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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 April 2018

* Virgin Galactic completes first powered test flight since 2014 crash >>
* Blow to finding aliens after scientists discover phosphorus, crucial ingredient for life, is ‘lacking’ in universe >>
* Xprize is relaunching its Moon challenge without Google, but they need a new sponsor >>

* Astronauts could 3D print tools from their own processed faeces >>
* MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, researchers are training computers to recognize dynamic events. >>
* Our digital future will be shaped by increasingly mobile technologies coming from China >>

* Should AI researchers kill people? Sadly, they may not have a choice >>
* Killer AI boycott row shows there is research we can’t accept >>

* New AI Program Classifies Planets and Predicts Probability of Life >>
* Palm trees have been spotted changing sex for the first time >>

* Scientists Harvest First Vegetables in Antarctic Greenhouse >>
* CometML wants to do for machine learning what GitHub did for code >>
* Mind-reading headset that lets you silently type on your computer with your THOUGHTS with 90% accuracy >>

* Microsoft AI knows when to (politely) interrupt conversations >>
* Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently” >>
* “Rocking” Brownian Motor Pushes Nanoparticles Around >>

* Experimental Controllers Could Change Gaming For Good >>
* Billion-dollar Hacking Group Behind A String Of Big Breaches >>
* High end smartphones later in 2018 should use Broadcom chip enables centimeter accurate GPS >>

* Blue Origin Switches Engines for New Glenn Second Stage >>
* SpaceX and Boeing Test Parachutes for Future Astronaut Space Taxis >>

* IBM Would Like To Remind You Its Technology Can Change The World >>
* Now you can use your Echo to call the kids for dinner >>
* How gonorrhea became a SUPERBUG: Scientists identify mutation in strain resistant to ‘last resort’ treatment that may allow it to grow faster than normal >>

* Kimbal Musk, unveils urban farming system that can produce TWO ACRES worth of food in single shipping container >>
* Tesla driver using the car’s Autopilot retraces the route of a fatal Model X accident in California – and almost crashes in the exact same spot >>
* Spending on renewables in rich countries has halved in six years >>

* Are you ready for atom-thin, ‘invisible’ displays everywhere? >>
* SpaceX is launching once every 13 days >>
* Soaring ‘SuperTowers’ Aim to Bring Mobile Broadband to Rural Areas >>

* AWS baits cloud hooks with DeepLens machine learning camera >>
* Cloudflare’s New DNS Attracting ‘Gigabits Per Second’ of Rubbish >>
* IBM Collaborating With Top Startups to Accelerate Quantum Computing >>

* GitLab gets a native integration with Google’s Kubernetes Engine >>
* Google Cloud gives developers more insights into their networks >>
* Microsoft vows to let partner companies keep their patents >>

* Skyrim VR review: Staring down life-sized dragons is terrifying >>
* IMAX and Conversive launch an AR app with chatty pandas >>
* ‘Spyro Reignited Trilogy’ reaches PS4 and Xbox One on September 21st >>

* Judge Dredd: Mega City One television pilot could be shown in 2018 >>
* What would solar system travel be like with scaled Mach effect propellantless propulsion? >>
* Apple will ship its redesigned Mac Pro in 2019 >>

* Nasa Simulates Their Orion Abort System. Now That Would Be A Crazy Ride >>
* Build smart chat apps with Amazon machine learning APIs and the PubNub ChatEngine >>
* Translate A Chat Channel Using Amazon Translate >>

* The Milky Way Galaxy Is Growing Faster Than the Speed of Sound >>
* “Milky Way’s Death Zone” Thousands of Black Holes Surround Its Sagittarius A* Supermassive Black Hole Core >>
* Could Life Exist in the Clouds of Venus? >>

* “Looking Back in Deep Time” –Astronomers Discover 4,000 Galaxies of the Infant Universe >>
* Virgin Hyperloop One Shows Off New Futuristic Travel Pod >>

* Scientists use stem cells to grow a BEATING human heart muscle for the first time ever >>
* ‘Junk’ RNA could help fight cancer, researchers say >>
* North Korea could nuke the US as early as July 23, according Britain’s Ministry of Defence >>

* Amazon could ‘take Google to the cleaners’ in retail search with a $20 billion ad business, analyst says >>
* X Prize relaunches competition to send private spacecraft to the moon >>

* Scientists Discover Most Distant Star In History, An Incredible 9 Billion Light-Years Away >>
* How distributed ledgers enhance the IoT through better visibility and create trust >>
* How to reprogram memory cells in the brain >>

* Artificial intelligence helps predict likelihood of life on other worlds >>
* Artificial intelligence: Construction technology’s next frontier >>
* Learn How To Implement AI And Deep Learning Apps >>

* New Brain Maps With Unmatched Detail May Change Neuroscience >>
* SpaceX’s Earth views need a license now, probably thanks to the Tesla stunt >>
* First fully autonomous consumer drone is a peek at the future of robotic aviation >>

* Domo, the once secretive $2 billion software company led by Josh James, is moving to go public >>
* Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows >>
* Why China’s artificial intelligence threat is real, but maybe not as bad as you think >>

* Four Notable Things About the Most Distant Star Scientists Have Ever Glimpsed >>
* Faced with declining revenue at home, Chinese TV makers resort to asset sales to shore up earnings >>

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