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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2018

* Apple is reportedly building an insane ’16K’ VR headset >>
* 3D printer puts temporary electronics directly on your skin to create biological sensors >>
* Transplanted testicles will always make the donor’s sperm >>

* This projector smartwatch turns your arm into a terrible touchscreen >>
* NASA and ESA want to bring Mars soil samples back to Earth >>
* There’s an AI capable of writing poetry that’s pretty woeful >>
* Artificial intelligence helps soldiers learn many times faster in combat >>

* NASA scraps a lunar surface mission — just as it’s supposed to focus on a Moon return >>
* NASA canceled our first step toward returning humans to the moon >>

* Why the tech industry should care about the farm bill being drafted right now >>
* Facebook Messenger ‘sleep mode’ locks your kids out at bedtime >>
* UK smart missile will decide where to look for its next target >>

* Huge haul of ‘depression genes’ shows it’s a complex condition >>
* Amazon’s Alexa catching cheating spouses >>
* Research gives new ray of hope for solar fuel >>

* This AI-powered chatbot scores your Instagram photos on color, emotion, and more >>
* The device that lets you read emails and texts with your SKIN >>
* Bill Gates Just Announced a $12 Million Contest for a Universal Flu Vaccine >>

* Entangled clouds of atoms are quantum record-breakers >>
* Amazon’s operating income nearly hit $2 billion in Q1 >>
* This soft robotic arm is straight out of Big Hero 6 (it’s even from Disney) >>

* Google might be able to do useful quantum chemistry with 100 qubits and they already have 72 >>
* China will start first new AP1000 nuclear reactor later this year and four by 2019 >>
* China Electric Car makers want competition with Tesla like Apple made smartphones better >>

* China Launches 5 Commercial Remote-Sensing Satellites Into Orbit >>
* US economy growing faster than expected and in April is past $20 trillion GDP >>
* ‘World’s fastest’ EV charger can power up an electric car battery in EIGHT MINUTES >>

* Shadow the Crew of a Mars Simulation with ‘The Habitat’ Podcast >>
* ‘AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction’ Invades TV Monday >>
* Icy Mars Crater Shines in European Probe’s 1st Photo from New Orbit >>

* Robot that can 3D-print a house in just 48 hours could someday help create a colony on the MOON >>
* AI Business value is $1.2 trillion in 2018 and will be $3.9 trillion in 2022 >>
* US is not buying regular cars so Ford will stop making them and shift to more SUV, trucks, SUV and new electric vehicles >>

* US is not buying regular cars so Ford will shift to more SUV, trucks, SUV and new electric vehicles >>
* What we can learn from the new detailed map of 1.3 billion stars >>
* GitLab crawling back online after breaking its brain in two >>

* Did you guess 2019 for Intel’s 10nm chip ramp up? Congratulations >>
* Golden State Killer Suspect’s DNA Was in a Publicly Available Database >>
* How Windows 10’s Near Share feature wirelessly beams files to nearby PCs >>

* How the Dynamic Learning Project sparks a love of technology in schools >>
* Windows 10 Timeline: How to use use Microsoft’s new organizational tool >>
* Yawn: Amazon cloud business just keeps rolling along >>

* When Solving Problems, Think About What You Could Do, Not What You Should Do >>
* SpaceX price hikes will make ISS cargo missions more costly >>

* Intel delays its 10-nanometer ‘Cannon Lake’ CPUs yet again >>
* Amazon will install a full smart home security system for you >>
* PSA: Amazon Will Increase Price of Prime To $119 >>

* The Smartphone Sales Slowdown is Real >>
* China’s smartphone market sees its largest drop in five years >>
* Birth of the AI supersoldier: hi-tech system to help troops on the battlefield analyse information far more quickly >>

* 5G wireless revolution will come, if your city council doesn’t block it first >>
* Your Amazon Echo could soon have its own ‘memory’ >>
* MoviePass CEO is unsure if it will offer a movie-per-day plan again >>

* Bill Gates thinks a coming disease could kill 30 million people within 6 months — and says we should prepare for it like war >>
* Scientists Discover How to Harness the Power of Quantum Spookiness by Entangling Clouds of Atoms >>
* China’s Baidu turns to AI to police online content, but is the technology reliable? >>

* What’s at stake for Apple if it gets dragged into US-China trade war >>
* Apple’s rumored AR headset may pack 8K displays and VR support >>
* Crypto Canon >>

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