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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 May 2018

* Boston Dynamics’ robots are learning how to run outside and navigate autonomously >>
* Japan Display built a 1,001-ppi screen for VR headsets >>
* Google’s creepy AI phone call feature will of course say it’s a robot >>

* SpaceX’s Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket Aces Maiden Flight, Sticks Landing >>
* Elon Musk: SpaceX will launch more rockets than any nation on Earth this year >>
* Elon Musk wants to launch the same rocket to orbit twice in a single day >>
* With the landing of SpaceX’s powerful new Falcon 9, a new era of rocket reusability takes off >>

* Trolley problem tested in real life for first time with mice >>
* Facebook’s attempt to bring ‘people closer together’ by demoting posts from media sites makes users feel MISERABLE, study
* Stem-cells-may-reveal-how-neanderthal-dna-works-in-modern-humans >>

* Uber plans DRONES to deliver food to your door in under five MINUTES >>
* Boston Dynamics will start selling its dog-like SpotMini robot in 2019 >>
* Drones Enabling Faster Responses To Disaster Victims >>

* South Korea will have wide availability of 10 Gbps internet by the end of this year >>
* Scientists to develop Neanderthal ‘miniature brains’ >>
* NASA and Uber Are Getting Serious About Flying Cars >>

* Watch: These Boston Dynamics robots can run and navigate by themselves >>
* Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots >>
* Human Rights Commission warns on discrimination by algorithm >>

* Can A.I. remove human bias from the hiring process? >>
* Duplex shows Google failing at ethical and creative AI design >>
* Trump administration takes a hands-off approach to AI >>

* Jupiter And Venus Change Earth’s Orbit Every 405,000 Years >>
* Hawaii’s Kilauea, Longest-Erupting Volcano, Next to Eject 12-Ton Boulders >>
* NASA Exoplanet Scientists –“Earth-Like Seasons to Reveal Alien Life” >>

* 450,000 Women Missed Breast Cancer Screenings Due to “Algorithm Failure” >>
* HIL Simulation is the New Normal in V2X Testing >>
* One student’s quest to track endangered whales with machine learning >>

* Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry >>
* Use this motion sensor to track basically anything in your life >>
* Better AI Solutions With Knowledge Representation In Three Examples >>

* AI Trained To Navigate Develops Brain-Like Location Tracking >>
* Nasa will send helicopter to Mars to test otherworldly flight >>
* From Drone Swarms to Tree Batteries, New Tech Is Revolutionizing Ecology and Conservation >>

* 5 Space Companies Zeroing in on First Launch of Tourists Into Orbit and Beyond >>
* Google Cloud: Ready for GDPR >>
* Seeing is believing: How AI could prevent blindness for 415 million people (right now) >>

* AI identifies ‘invisible’ heart condition LQTS >>
* Google’s AI advances are equal parts worry and wonder >>

* The Burnout Crisis in American Medicine >>
* Can This AI-Powered Baby Translator Help Diagnose Autism? >>

* US Air Force Falcon Heavy mission pushed to October, 2018 >>
* US is behind on hypersonic weapons as Russia has ten Mig 31s flying its mach 10 hypersonic missiles >>
* Silicon Nanowires Could Enable Smart Solar Windows >>

* Interstellar cloud mapped by listening to its magnetic waves >>
* Satellite images reveal how powerful North Korea’s nukes are >>
* Stunning animation reveals how our planet is protected from the million mile per hour solar wind >>

* Ancient crocodiles evolved into strange dolphin-like creatures with BOTH a tail fin and armour plating, reveal researchers studying Jurassic fossil dating back 180 million years >>
* Elon Musk’s Boring Company is almost done with its 2 mile-long LA test tunnel and will offer free rides to the public within months >>

* Biggest Test Yet Shows Einstein Was Wrong About ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ >>
* Apple might become a trillion dollar company this week >>
* AI-powered, big data manages critical retail efficiency in real-time >>

* China and USA in race to submarine sonar stealth >>
* Ask Slashdot: How Would a Self-Aware AI Behave? >>
* Experts warn shampoos and deodorants are a ‘major source’ of urban pollution >>

* Americans spend more time alone than ever—but that doesn’t mean we’re lonely >>
* Now the robots can run when they decide to hunt us down >>
* Xiaomi’s smart home devices now work with Google Assistant >>

* DNA is just another way we can’t opt out of data sharing >>
* Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures” >>
* Microsoft isn’t giving up on VR and AR yet >>

* This Wildlife Conservation Group Is Saving Zebras From Extinction With AI >>
* Researchers Use Deep Learning To Brighten Images Taken In The Dark And The Results Are Staggering >>

* Future Of Our Sun Is Still A Bit Of A Puzzle. What Will Happen When It Dies? >>
* Buttons From The Future Don’t Need Sewing On >>

* This Alien World Is the 1st Cloudless Exoplanet Ever Discovered >>
* What happens when the robots sound too much like humans? >>
* China sees booming robotics industry >>

* Global AI Product Application Expo 2018 opens in Jiangsu, E China >>
* Trump says meeting with DPRK’s Kim in Singapore on June 12 >>
* Here’s what China is doing to boost its artificial intelligence capabilities >>

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