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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 March 2018

* Moon may have formed in a vaporised, doughnut-shaped Earth >>
* MWC 2018: You Can’t Teach an AI to Run a Telecom Network—Yet >>
* AI: The Limits of Explainability >>

* Developing a chaos architecture mindset >>
* Cellphones on the Moon? Not So Fast >>
* A.I. better predicts demand for taxis and ride-shares >>

* This Haptic Cane Allows Blind People To Navigate VR >>
* ScopeAI helps companies analyze their customer feedback >>
* Bacteria on our bodies may be protecting us from skin cancer >>

* Microsoft makes more AI programming interfaces available to developers >>
* Learn with Google AI: Making ML education available to everyone >>
* US carriers testing replacement for two-factor authentication >>

* Have scientists uncovered the first direct evidence of dark matter? >>
* Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: The Energy Sector >>
* Genetically engineered cells can seek and destroy brain cancer >>

* 5G speed phones: We now know when they’re coming, and where >>
* Unlocking a cell’s potential to regenerate the heart >>
* Dubai tests autonomous pods in drive for smart city >>

* New book, “Automating Inequality,” Algorithms Are Creating A “Digital Poorhouse” Makes Inequality Worse >>
* Advanced GOES-S Weather Satellite Lifts Off Today: Watch the Launch Live >>
* Noaa’s Goes-s Satellite Is A Game Changer For Severe Weather Forecasts >>

* Viber is launching Viber Communities, group chats for up to 1B users >>
* Porsche’s Tesla-Fighting Electric Sports Car Gets Its Own Supercharger >>
* Future Day 2018 >>

* Finally, a Likely Explanation for the Sonic Weapon Used at the U.S.Embassy in Cuba >>
* Getting EUV Ready for 2020 >>

* China is dominating the App Store >>
* Ethereum’s smart contracts are full of holes >>
* Body language expert analysed the relationship between future royal sisters-in-law >>

* How Blockchain Is Helping Democratize Access to Credit >>
* Elon Musk went on a Twitter rant about America’s failing infrastructure >>
* China is using a tweet from Elon Musk as a propaganda tool >>

* Putin’s nuclear weapons scare tactic is his best attempt at intimidation, but it’s not working >>
* Russia propoganda whines have lots of nukes but you obsess about Elon Musk and not us >>
* Cold War 2.0 with Russia animated nuclear attack on Florida in a video >>

* Skiing Robots Race Down Slopes, Warm Our Hearts >>
* Paying for Genetic Data with Cryptocurrency >>
* Feeding Frenzy for AI Engineers Gets More Intense >>

* A Time-Management Master Plan For Your First 12 Months At A Startup >>
* Desktop PC shipments dip below 100m/year >>

* Microsoft’s navigation tech for the blind is now an app >>
* This tiny mobile house is like a Swiss Army knife with furniture popping out of the walls >>
* An artificial intelligence beat Q*bert by exploiting an unknown loophole >>

* Tesla Model 3 review: the fast and infuriating >>
* Researchers may have detected signals from the universe’s first stars >>
* VW’s first electric bus begins service in mid-March >>

* AWS Deep Learning AMIs now support Chainer and latest versions of PyTorch and Apache MXNet >>
* Surgery Near End of Life Is Common, Costly >>
* AI Will Create New Jobs But Skills Must Shift, Say Tech Giants >>

* Sky and Netflix join forces to create TV package that features shows from BOTH providers in one place >>
* Television titans bulk up to battle internet rivals >>

* Meet TESS, NASA’s Next Step in the Quest for Alien Earths >>
* Bus-Size Asteroid To Zoom Past Us Tomorrow In ‘Very Close Encounter:’ Watch It Live >>

* China Plans First Sea-Launch Of Satellites Using Long March-11 Rocket This Year >>
* The Navy wants to extend how far the F-18 can fly to counter China’s anti-ship missile advantage >>
* Sounding Rocket Mission Will Trace Auroral Winds >>

* Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in Asia with Singaporean solar firm >>
* Virtualitics grabs another $7M in funding to drive its VR data visualization platform >>
* How to Clone Your Pet >>

* Fingerprints Detected of Very First Stars –“Opens Window on Dawn of Universe” >>
* Measuring deep-brain neurons’ electrical signals at high speed with light instead of electrodes >>
* China will launch nuclear-powered aircraft carrier by 2025 >>

* Stretchable-Wearable sensors will be game changer for stroke rehabilitation >>
* China’s inexpensive missile firing drones and long duration solar drone >>
* First 3 nanometer test chip tapeout from Cadence Designs >>

* Here’s how 5G is going to change your life >>
* The Death (and Re-Birth) of Infrastructure: The Rise of Public Cloud >>
* Five Steps to Crystal Clear Thinking >>

* Redesigning Redux >>
* VR Park Is A Massive New VR Arcade In Dubai Using StarVR >>
* Mind-reading AI uses brain scans to guess what you’re looking at >>

* Attention hacking is the epidemic of our generation… >>
* Where SoftBank invested its $98 billion Vision Fund >>

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