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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2018

* AI Cardiologist Aces Its First Medical Exam >>
* Ford and Alibaba unveil car vending machine >>
* Connect your cow for $1.79 per month >>

* Roboticist Gil Weinberg talks about our weird android future >>
* The Blockchain Solution to Our Deepfake Problems >>
* Nvidia looks to the AI future >>

* Ubisoft is using AI to catch bugs in games before devs make them >>
* Google launches a Chrome OS tablet for schools ahead of Apple’s iPad education event >>

* Cops Are Now Opening iPhones With Dead People’s Fingerprints >>
* Smartphone-compatible ultrasound machine streams images from remote locations >>
* Better Technology Isn’t The Solution To Ecological Collapse >>

* New software could run the lab of the future >>
* Bain forecasts 10-15 year automation driven economic boom but many impacts from wages losses and job losses >>
* ‘Marine Skin’ Wearable Tracks Animals Under the Sea >>

* First SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 should launch in April and each could be reused 10 to 100 times >>
* Google’s mobile-first search indexing is live after lengthy testing >>
* 2-D Materials Enable Swarms of Floating Microbots >>

* Using AI to Invent New Medical Tests >>
* First Chrome OS tablet comes from Acer >>

* Charles robot that imitates and understands human expressions, could lead to a new generation of ’emotional’ droids >>
* First self-driving train launches on London Thameslink route >>
* New MRI scanner could revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors >>

* Men will live as long as women by 2032 >>
* Apple could unveil a new iPad and MacBook TOMORROW >>
* IBM boss joins Tim Cook in calls for more oversight following Facebook data scandal >>

* Artificial bio-inspired membranes for water filtration >>
* Self-driving pods could be the (boring) future of urban transport >>
* Watch a giant industrial drone de-ice a huge wind turbine >>

* Bolt-on AI: Is this the AI shortcut we’ve been looking for? >>
* Living in a World of Algorithms >>
* Can Machine Learning Predict Poverty? >>

* Microsoft’s Building on the Blockchain to Manage Digital Identities >>
* Physicist Michio Kaku Has Some Powerful Predictions for the Future >>
* Huawei promotes founder’s daughter in management shuffle amid US woes >>

* What happens to ‘Made in China 2025’ as trade war fears grow >>
* Chinese air force conducts high-sea training >>
* China’s effort to regulate drone flights takes effect >>

* Hubble Solves the Mystery of a Vast Object Orbiting the Milky Way >>
* The Milky Way Appears to be Swarming With Venus-Like Exoplanets –“May Hold the Secret of Earth’s Fate” >>

* Apple’s expanding list of original TV shows won’t arrive until at least March 2019 >>
* YouTube TV becomes first-ever presenting partner for the NBA Finals, following similar deal with MLB >>
* Is This The Uber Of The Future? >>

* Nike’s Flyknit 360 sneakers fit like 3D-printed socks >>
* Autogyros >>
* Amazon buys rights to Three Body Problem for over $1 billion >>

* This Is How To Answer Your Most Dreaded Job Interview Questions >>
* What Recruiters Pay Attention To When They Look At Your Social Media >>
* NBA testing 99-cent stream that lets you watch the final quarter of a live game >>

* New trailers: Deadpool 2, YouTube’s Karate Kid TV series, and more >>
* An Investor’s Primer: 5G, the Internet of Things, and Augmented/Virtual Reality >>

* Ready, set, pitch: Demo Day Asia >>
* Process converts wood into a squishy sensor >>
* 5 Futuristic (And Terrifying) Weapons That Could Change Warfare Forever >>

* Regulation could protect Facebook, not punish it >>
* A new way to find better battery materials >>
* Ready, set, pitch: Demo Day Asia >>

* Sysadmin wiped two servers, left the country to escape the shame >>
* Small US built drones searching damaged Fukushima nuclear plant >>
* In Photos: Tiangong-1, China’s Space Station That’s Falling to Earth >>

* What The Data Says About Kubernetes Deployment Patterns >>
* This Week in Numbers: On-Prem Orgs Trail Cloud Counterparts in Tech Adoption >>

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