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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 April 2018

* Three radical new user interfaces >>
* Increasingly clear future will be containerized and containers will run on serverless infrastructure >>
* Blue Origin will livestream its first test flight of 2018 >>

* Mars 2020 lander’s heat shield cracks in testing >>
* You may soon be able to control your home with a smart wall >>
* Video Friday: Cassie on Fire, Disney’s Soft Robot Hand, and Car Humanoid >>

* Disney’s haptic VR jacket lets you feel snowball impacts and snakes slithering >>
* Devastation of nuclear war is VR’s latest reality check >>
* This year’s Tribeca Film Festival uses AR and VR to explore music-making and empathy >>

* Amazon’s Profit Swells to $1.6 Billion, Lifted by Its Cloud Business >>
* Microsoft’s Cloud Has Business Booming Again >>
* Visual Studio 2017 roadmap: The new features you can expect >>

* New Algorithm to Discover Eigenoptions in Reinforcement Learning >>
* Trend alert: Virtual reality birthday parties for kids booked out a month in advance >>
* Pigtocurrency, AI astrology, and more >>
* Leverage the Power of Simulation-Driven Design >>

* Want to work for Ikea? Your next job interview could be conducted by a Russian robot >>
* Phased Arrays Move From Academic Curiosity to Industrial Reality >>
* I Tried Leaving Facebook. I Couldn’t >>

* Youtube provides on demand skill training and education including AI and blockchain >>
* US will accelerate drone taxi approvals but trails Dubai, China and New Zealand >>
* BrainEx technology kept hundreds of pig brains alive outside of bodies for up to 36 hours >>

* What can you learn from Chris Hadfield’s class on how to be an astronaut? >>
* Gillmor Gang: Food Chain >>
* Sergey Brin shouts out Ethereum and warns of AI in annual founders’ letter >>

* Emissary wants to make sales networking obsolete >>
* Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Hands-on with the biggest new features >>
* Facebook shrinks fake news links in hopes you’ll miss them >>

* Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI’s Dark Side >>
* This soft robotic arm is straight out of Big Hero 6 (it’s even from Disney) >>
* Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa, Study Finds >>

* A Scalable Deep Learning Approach for Massive Graphs >>
* Crazy, Complicated Engineering Inside Honda’s New Clarity Hybrid >>
* Chemists Orchestrate the Molecular Union of Two Single Atoms >>

* Startup That Will Vet You for Your Next Job >>
* Bill Gates Announces Universal Flu Vaccine Effort >>
* Hints of Human Evolution in Chimpanzees That Endure a Savanna’s Heat >>

* Houston Mechatronics Raises $20M to Bring NASA Expertise to Transforming Robot Submersibles >>
* Dream About The Future Of Big Telescopes; Monster Space Telescopes That Could Fly By The 2030s >>
* What the Modi-Xi Meeting Tells Us About China and India >>

* Q&A: AI Could ‘Redesign’ the Drug Development Process >>
* Heat Shield for NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Cracks During Test >>
* Scientists Reveal How an Entire Organism Emerges from a Single Solitary Cell >>

* The brave new world of genetic genealogy >>
* Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now >>
* Scientists Confirmed a New DNA Structure Inside Human Cells >>

* XS-1: DARPA’s Experimental Spaceplane >>
* Swiss Scientists Perform Massive Test of 80-Year-Old, ‘Spooky’ Quantum Paradox >>
* Scientists shocked as NASA cuts only moon rover >>

* AI-powered location: A step closer to the future? (VB Live) >>
* The State of AI >>
* How Deep Learning Can Accelerate the Quest for Cheap, Clean Fusion Energy – Ep. 55 >>

* Deploying Rock Solid Applications with Kubernetes >>
* Xi, Modi take a lakeside stroll >>
* Moon, Kim pledge complete denuclearization, signing truce into peace pact by 2018 >>

* MoviePass subscribers are no longer allowed to watch the same movie more than once >>
* New trailers: Venom, Sharp Objects, The Tale, and more >>
* 1980s classic ‘Karate Kid’ reborn as YouTube joins content wars >>
* Jessica Jones Pilot Director in Talks for ‘Star Trek 4’: Report >>

* Avengers: Infinity War is stunning, hilarious, and heartbreaking >>
* What to watch this weekend after Avengers: Infinity War >>
* Catch up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 17 minutes before Avengers: Infinity War >>

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