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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2018

* Two major advances in autonomous technologies that rival human abilities >>
* China produces world’s thinnest glass with high impact resistance >>
* Parody of Google’s AI making phone calls shows what people will really use it for >>

* China targeting long range drone with 20 tons of payload by 2020 >>
* How Hard Could It Be to Repopulate the Planet? >>
* We’re now a step closer to traveling in pods underneath L.A., thanks to Elon Musk >>

* Watch: robot security dogs set to guard buildings >>
* The startup that wants you to ‘live to 130 in the body of a 22-year-old’ – and has already begun experimenting on DOGS >>
* NVIDIA’s Bryan Catanzaro on the Latest from NVIDIA Research – Ep. 57 >>

* Adobe CTO leads company’s broad AI bet >>
* Uber’s Flying Car Plan Meets the Regulator It Can’t Ignore >>
* US Army reveals it is teaming up with Uber to develop designs for ‘silent and efficient’ flying taxis >>

* The Best Robots on Four Legs at TC Sessions Robotics 2018 >>
* Betting Big on Robotics | TC Sessions Robotics 2018 >>
* Android co-creator isn’t sure whether robots will adopt a single platform >>

* Can Artificial Intelligence Help Find Alien Intelligence? >>
* Prosthetics breakthrough: lightest, cheapest and most advanced mechanical hand ever made – next year >>
* Should you be worried that Google wants to do all your chores? >>

* Cancer treatment changes cancer cells into normal ones >>
* Yes, NASA Is Actually Sending a Helicopter to Mars: Here’s What It Will Do >>
* Our biggest regrets in life? Not living up to our OWN expectations >>

* Seasonal Changes in Exoplanet’s Atmosphere Could Signal Alien Life >>
* SuitX lowers cost of full body medical mobility exoskeleton to $40,000 >>
* Security News This Week: The Hidden Commands Only Alexa Can Hear >>

* A Plurality of Singularities at the Galactic Center >>
* What Impact Could Apple’s $100 Billion Stock Buyback Program Have To Its Stock Price >>
* 2018 iPhone X: Price, Specs, Design, Size Drive Rumors >>

* Tesla engineering lead takes break amid Model 3 production issues >>
* ‘Tiny Bubbles’ is the puzzle game your weekend needs >>
* Gillmor Gang: Pop-Up Shop >>

* Carnegie Mellon Launches Undergraduate Degree In AI >>
* What do AI and blockchain mean for the rule of law? >>
* What the U.S. promises North Korea for giving up its nuclear weapons >>

* Recommended Reading: Google Assistant’s new bag of tricks >>
* Scientists reveal plan to grow genetically engineered Neanderthal mini-BRAINS in the lab >>

* Netflix snags ‘Next Gen,’ a star-studded animated film about robots >>
* This App Turns YouTube Into Curated TV Stations For Mindless Viewing >>
* Trint’s AI-powered plug-in automatically creates captions for Premiere Pro CC >>

* Chinese scientists develop a photonic quantum chip for boosting analog quantum computing >>
* Google Tips TPU 3.0 as AI Expands >>
* What Can We NOT Rule Out? >>

* Here’s what China is doing to boost its artificial intelligence capabilities >>
* China’s internet companies adopting new ‘Social+’ business model to succeed >>
* Snapchat has started rolling back its redesign as research finds it’s wildly unpopular with millennials >>

* Even the parking lot underneath Apple’s $5 billion campus is beautifully designed >>
* Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry >>

* Venture investing in Robotics | TC Sessions Robotics 2018 >>
* DEMO: NABi and ALPHRED (Dennis Hong, UCLA) | TC Sessions Robotics 2018 >>

* New trailers: The Predator, Luke Cage, 13 Reasons Why, and more >>
* YouTube Red has ordered a second season of Cobra Kai >>
* We can’t forget about mass transit when we talk about the ‘future of transportation’ >>

* How signals get inside cancer cells and spur aggressive growth >>
* Yes, there is a plastic bag at the bottom of the Mariana Trench >>

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