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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2018

* EA Created An AI That Taught Itself To Play Battlefield >>
* ‘World’s smallest computer’ could be manufactured for under 10 cents >>
* School Pays To Get an Algorithm To Scan Students’ Social Media For Threats and Suicide Risks Posts >>

* World celebrates, cyber-snoops cry as TLS 1.3 internet crypto approved >>
* Amazon’s future drones could react to screaming, arm-waving and rude gestures by angry customers >>
* 512GB phones are coming, starting with Huawei >>

* Blockchain System Aims to Identify Health Problems Using AI >>
* How the Internet of Things Could Fracture Wi-Fi >>
* Earth’s oxygen burst into production ‘like a FIREHOSE’ 2.3 billion years >>

* AI is quicker, more effective than humans in analyzing heart scans >>
* Most complex biocomputer ever is made from human cells >>
* Royal Caribbean picks up world’s largest cruise ship >>

* To Speed Up AI, Mix Memory and Processing >>
* AI tackles the Vatican’s secrets >>
* These AI Tools Want To Make Sure You Have Friends At Work >>

* Hold this beam for me, friend robot, and let us construct a house together >>
* MIT’s new device can pull water from desert air >>
* Toyota Just Patented a “Cloaking Device” >>

* Air-Breathing Thruster Paves Way for Never-Ending Space Missions at Earth and Mars >>
* In Mid-April NASA will launch next generation planet hunting space telescope >>
* Robot Microscopes Demystify Plankton, The Sea’s Most Vital Residents >>

* India planning building habitats on the moon >>
* IBM Bets Company On Exponential Innovation In AI, Blockchain, And Quantum Computing >>

* SpaceX Rocket Launch Created Shock Wave 4 Times Larger Than California >>
* Researchers Create The Most Detailed Simulation Of The Universe Ever Made >>
* NASA to Allow Nuclear Power Systems for Next Discovery Mission >>

* Singapore’s $400 billion fund sees companies with World Changing technology from both China and Silicon Valley >>
* Video Friday: Robot Playdate, Big Drone, and Self-Driving Car in Snow >>
* Water and Energy are tightly linked >>

* Just when you thought it was safe to go ahead with microservices… along comes serverless >>
* DeepMind boffins brain-damage AI to find out what makes it tick >>
* Lawyaw uses AI to help lawyers draft documents faster >>

* Robotics expert on Uber crash questions whether sensors worked >>
* The role of humans in self-driving cars is even more complicated after Uber’s fatal crash >>
* Uber’s self-driving policies, tech face questions after fatal crash >>
* Victim of self-driving Uber accident could be to blame, expert says >>
* Uber is more vulnerable than ever after its fatal self-driving car crash — but it could end up saving the company >>
* Video of Uber Self-Driving Car’s Fatal Crash Raises More Questions >>
* Human Driver Could Have Avoided Fatal Uber Crash, Experts Say >>

* Planetary Society ready to launch LightSail 2 solar sail >>
* DeepMind explores inner workings of AI >>
* Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat >>

* China Is Working On A Rocket As Powerful As The Saturn V, Could Launch By 2030 >>
* Get ready for emoji guide dogs, prosthetic limbs, and wheelchairs >>
* Globalization’s Backlash Is Here, at Just the Wrong Time >>

* International Space Development Conference 2018 >>
* Recording data from one million neurons in real time >>
* Atomic lattice crystal seamlessly sewn together to make atomically thin fabrics >>

* Beijing city offer US$158K for top AI and biotech talent as Google software engineers make $200-600+K >>
* China testing unmanned AI on old battle tanks >>
* For the next ten years Russia will defer rail based ICBM and prioritize hypersonic missiles >>

* Researchers find a new material for quantum computing >>
* Amazon Polly releases new SSML Breath feature >>
* Learn about Dee: The DeepLens Educating Entertainer >>

* Argonne National Lab plans Exaflop supercomputer in 2021 >>
* A walls and dams will delay major sea level rise for a few centuries and cost 1000 times less >>
* The web will soon be a little safer with the approval of this new security standard >>

* Technology Intelligence Podcast – Episode 1: The Future Of Money >>
* Blockchain In Banking Report >>
* A full-scale trade war with China would plunge the US into recession >>

* Harvard Rewinds the Biological Clock >>
* Scientists discover the origins of gold in space >>
* The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air >>

* Russian drone pilot pushes his tiny drone to 33,000ft >>
* New NASA Model Could Help Predict Landslides (Video) >>
* 70,000 Years Ago A Nearby Star Messed With The Orbits Of Comets And Asteroids In Our Solar System >>

* Is SpaceX Planning to Build Its BFR Mars Rocket in Los Angeles? >>
* Investigation Confirms IBM Layoffs Targeted Older Workers >>
* High Energy lasers and microwave anti-drone weapons will be a multi-billion market by 2023 >>

* At Amazon’s MARS Conference, Jeff Bezos Plots The Future With 200 (Very) Big Brains >>
* My Cow Game Extracted Your Facebook Data >>
* Elon Musk just deleted SpaceX, Tesla Facebook pages >>
* Deleting Facebook won’t solve all our privacy problems >>

* Baidu will start autonomous driving tests in Beijing >>
* As the CLOUD Act sneaks into the omnibus, big tech butts heads with privacy advocates >>
* Tesla says it’s being underpaid because its batteries are too fast >>

* FCC loosens rules to speed 5G rollouts >>
* Meet the startups that pitched at EF’s 9th Demo Day in London >>
* BMW Says Electric Car Mass Production Not Viable Until 2020 >>

* A new sensor worn on teeth records everything people eat in a day >>
* Walmart begins testing shelf-scanning ROBOTS in California that can check entire aisles in just 90 seconds >>
* Ready Player One: We Are Surprisingly Close to Realizing Just Such a VR Dystopia >>

* Apple reportedly unveiling a cheaper iPad next week >>
* Amazon has patented a drone that reacts to people shouting and waving at it >>
* Schools are moving toward a model of continuous, lifelong learning in order to meet the needs of today’s economy. >>

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