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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2018

* The Morning After: Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018) >>
* 18-Megapixel Display To Be Unveiled In May From Google And LG >>
* PlayTable uses blockchain to connect video games and physical objects >>

* Sushi robots, AI pianos and jump jetpacks on SXSW’s show floor >>
* Microsoft researchers match human levels in translating news from Chinese to English >>
* a16z Podcast: The API Economy — The Why, What, and How >>

* “Body on a chip” could improve drug evaluation >>
* AI drones are controlling self-driving diggers on building sites >>
* iPhone 11 and iPhone X Plus: All the rumors on specs, price, release date >>

* Researchers Restore “Feeling” to Lost Limbs—Kinda >>
* This drone has an origami arm that unfolds to pick up objects >>
* Mow your lawn less to save bees >>

* Real Time Direction Finding and Spectrum Monitoring with Software Defined Radios >>
* US Army will have VR training and provide drones for every squad >>
* New dating app matches you up based on your voice >>

* Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google >>
* Cloudflare pushes Workers out the door – without layoffs >>
* Researchers create AI attacker to defeat AI malware defender >>
* Let’s Encrypt updates certificate automation, adds splats >>

* How Refugees Are Helping Create Blockchain’s Brand New World >>
* I took a break at SXSW to listen to an ‘audio-based movie’ >>
* YouTube will use Wikipedia to fact-check internet hoaxes >>

* This Japanese startup is making a hover backpack to augment jumping ability >>
* There’s more to blockchain than dodgy cryptocurrencies >>
* Alien life will be long DEAD by the time any of their messages reach us >>

* Microsoft releases preview of Power BI for Mixed Reality >>
* A cloud service for mobile gaming isn’t as dumb as it sounds >>
* Google’s Quantum Computing Party Is as Fancy as Physics Gets >>

* A Hippocratic Oath for artificial intelligence practitioners >>
* How a nuke with the power of 200 Hiroshima bombs would be needed to destroy a doomsday asteroid heading towards Earth >>

* Trump readying ‘all of the above’ fusillade on Chinese tech >>
* Sam Altman just paid a startup $10,000 to one day kill him — and preserve his brain >>

* 7% Of Scott Kelly’s Genes Changed After A Year In Space >>
* Deploy Gluon models to AWS DeepLens using a simple Python API >>
* Amazon Cloud Cam now streams security footage to your browser >>

* Robotic Tortoise Helps Kids to Learn That Robot Abuse Is a Bad Thing >>
* Massive study provided localized advice to boost crop yield and reduce fertilizer usage >>
* Claimed evidence for Dark Matter in galactic core is explained by millisecond pulsar stars >>

* Night Sky Highlights: March to May >>
* Antimatter: The Heat Problem >>
* Why Amazon rarely talks about the competition >>

* Here’s What It Takes To Get Hired At Amazon >>
* Microsoft’s inclusive Xbox avatars could arrive this spring >>
* California will send residents election information through Nextdoor >>

* Broadcom abandons plans to buy Qualcomm after Trump blocks the deal >>
* Tech Leaders Are Growing Up (Again). That’s a Good Thing >>
* What If Companies Were Required to Tell Workers What Their Colleagues Earn? >>

* Microsoft announces breakthrough in Chinese-to-English machine translation >>
* Demand For Programmers Hits Full Boil as US Job Market Simmers >>
* Audi’s traffic light countdown tech comes to Washington DC >>

* IBM partners with Cloudflare to launch new security and DDoS protection features >>
* IBM launches bare metal Kubernetes >>
* Developers Love Trendy New Languages, But Earn More With Functional Programming: Stack Overflow’s Annual Survey >>

* Face-faking AI isn’t just for porn – it will change the world >>
* Disney’s most futuristic attraction yet is an insane ‘Star Wars’ experience that takes virtual reality to the next level — here’s what it’s like to try in person >>
* Ancient DNA Is Rewriting Human (and Neanderthal) History >>

* Vivo’s AI-powered ‘Super-HDR’ tech takes on Google’s HDR+ >>
* 2018 Tomb Raider movie dials down the franchise’s tackiness >>
* Why the nerve agent that poisoned the ex-Russian spy is so mysterious >>

* A Fleet of Underwater Robots Will Create Detailed Map of Marine Microbes >>
* Want to be a Web Developer? Learn Node.js not PHP >>
* Google just shared a video showing its driverless cars in action — and it should make the competition nervous >>

* China developing smart, automated bullet trains for 2022 Winter Olympics >>
* China’s BeiDou navigation application expected to be launched this May >>
* Chinese ‘space hearts’ being built >>

* Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the Cosmos >>
* Stephen Hawking, science’s brightest star, dies aged 76 >>
* Stephen Hawking’s Last Warning: “Our Planet is Morphing into Venus” >>
* Stephen Hawking’s Most Intriguing Quotes on the Future of Humanity, Aliens and Women >>
* Stephen Hawking’s Most Far-Out Ideas About Black Holes >>
* Stephen Hawking, a man synonymous with the mysteries of the cosmos, is dead at 76 >>
* Stephen Hawking: 3 Publications That Shaped His Career >>
* Stephen Hawking on God, artificial intelligence and mankind’s future >>

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