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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 April 2018

* Researchers are keeping pig brains alive outside the body >>
* Researchers create device that opens hotel doors with old key cards >>
* Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances are now generally available >>

* Book | The Fourth Age; Smart robots, conscious computers + the future of humanity. >>
* Biggest ever 3D map of the galaxy pinpoints 1.7 billion stars >>
* G-spot surgery given to three women to boost sexual pleasure >>

* Apple TV and Android see increase in streaming video viewership in Q1 >>
* Say hello to the new Gmail with self-destructing messages, email snoozing and more >>
* 3D-printed plastic folds itself into amazing shapes under heat >>

* Sky bidding war erupts with £22bn formal bid from Comcast >>
* Docomo going underground for mobile network base station >>

* The AI DOG: Researchers train neural network to think and behave like a canine >>
* Wireless pacemaker would jolt hearts with tiny chips >>
* Stoner app lets cannabis users keep track of how high they are >>

* Google Cloud expands its bet on managed database services >>
* Scientists Use Graphene to Compress Light Smaller than Should Be Possible >>
* SpaceX BFR will be taking people anywhere on Earth in 30 minutes for a few thousand dollars by 2028 >>

* CIA Plans To Replace Spies With AI >>
* Xbox One April Update Rolling Out With Low-Latency Mode, FreeSync, and 1440p Support; 120Hz Support Coming In May Update >>
* NVIDIA’s AI fixes photos by recognizing what’s missing >>

* Aion launches first public blockchain network >>
* Microsoft plans version of Windows 10 for devices with limited storage >>
* Why Monitoring Your Employees’ Behavior Can Backfire >>

* Particle brings an LTE cellular model to market for networked devices working off of 2G and 3G >>
* Astronomers spot a massive collision 12.4 billion light years away that may have created a MEGA-GALAXY >>

* Software transformation for the rest of us: Check out the lineup of talks at our devops conference >>
* Continuous Lifecycle London 2018 >>
* 8K TVs are coming, but don’t buy the hype >>

* You’ve got to use your time much more wisely if you want to stay employed >>
* Generation robot: From science fiction to reality >>
* How AI Anxiety Is Creating More Jobs For Humans >>

* Wireless Interoperability in IoT >>
* China testing stealth enhancing metamaterial on non-stealth planes >>
* The blockchain believers >>

* Netflix has a lot of original content coming in May >>
* A red team has created a master key to hack into millions of hotel rooms >>
* New method can predict chemo success with Doppler >>

* Aubrey de Grey and West of AgeX talk about embryonic regeneration and reversing aging >>
* Progress to hydrogen fuel produced from sunlight >>
* Netflix’s ‘Follow This’ chronicles the BuzzFeed news cycle >>

* China could sell half of the world’s electric cars in 2018 >>
* New immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer dramatically improves survival, researchers report >>
* China’s Chang’e 4 Moon-Relay Satellite Gets a Name from Folklore >>

* Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Swirls in Stunning Up-Close Photo by Juno Probe >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: April 25, 2018: Carolyn Collins Petersen Discusses “space Exploration: Past, Present, Future” >>
* How Would We Know If Intelligent Life Existed on Earth Before Humans? >>

* At This Refugee Camp, Residents Are Replanting 40,000 Trees >>
* NASA’s Finding Holes in the Arctic Sea Ice, and It’s a Big Problem >>
* Samsung’s 970 series SSDs provide the write speeds you crave >>

* Machines flagged most of the 8 million videos deleted from YouTube late last year >>
* How Fukushima Changed Japanese Robotics and Woke Up the Industry >>
* Google uses its search skills to help fight opioid addiction >>

* China’s space station expected to reach out-of-this-world standard >>
* China to launch Chang’e-5 lunar probe in 2019 >>
* China’s social credit system, which becomes mandatory in 2020, aims to funnel all behavior into a credit score. >>

* China invites foreign cash to build a world-class chip industry >>
* World’s most valuable AI start-up SenseTime eyes move into online censorship >>
* Countries need to break free of US dominance of semiconductor industry, Alibaba’s Jack Ma says >>

* How my tech blog went from 0 to 20,000 monthly readers within 18 months >>
* Getting Laid Off In Tech; The Myth of Upper Middle-Class Security >>
* U2 Jumps Into AR To Promote Latest Tour >>

* Parents, rejoice: Alexa will now remind kids to say “please” >>
* GPS III ready for prime time; how long should a satellite live? >>

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