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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 May 2018

* Competition is helping AI learn how to play ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ >>
* Russia launches the world’s first floating nuclear power plant >>
* ASX details timeline, features for new blockchain-inspired system >>

* Scientists create noise-cancelling windows that can reduce sounds by up to 50% >>
* Our understanding of the universe’s expansion is really wrong >>
* Astronomers See A Pileup Of 14 Separate Galaxies In The Early Universe >>

* Researchers Want To Use AI To ‘Predict’ When Crimes Are Gang-Related >>
* Google brings Nvidia’s Tesla V100 GPUs to its cloud >>
* Fitbit will use Google Cloud to make its data available to doctors >>

* How some resistant bacteria can even eat antibiotics as food >>
* A fossil may rewrite the story of how plants first lived on land >>

* Contruction Robot Can Lay 1000 Bricks An Hour >>
* AI-Generated Nudes Are More Scary Than Scintillating >>
* Google teams with NBC to build VR content for its TV shows >>

* Brain-Like Chips Now Beat the Human Brain in Speed and Efficiency >>
* Blockchain Will Be Theirs, Russian Spy Boasted at Conference >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican’s Secret Archives >>

* Scientists are on the brink of creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid >>
* Laser frequency combs may be the future of Wi-Fi >>
* AMD is gearing up for 7-nanometer CPUs and graphics cards >>

* Facebook expands the roll-out of its Reddit-style downvote tool to flag inappropriate comments >>
* Hyperloop One and DP World launch a cargo-only shipping business >>
* And now, a ship that can mine 39,000 tons of ore from a mile under water >>

* China is mining data directly from workers’ brains using mind-reading hats to spot emotional and depressed employees >>
* China is now monitoring employees’ brainwaves and emotions >>
* Exploring Frontiers of AI at ICLR 2018 >>

* Stunning video reveals stars rotating in the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud >>
* Life-sized Star Wars-style HOLOGRAMS could soon be used on teleconference calls >>
* Apple expected to announce $141 billion investor bonanza >>

* Why a robot can’t yet outjump a flea >>
* Apple expected to announce $141 billion investor bonanza >>
* Blast Off 351,000 Feet Into The Sky Alongside Blue Origin’s ‘New Shepard’ >>

* Tech companies are distancing themselves from big data >>
* MIT Machine Captures The Dreams You Never Remember >>
* Finland’s Basic Income Pilot Was Never Really A Universal Basic Income >>

* Pimax 8K VR Headset Delayed Again, Refresh Rate Drops To 80Hz >>
* Apple HMD Research Continues With New Eye-Tracking Patent >>
* Hyperloop is perpetually just ‘three years away’ >>

* Calcium-based MRI sensor enables more sensitive brain imaging >>
* Google partners with NBC Universal to create VR experiences >>
* How to assess new solar technologies >>

* Seeing what should be (but isn’t, alas) obvious >>
* Getting Water into the Inner Solar System >>
* Your Guide to the GDPR >>

* Robots still can’t outdo nature’s tiny speedsters >>
* Python Environment >>
* Safety and Quality Assurance for IoT-Connected Devices >>

* This Robot Will Keep Your Grandparents Company When You’re Too Busy >>
* More Brits have access to 1Gbps speeds than those failing to muster 10Mbps – Ofcom report >>
* T-Mobile and Sprint want you to be scared of China. Fear for yourself instead. >>

* Huawei’s Triple Camera P20 Pro Is Too Cool for America >>
* Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 Update rollout begins >>
* What Sensors Are in a Smartphone? >>

* North Korea’s nuclear-free pledge comes with a massive catch >>
* Could Artificial Intelligence Predict the Next Avengers: Infinity War? >>

* First robot delivery drivers start work at Silicon Valley campus >>
* Ultrafast compression offers new way to get macromolecules into cells >>
* China’s New FAST Radio Telescope -World’s Largest- Makes Breakthrough Discovery >>

* T-Mobile and Sprint will merge to be a stronger 5G force >>
* AI Can Help Cybersecurity—If It Can Fight Through the Hype >>

* NASA’s $1 Billion Mission To Jupiter May End This Summer — Here Are The Best Images Juno Has Taken Of The Giant Planet So Far >>
* Monitoring culture that is China >>
* Ten million British jobs could be gone in 15 years. No one knows what happens next >>

* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in May >>
* Avengers: Infinity War has pulled in $250 million for the biggest US opening to date >>
* The future, the reality Operating System, an enabled landscape >>

* Welcome to China’s wild, wild world of blockchain investment >>
* Will Tesla face the same fate in China as Uber and Amazon in local rivals’ home turf? >>
* Xi calls for maintaining new development philosophy, winning “three tough battles” >>
* HPV vaccine becomes available in China for women between 16 to 26 years old >>

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