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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2018

* What’s Next for Humanity: Automation, New Morality and a ‘Global Useless Class’ >>
* IBM Highlights 5 Technologies It Hopes To Pioneer In 5 Years >>
* Apple, IBM add machine learning to partnership with Watson-Core ML coupling >>

* IBM launches deep learning as a service inside its Watson Studio >>
* Uber’s technically inferior self-driving system kills an Arizona Pedestrian >>
* Google partners with Johnson and Johnson to make lower cost surgical robots >>

* VMware ponders baking backup into VSAN >>
* AI Can Diagnose Prostate Cancer As Well As a Pathologist >>
* Service Monitoring: The Conceptual Framework >>

* Jeff Bezos struts with his new robot pet at a secretive Amazon conference in Palm Springs >>
* Amazon tracks repeat shoppers in its line-free Go store >>
* Children start worrying about their reputation from the age of 5 >>

* ‘Lord of the Rings’ series on Amazon will cost a ton >>
* First vaccine for Lassa fever ready “within a year” >>
* Autonomous snow ploughs clear the way for reliable winter air travel >>

* Bipedal Robot Uses Jet-Powered Feet to Step Over Large Gaps >>
* “Black Stars” –Scientists Probe Existence of Quantum Objects Beyond Black Holes >>

* Salesforce is in talks to buy a $5 billion tech company called MuleSoft >>
* US Navy has an ambitious plan to buy 2 more Ford-class aircraft carriers at once >>
* How Facebook’s Data Sharing Went From Feature to Bug >>

* China versus USA in AI potential >>
* How Many Galaxies Are There? >>
* Orbital ATK Unveils New Version of Satellite-Servicing Vehicle >>

* China builds world’s fastest wind tunnel to spur spaceplane development >>
* Google partners with Johnson and Johnson to make lower cost surgical robots >>
* Tesla has vastly improved the self-driving autopilot software >>

* Cancer comes back all jacked up on stem cells >>
* Astronomers Have Detected The Brightest Fast Radio Burst Ever Seen. Still No Idea What’s Causing Them >>

* Deep Learning Advances from IBM Research >>
* IBM wants to open up the deep learning expertise bottleneck >>
* IBM predicts Lattice Cryptography will be big within 5 years to stop hackers >>
* IBM AI predictions include AI powered ocean microbots and unbiased AI >>

* IBM In five years quantum computing will be mainstream >>
* IBM Crypto-anchors and blockchain will save up to $600 billion per year from fraud >>
* IBM launches Watson AI personality to bring the digital helper to cars, hotels and the workplace >>
* IBM Watson unveils the AI-infused Watson Assistant. It’s no Alexa or Siri >>

* Breakthrough to wafer scale quantum processors using silicon isotope and eventually trillions of qubits >>
* Tempe police chief says Uber “preliminarily…would likely not be at fault” for fatal crash >>
* Here are 64 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s W18 Demo Day >>

* World’s largest SSD capacity now stands at 100TB >>
* Billionaire Larry Ellison has a new consumer wellness company called Sensei >>
* Facebook loses $40 billion in market value following its latest scandal >>

* Five billion people face water shortages by 2050, warns UN >>
* Fire up your app dev skills at Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston >>
* Hackathons are dystopian events that dupe people into working for free, say sociologists >>

* Magnetic field lets tiny ball robots swim ‘breaststroke’ >>
* Scientists uncover 20 genes linked to being transgender >>
* More coffee than ever: Rate of people having one cup a day rocketed to record-high >>

* You can order Pizza Hut through sneakers >>
* Privacy fears asking Google to turn over data from users who happened to be near scene of crime >>
* Android devices will have to wait until 2019 to use technology behind the iPhone X’s Face ID >>

* The Google News Initiative: Building a stronger future for news >>
* How to watch live TV on your computer >>
* New technology adds spin to China’s waste management >>

* More than half of U.S. homes subscribe to video streaming services >>
* Everyone is trying DNA kits—here’s what you need to know before buying one >>
* 10 Crypto & Blockchain Takeaways >>

* Elon Musk’s ‘Boring Company’ now prioritises pedestrians over cars >>
* People are becoming less well-informed >>
* Smallest ever sieve separates atoms >>

* New MIT Startup Targets Working Fusion Reactor in 15 Years. Can It Be Done? >>
* Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Proposes Way to Detect the ‘Multiverse’ >>
* FordPass dongle adds LTE, WiFi and app control to older cars >>

* New York Power Companies Can Now Charge Bitcoin Miners More >>
* How Driverless Cars See the World Around Them >>
* Museum Of Other Realities Brings Together VR Artists >>

* GDC 2018: When And Where To Watch The Big VR Keynotes >>
* Chinese city is using facial-recognition to help police detect and arrest criminals in as little as 2 minutes >>
* China’s consumers are paying to watch movies online, foreign streaming giants missing out >>

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