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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 May 2018

* Just The Good Stuff From The Google I/O Keynote >>
* $5 Million Prize for Origin of Genetic Code >>

* Amazon, Google and Microsoft to attend White House AI summit >>
* Uber expands partnership with NASA on flying taxi project >>
* All the cool new stuff from Google’s 2018 I/O developers conference >>

* Google unveils Duplex feature coming to its AI Assistant that can make phone calls and schedule reservations >>
* Android P: An Exclusive First Look At Google’s Most Ambitious Update In Years >>
* A ‘monkey selfie’ movie might be on the way >>

* SpaceX preps for manned spaceflight with Falcon 9 satellite launch >>
* Google’s AI-driven News app will make sense of the day’s news >>
* AI puppies crisis: Sony reports shortage of cute robot puppies! >>

* Google News gets an AI-powered redesign >>
* Google Maps will soon give you better recommendations >>
* Android blatantly copies the iPhone X navigation gestures >>

* Google’s ML Kit makes it easy to add AI smarts to iOS and Android apps >>
* Android P leverages DeepMind for new Adaptive Battery feature >>
* With App Actions and Slices, Google introduces more ways for users to interact with the apps on their phones >>

* The new Google News: AI meets human intelligence >>
* The future of the Google Assistant: Helping you get things done to give you time back >>
* Google Assistant smart displays will start shipping in July >>

* Gmail’s Smart Compose autocompletes your emails as you type >>
* Here’s how much Uber’s flying taxi service will cost >>
* Google’s first Smart Displays will launch in July >>
* Google Assistant to make phone calls for owners >>

* Google’s new ‘smart compose’ will help you write your emails >>
* Google announces a new generation for its TPU machine learning hardware >>
* Google Assistant arrives on LG’s 2018 premium TVs >>

* SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail >>
* Android P: More AI, fewer disruptions, and a nod to the iPhone X >>
* Google’s ML Kit makes it easy to add AI smarts to iOS and Android apps >>

* ‘Google AI’ is the new home of Google’s research and AI divisions >>
* Solving problems with AI for everyone >>
* Google Assistant’s one step closer to passing the Turing test >>

* Watch Microsoft’s Build 2018 Day 2 keynote at 11:30AM ET >>
* Watch Microsoft’s Build day one keynote in under 15 minutes >>
* Facebook will soon let you rewind livestreams during a broadcast >>
* Microsoft and Red Hat now offer a jointly managed OpenShift service on Azure >>
* Exclusive: How Windows is changing to work with everything >>
* Microsoft’s most popular SQL Server product of all time runs on Linux >>

* Microsoft reckons devs would like an AI Clippy to help them write code >>
* How Microsoft’s Windows ML machine learning could help apps anticipate your needs >>
* Drones, AI, and smart meetings at the beginning of the Microsoft Build conference >>
* The six biggest announcements from Microsoft Build 2018 >>
* AI can help a billion people, but Microsoft can’t do it alone >>

* Breakthrough Interstellar Starshot Cost and Engineering System Model >>
* Materials for the Interstellar Starshot lightsail >>
* Better AI and processors will deliver breakthrough mainstream drones >>

* Breathing Lunar Dust Could Give Astronauts Bronchitis And Even Lung Cancer >>
* Made In Space Wins NASA Contract for Next-Gen ‘Vulcan’ Manufacturing System >>
* China’s Type 003 super aircraft carrier could be nuclear powered >>

* Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Virtual Commissioning >>
* Windows app makers told to think different – you’re Microsoft 365 developers, now >>
* Microsoft sees Red …Hat for OpenShift-on-Azure public cloud offering >>

* Kubernetes and Containers? We’ve got 3 ways to take you deep >>
* featured | the World Bank Group: report on the State of Electricity Access >>
* featured | Virgin • Richard Branson’s blog: The pace of innovation >>

* Building Sails for Tiny Interstellar Probes Will Be Tough — But Not Impossible >>
* SETI: Breakthrough Listen Expands the Search >>
* Robonaut Returns to Earth for Repairs After Seven Years on Space Station >>

* What would happen if the moon suddenly disappeared? >>
* DNA Facial Prediction May Threaten Personal Privacy >>
* What 45 Years of Data Tells Us About Globalization’s Influence on the Shadow Economy >>

* Three dramatic new ways to visualize brain tissue and neuron circuits >>
* Spider is trained to JUMP on demand in a bid to unlock the secrets behind how arachnids use impressive acrobatics to hunt their prey >>

* Apple could be planning to launch an iPhone with THREE rear cameras in 2019, report claims >>
* Is there alien life in the Milky Way? Breakthrough Listen begins groundbreaking survey to investigate millions of stars in our galaxy >>
* All your favourite Netflix original shows that have been renewed for another season >>

* The new Google News: AI meets human intelligence >>
* The future of the Google Assistant: Helping you get things done to give you time back >>
* Google Cloud and NetApp collaborate on cloud-native, high performance storage >>

* New antibodies may lead to universal Ebola vaccine, reveals study >>
* AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk >>
* If doctors are going to do DNA tests at routine checkups, they need more training >>

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