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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 March 2018

* AI Learning How To Play ‘Galaga’ Is Way Better Than You’ll Ever Be At ‘Galaga’ >>
* Blockchain will work in trucking — but only if these three things happen >>
* Toyota is spending $2.8 billion on self-driving car technology >>

* Huawei’s AI phone tested by driving car at dog >>
* Confirmed Bachelor Star Will Test Einstein’s Theory >>
* If You Want A Robot To Stop Screwing Up, Hold Its Hand >>

* Hawking talks about no clear Big Bang and no boundary to space-time >>
* NASA Mars Lander Arrives at Launch Site to Prep for May Liftoff >>
* Robot Roller Skating, BonsAI Tree, and Thor’s Hammer >>

* Many of first use cases for 5G will offer little to the average person >>
* Demand driver for 5G may not be AI or VR, but improved carrier business models >>
* 5G’s Secret Weapon Will Be Low Latency, Empowering Next-Gen VR >>

* A Chinese smartphone company no one has ever heard of is making a huge impact in 2018, and it’s innovating more than Apple or Samsung >>
* How can we make a computer conscious? >>
* Hail technology: Deep learning may help predict when people need rides >>

* Elon Musk to open Tesla R&D plant in Greece >>
* NASA’s Hubble successor may miss its launch window >>
* NASA’s Next Space Telescope Is Running Out of Time >>

* RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology >>
* These 20 deep, absorbing PC games will eat days of your life >>
* Another small business complains of counterfeiters on Amazon >>

* The future of cities, pop-up hotels and more >>
* The world’s largest DDoS attack took GitHub offline for fewer than 10 minutes >>
* Human factors engineering class tackles design for aging >>

* Eric Schmidt provides support to MIT Intelligence Quest >>
* Young-Blood Transfusions Are on the Menu at Society Gala >>
* Successful people owe much more to LUCK than we thought >>

* Meet the cyber SLUG: Scientists develop virtual sea creature that is self-aware and behaves like predators on the ocean floor >>
* Saturn-sized exoplanet 700 light-years away has WATER in its atmosphere, NASA reveals >>
* Boeing’s flying taxis: CEO firm is already testing prototypes – and says the technology ‘will happen faster than any of us understand’ >>

* Jaguar is cruising into the electric car business >>
* North Korea war could ‘kill 10,000 US troops within days’ >>
* Bitcoin faces regulatory crackdown, Bank of England warns >>

* The internet of things: Connie Taylor works the room – sketch >>
* Barbra Streisand explains why she ended up making 4 clones of her beloved dog >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018 Part 2 >>

* CRISPR-Cas9 can cut RNA, too >>
* ‘Annihilation’ Theorizes What Happens When Planet Earth Gets Cancer (VIDEO) >>
* AI’s Superpowers –“No Limit to What AI Can Accomplish from Astronomy to Biotechnology” >>

* China is Leading the World’s “Second Quantum Revolution” >>
* Could This Bold New Technique Boost Gravitational-Wave Detection? >>
* A Floating ‘Brain’ Will Assist Astronauts Aboard the Space Station >>

* China’s Big Space Lab May Fall to Earth This Month >>
* Space Catapult Startup Spinlaunch Has Come Out Of Stealth Mode. Space Catapults? Yes Please >>
* Hey Big Spender! (For Semiconductor R&D, That’s Intel) >>

* US more than doubles hypersonic missile budget to catch up to Russia’s mach 10 missile >>
* Lockheed Martin to Develop Laser Weapons for U.S. Navy Destroyers >>
* Race for global low earth orbit high bandwidth internet satellites >>

* Pentagon confirms that Russia is testing a cruise missile powered by an unshielded nuclear reactor >>
* India fastest growing large economy with 7.2% GDP growth >>
* Announcing the winners of the AWS DeepLens Challenge >>

* Biggest Airplane Taxis Down The Runway, By 2020 It Could Be Launching Rockets >>
* No need to fear AI even if bots take most jobs, Tencent co-founder says >>
* What Does It Take to Drive a Laser Cross-Country? A Lot, It Turns Out. >>

* AI Cameras Are Here. Here Are Three Ways We Could Use Them. >>
* New Algorithm Lets AI Learn From Mistakes, Become a Little More Human >>
* Your Next Real Estate Agent Might Be a Robot >>

* 4 Astounding Things About Russia’s (Supposed) New Weapons >>
* Do you think that blockchain technology is the future of financial industries? >>
* The Powerful Global Spy Alliance You Never Knew Existed >>

* New Mexico’s Sad Bet on Space Exploration >>
* Lighthouse AI’s security camera knows who you are, and when you’re home >>
* China weighs whether to retaliate over Donald Trump’s tariff hikes >>

* Generations https://xkcd.com/1962/
* Play Joust, Robotron: 2048, and other classic games at Ready Player One’s online arcade >>
* Video game companies unaware of Trump’s summit on video game violence >>

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