Google has double TPU3 chip performance and dense racks >>
* BMW’s wireless car charging pad arrives this summer >>

* Donald Trump now wants to save ZTE and everyone’s confused >>
* Roborace’s self-driving car isn’t faster than a human (yet) >>
* Scientists create holographic projections in the brain that can create false memories >>

* Ryanair goes all in on AWS >>
* Why Is Water Slippery? >>
* Plane Taxiing At Airport Straight Up Knocks The Tail Off Another Plane >>

* China’s world-class aviation hubs gear up to surpass 100 million-passenger mark >>
* Algeria’s first Chinese automobile assembly plant open for production >>
* China’s driverless trains coming soon to Thailand >>

* China’s courier industry increases technological input >>
* US vows to pioneer AI >>

* These three industries in China are poised to benefit most from blockchain, survey says >>
* China restarts review of Qualcomm’s US$44b NXP purchase >>
* Tesla’s Shanghai subsidiary takes it a step closer to making cars in China >>

* a16z Podcast: The Oral History of TrialPay – Obstacles and Opportunities in Payments >>
* How our coding bootcamp students are bringing sci-fi tech into the mainstream—for good >>
* ‘Lost in Space’ will return to Netflix after a successful first season >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 May 2018

* MIT built a self-driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads >>
* Supermarkets roll out pre-crime facial tracking >>
* White House AI Task Force Wants To Open the AI Floodgates. Here’s How They Should Do It. >>

* President Trump says he’s working to give ZTE a reprieve >>
* Future of Fishing Is Big Data and Artificial Intelligence >>

* Robot U: The First American A.I. Undergrad Program is Here, and Already Incredibly Elite >>
* Artificial Neural Nets Grow Brainlike Cells To Find Their Way >>
* Could this weird-looking chin strap be the solution to your snoring problem? >>

* Noise-Cancelling Windows Are Perfect For People Already Rich Enough To Find Quiet in the City >>
* Future of Fuel Efficiency: Networked Cars, Talking to Other Cars >>
* China’s internet companies adopting new ‘Social+’ business model to succeed >>

* China backing of US supersonic jet start-up Boom >>
* Elderly will be cared for by ROBOTS to solve staff shortage >>
* Time to break open AI’s black box, and keep it open >>

* You and AI >>
* Now Google Assistant Can Call Your Parents >>
* Some Amazon customers are frustrated that their packages are arriving late >>

* Galaxy X: Smartphone Design, Display Size, Teased In New Leak >>
* China’s first home-built aircraft carrier begins sea trials as Beijing ramps up its maritime might >>
* First rail line to be built with private money has five bidders >>

* Chemotherapy Timing Could Influence How Well the Treatment Works >>
* Build Your Credit Score By Having This App Report Your On-Time Rent Payments >>
* The Vehicle of the Future Has Two Wheels, Handlebars, and Is a Bike >>

* Golden State Killer DNA Search Raises Major Data Privacy Concerns >>
* Stream your favorite shows anywhere with this portable projector >>
* Robot personality creator and four other strange jobs of the future >>

* Starting a robotics company out of school? Not so fast, suggest investors >>
* AI Systems Should Debate Each Other To Prove Themselves, Says OpenAI >>
* China will follow SpaceX reusable rockets with Long March 8 first stage reuse around 2021 >>

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