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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2018

* Everything you need to know from Facebook’s 2018 F8 developer conference >>
* F8: Facebook DATING, new privacy tool and redesigned Messenger app, Oculus Go shipping today >>
* Instagram will filter out bullying comments >>

* AI that deletes people from photos makes rewriting history easy >>
* AI Is Being Used To Predict Gambling Behavior >>
* AI Researchers Revolt Against a New Paywalled Nature Journal >>

* Flexible, Stick-On Tags Attach Laser Beams to Eyeballs >>
* Science takes a step toward coding virus-resistant human cells >>
* Smart people literally have bigger brain cells than the rest >>

* Ford’s smart windows can help blind passengers take in the view >>
* Progress on designing multi-generation interstellar asteroid ship >>
* Women who eat more pasta tend to get menopause earlier >>

* Applications of Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks >>
* Computers Match Accuracy of Radiologists in Screening for Breast Cancer Risk >>
* Google launches Cloud Composer, a new workflow automation tool for developers >>

* For The First Time, Astronomers Have Found A Star That Survived Its Companion Exploding As Supernova >>
* New Theories –Early Earth Evolved from Endless Eruptions of Volcanoes Like Jupiter’s Io to a World of Plate Tectonics >>
* Exoplanets: Optimizing the Target List >>

* 3000 missing children identified with face recognition in India >>
* Healthful Eating Requires Supermarket Smarts >>
* Watch Blue Origin’s New Shepard Capsule Soar to Space on Latest Test Flight (Video) >>

* Jawbone from Hiroshima victim reveals the terrifying radiation doses >>
* Earth’s magnetic field is NOT about to flip >>
* Maximize training performance with Gluon data loader workers >>

* Custom prefab factory construction of buildings is already a multi-billion unicorn >>
* Earth Magnetic field is not reversing >>
* Australian Fastbricks Robotics bricklaying bot maker wants to build 600,000 homes per year by 2023 >>

* Lightning hit a woman’s home and switched off her brain implant >>
* DevOps: Social, cooperative… It’s gotta be really diverse, right? >>
* Virtual drug trials boost results >>

* The ‘Attoclock’ Shows How Fast Electrons Move in a Millionth of a Billionth of a Second >>
* James Cameron’s –ALIENS –Season 1, Episode 1 PREMIERES TONIGHT >>

* Cloudy upstart touts lasso for rustling up Big Tech office spending >>
* Augmented reality and yard sale junk collide to make art >>
* MRAM data retention improved from 1 hour to 1 year with other gains >>

* Cloudflare and RIAA Agree on Tailored Site Blocking Process >>
* Instagram Unveils a Bully Filter >>
* Facebook’s AR camera effects platform comes to Instagram >>

* Oculus TV is the VR set-top streaming box you never knew you needed >>
* Google accused of using GDPR to impose unfair terms on publishers >>
* Cognitive scientists define critical period for learning language >>

* DARPA is funding new tech that can identify manipulated videos and ‘deepfakes’ >>
* RedHat’s CoreOS launches a new toolkit for managing Kubernetes applications >>
* AI and OCR To Make Sense of Handwritten Texts in Vatican’s Secret Archives >>

* Chinese authorities claim they can read deleted WeChat messages >>
* These VR gloves allow people who are blind to “see” art for the first time >>
* Use Learning to Engage Your Team >>

* Can the U.S. Get 1 Million People to Volunteer Their Genomes? >>
* Humans Evolved but Are Still Special >>

* AI Revives In-Memory Processors Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California Ruling >>
* The 50 worst TV shows in modern history, according to critics >>

* Oculus: Go Battery Lasts Up To 2 Hours Gaming, 2.5 Hours Video >>
* Oculus Rooms Gets Impressive Update For Go Launch >>
* FB New ‘clear history’ tool will allow users to scrub the site of data collected by apps >>
* Apple beats on top and bottom lines, and the stock is soaring >>

* Facebook F8 Liveblog: All The News As It Happens >>
* Mark Zuckerberg sets apologetic but determined tone at Facebook F8 >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Says It Will Take 3 Years To Fix Facebook >>

* $199 Oculus Go VR headset is ready for pre-order on Amazon >>
* Facebook’s facial recognition feature could help find missing persons >>
* Facebook Reaches Its Natural Conclusion As A Dating App >>
* Facebook’s ‘downvote’ test spreads to more users Down Under >>
* Facebook’s Safety Check now lets people share first-person accounts from disaster zones >>

* Facebook Messenger will begin translating English to Spanish soon >>
* Facebook provides more ways to help in a crisis >>
* Facebook brings augmented reality to Facebook Messenger >>
* Facebook is launching a new Groups tab and plug-in >>
* Facebook announces new dating service ‘for serious relationships, not hookups’ >>
* F8, Zuckerberg reiterates Facebook’s commitment to election integrity >>
* Facebook to let you delete data it tracks on you from apps and on the Web >>
* Live stream: Watch Mark Zuckerberg speaks at f8 conference >>

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