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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 April 2018

* Goodbye, Kepler, Hello TESS: Baton Passing in Search for Distant Planets >>
* Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX idea involves a party balloon and bounce house >>
* Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Try to Land a Rocket with a Giant Party Balloon >>

* Startup’s Crazy High-Res Satellite Can See You Pick Your Nose In Traffic >>
* A City-Sized ‘Telescope’ Could Watch Space-Time Ripple 1 Million Times a Year >>

* AI creates ‘Flintstones’ cartoons from text descriptions >>
* Facebook launches controversial AI that predicts your future and sells to advertisers >>
* App detects diseases: Pentagon funds software uses smartphone’s sensors to monitor health >>

* Flying car that can drop off a four-seater pod and lift off with another in two minutes >>
* Robots could cause millions of job losses and lead to the rise of COMMUNISM >>
* Escape from Proxima b >>

* First ever neuroimaging study of people in the midst of Transcendental Meditation >>
* VW will debut cars with autonomous parking in 2020 >>
* Why We Might Miss Extraterrestrial Life Even If It’s Staring Us in the Face >>

* Police catch criminal after spotting fingerprint in WhatsApp photo >>
* The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovation >>
* Controversial plans to grow human organs inside ANIMALS set to go ahead in Japan >>

* Thought-Reading Machines and the Death of Love >>
* Artificial antimicrobial peptides could help overcome drug-resistant bacteria >>

* Yet another Chinese phone-maker is in big trouble with the U.S. >>
* ZTE faces revived US export ban over false statements >>
* The Power of Leaders Who Focus on Solving Problems >>

* Carbon Dioxide From Ships at Sea To Be Regulated For First Time >>
* Uber rival Ola to put 10,000 electric vehicles on India’s roads >>
* Domino’s will now deliver to 150,000 parks, pools and other non-traditional locations >>

* Robots Ride to the Rescue Where Workers Can’t Be Found >>
* Samsung may use blockchain for its global shipping system >>
* Digital skills for Arabic speakers everywhere >>

* SpaceX Rocket Launching NASA’s TESS Exoplanet Hunter Today: Watch Live >>
* 20,000 New Planets TESS Will Reveal New Map of Milky Way’s Habitable Planets >>
* Space Ventures Raise Nearly $1 Billion in First Quarter of 2018, Led by SpaceX >>

* F-35 stealth fighters still have problems but production will nearly double to lock in the money >>
* Gene therapy treatment for blood disease approved in Europe >>
* 15 Preparation Ideas for Your Next IoT Edge Project >>

* How AR And VR Could Help Get Humans To Mars >>
* Linus Torvalds schedules Linux Kernel 5.0, then maybe delays ‘meaningless’ release >>
* Cortex adds AI algorithms to smart contracts today and working towards AGI >>

* Westworld’s Cocreators On The Possibilities And Perils Of AI >>
* Huawei P20 Pro review: The most powerful smartphone camera ever >>
* The ethically murky marriage of technology and beauty >>

* Preserving endangered wonders of the world, for generations to come >>
* Disaster Manual: Surviving Nuclear Fallout >>
* Bumble drops Facebook login requirement >>

* Could YOU survive on bugs? Early humans feasted on termite nests as long as 1.8 million years ago >>
* 3-D Printing Rockets with Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis >>

* Netflix CEO: Why Even $8 Billion Investment in Content Isn’t Enough >>
* Netflix is turning to cable providers to grow its subscriber base >>
* Netflix is soaring after it crushed subscriber growth targets yet again >>

* Tesla updates user interface, web browser in older Model S and Model X vehicles >>
* Ray tracing explained: The future of hyper-realistic graphics >>

* Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe >>
* Amazon forced to withdraw children’s clothes with ‘Enjoy Cocaine’ slogan >>
* Russia accused of global net hack attacks >>

* Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to meet with the EU’s digital chief in San Francisco >>
* Tesla fires back after a scathing report alleges the company underreported injuries >>
* Apple’s dominance in China is over >>

* SpaceX just got approval to build Mars spaceships in Los Angeles from the city’s mayor >>
* Data Science, AI, Genomics, & Much More: A Preview of #BioIT18 >>
* Two robots are better than one: 5G antenna measurement research >>

* A New Kind of Space Race >>
* Robot cognition requires machines that both think and feel >>
* This Startup Is Training AI to Gobble Up the News and Rewrite It Free of Bias >>

* Cancer not only mutates but evolves other mechanisms to beat drugs >>
* Artificial Neurons Can Function Just like Human Brain Cells >>
* New AI systems on a chip will spark an explosion of even smarter devices >>

* Using an algorithm to reduce energy bills—rain or shine >>
* World’s First AI Mayoral Candidate Promises Fair and Balanced Politics >>
* 20 Entangled Qubits Bring the Quantum Computer Closer >>

* Graphene is Grown With the Same Band Gap as Silicon >>
* World’s first electric road that charges moving vehicles debuts in Sweden >>
* Electricity-free, foot-powered washing machine is slated for release this summer >>

* Amazon warehouse workers skip bathroom breaks to keep their jobs >>
* Google will help preserve endangered historical sites in virtual reality >>
* UK can’t lead on AI spending, so will have to lead on AI ethics instead >>

* Tesla Says Its Factories Are Getting Safer. These Workers Tell A Different Story >>
* Why China will win the global race for complete AI dominance >>
* a16z Podcast: When (and How) Biology Becomes Engineering >>

* Elon Musk just poured more than $100 million into The Boring Company >>
* US used 2 state of the art weapons for the first time in Syria >>
* How VR Can Get To A Hundred Million Headsets By 2024 >>

* China’s sharing economy headed for troubled waters as funding pinch signals end of easy money >>
* AI-powered translation still needs work after errors mar debut at Boao Forum >>
* Tech entrepreneurs replace real estate tycoons as political advisers in China’s push for IT edge >>

* Robot submarine that explored Titanic wreckage gets to the bottom of massive undersea volcano >>
* Innovation: Indoor positioning using wearable ultra-wideband antennas >>
* We’re Getting Closer to Cloning Humans. Here’s What’s Stopping Us. >>

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