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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 March 2018

* Researchers Steer Cyborg Mice Through Maze with Brain Stimulation >>
* Netflix will pay you to binge watch their shows >>
* Roam Robotics Announces $2500 Soft Exoskeleton For Skiers and Snowboarders >>

* AI-Powered Shark Detector Warns Swimmers When The Beach Isn’t Safe >>
* What a Docker shocker: Founder, CTO Solomon Hykes takes a hike >>
* Microsoft Reorganizes to Fuel Cloud and A.I. Businesses >>

* HBO’s new trailer for Westworld season 2 showcases robot-induced chaos >>
* IBM GPU-Accelerated Semantic Similarity Search at Scale Shows ~30000x Speed Up >>
* The new Subaru Forester can tell if you’re sleepy or distracted >>

* Brain learns completely differently than we’ve assumed, new learning theory says >>
* Google Play now offers speed control and bookmarks for audiobooks >>
* Augmented reality rocket launch app shows you the SpaceX launch like never before >>

* Trump blasts Amazon for hurting the postal service. Is that true? >>
* Windows chief Terry Myerson is leaving as Microsoft reorganizes >>
* The CW goes live on Hulu with Live TV >>

* Companies using controversial AI software to help hire or fire employees – and gauge whether they like their boss >>
* GM self-driving car gets PULLED OVER and slapped with ticket after getting ‘too close’ to pedestrian >>
* Google, Apple, and Amazon are in a war that no one will win >>

* AI Designs Organic Syntheses >>
* Scientists identify a promising target for the treatment of heart failure >>
* Brain-wide tracing of single neurons reveals breadth of information transfer from visual cortex >>

* Teaching machines to spot the essential >>
* Just a Few of the Amazing Things AI Is Doing in Healthcare >>
* Hormone Replacement: Can It Treat Aging Skin? >>

* VR Researchers Manipulate Human Visual System To Create An Infinite Corridor In a Fixed Space >>
* AI is Rapidly Changing the Types and Location of the Best-Paying Jobs >>
* Robots Could Replace Surgeons in the Battle Against Cancer >>

* Google x-ray project shows AI won’t replace doctors any time soon >>
* Whats in your Genome >>
* Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise >>

* Festo’s New Bionic Robots Include Rolling Spider, Flying Fox >>
* 2018’s Top 10 Tech Cars: Lucid Air >>
* 2018’s Top 10 Tech Cars: McLaren 720S >>

* Amazon quietly begins hiding erotic novels from its search results >>
* Scientists Find Mini Gastrointestinal Tract Growing Inside Tumor >>
* Elon Musk may have tested his mind-reading brain implants that provide ‘god-like’ powers on ANIMALS >>

* New ways to read more with audiobooks from Google Play >>
* AWS Summit Sydney Series: 10 -12 April 2018 >>
* Mute Every Website Automatically with This Chrome Extension >>

* New Deep-Learning Software Knows How To Make Desired Organic Molecules >>
* Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang clarifies Uber is not using its Drive platform >>
* This robotic arm is using a MakerBot to 3D print its own parts >>

* Most Tech Workers Would Ignore a Call From Their Boss Outside Work Hours >>
* The Next Cold War Is Here, And It’s All About Data >>
* Facebook Introduces Central Page for Privacy and Security Settings >>

* How to Spot a Nuclear Bomb Program? Look for Ghostly Particles >>
* USA Today’s first AR app brings a rocket launch to your table >>
* All these TV shows are ending in 2018 — get prepared to say farewell >>

* Alphabet Research Arm X Wants to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Farming >>
* Train faster, more flexible models with Amazon SageMaker Linear Learner >>
* Here’s How To Follow The De-orbit Of Tiangong-1, Now Estimated To Happen Between March 30 And April 2 >>

* ARIEL: Focus on Exoplanet Atmospheres >>
* Alien “Mercury-Like” Planet Found in Distant Star System >>
* Watch NASA’s Mars InSight Lander Arrive at Its California Launch Site >>
* Saturday’s Blue Moon Is the Last One Until 2020 >>

* NASA wants to waste tens of billions on SLS despite proven SpaceX Falcon Heavy >>
* 3rd International Conference on Aging and Disease (2018 ICAD) >>
* We asked a neural network to bake us a cake. The results were…interesting. >>

* RED reveals a 5K camera sensor designed for outer space >>
* Machine learning library TensorFlow can count to potato… I mean, 1.7 >>
* Exoskeleton for skiers gives your knees robotic boost >>

* Seth Godin Video/podcast roundup >>
* Apple faces nearly 60 lawsuits over admitting to throttling iPhone capabilities >>

* Time and Marshmallows >>
* The New Stack Makers >>

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