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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 March 2018

* Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform >>
* Machine solves Rubiks cube in 0.38 seconds which is 12 times faster than human record >>
* Waymo CEO Expresses Confidence Its Cars Wouldn’t Have Killed Elaine Herzberg >>

* Forget Self Driving. The Future is in Self Parking >>
* Volkswagen will race this wild new EV up Pikes Peak later this year >>
* Apple March 27 Chicago event: New iPads, and other things we hope to see >>

* New trailers: Deadpool 2, YouTube’s Karate Kid TV series, and more >>
* Dropbox just went public and is now worth $12 billion >>
* a16z Video: When (and How) Biology Becomes Engineering >>

* Sweeping data privacy law set to take effect in Europe, reshaping data collection practices >>
* Apple’s Tim Cook calls for stronger privacy laws after the Facebook scandal >>
* Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011 >>

* You will not be surprised by artificial intelligence >>
* Hilarious (and Terrifying?) Ways Algorithms Have Outsmarted Their Creators >>
* Mark Zuckerberg turns to newspapers to say he’s sorry >>

* Facebook apologizes for privacy breach with full-page newspaper ads >>
* Why does Facebook have call and text logs for some Android users? >>
* Uber’s disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook’s evil algorithms >>

* Interstellar Asteroid ‘oumuamua Probably Came From A Binary Star System >>
* DOJ renews push to require access to encrypted devices >>
* Uber’ self-driving system was still 400 times worse Waymo in 2018 on key distance intervention metric >>

* Shodan Search Exposes Thousands of Servers Hosting Passwords and Keys >>
* Buddy bots help patients with lung disease >>
* Monarch is a new platform from surgical robot pioneer Frederic Moll >>

* Lab accidentally created ‘city’ of 180,000 mice and experimented on them without permission >>
* AI microscopes for the ocean >>
* At Amazon’s MARS Conference, Jeff Bezos Plots The Future With 200 (Very) Big Brains >>

* Pentagon Tries to Replicate Human Voices Using Lasers >>
* Is the Cost of Military Space Programs Going Up or Down? Depends on How You Count >>
* Exos Aerospace Prepares for First Suborbital Launch >>

* After Math: Business as usual >>
* A $6 trillion wake up call for the tech industry >>
* Soon, Talking to Strangers Will Be Even Easier >>

* Sony’s 2018 OLED TV starts at $2,800 >>
* An Alternate Reality Game That Takes Freshmen Orientation to a New Level >>
* Dissecting artificial intelligence to better understand the human brain >>

* Terahertz computer chip is now within reach >>
* Fight Aging! Newsletter, March 26th 2018 >>
* Could paint save us from a doomsday asteroid? >>

* China’s Space Station Will Fall to Earth, But When and Where? Here’s the Latest >>
* Expected biggest video games of 2018 >>
* The best apps and gadgets for tidying your home >>

* Japan Becomes Latest Country to Consider Pirate Site Blocking >>
* A live-action ‘Street Fighter’ TV show is in development >>
* What we saw at GDC 2018! >>

* Open Journal of Mathematical Sciences >>
* A foldable iPhone may be in the works for 2020 >>
* China’s growing submarine force is ‘armed to the teeth’ — and the rest of the Pacific is racing to keep up >>

* The first non-stop flight from Australia to the UK has taken off >>
* Cut the Cord and Subscribe to These Streaming TV Services >>
* Oracle Releases Java 10, Promises Much Faster Release Schedule >>

* Gillmor Gang: Facelift >>
* French Designer Creates Dresses Like No One Else >>

* Capsule Networks Are Shaking up AI Here’s How to Use Them >>
* Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part I: Intuition. >>
* Deep Learning Timeline >>

* So You’re Dating a Woman Who’s Freezing Her Eggs >>
* Man Explains Why It Takes Less Torque To Loosen A Bolt That It Does To Tighten >>
* What It Feels Like Living On The World’s Most Crowded Island >>

* Restaurant delivery is still a growth market >>
* Chinese digital censorship has been expanding under Xi Jinping >>
* Living in a World of Algorithms >>

* Would a Robot Pet Enhance Your Life? >>
* Simplify Adding AI to Your Apps—Core ML Say Hello to Watson >>
* a16z Podcast: Improv’ing Leadership >>

* A peek into how Tencent has 500 million Chinese mobile game players hooked >>
* Beijing offers 1 million yuan in cash incentives, long-term visas and ‘green card’ to attract global talent >>
* Forget energy. Technology now tops Chinese companies’ overseas shopping lists >>

* China plans to impose tariffs on US imports to offset its loss: MOFCOM >>
* Sino-Russian CR929 program enters preliminary design phase >>

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