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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2018

* The Huawei phone that can drive a car >>
* AI Beats Dermatologists in Diagnosing Nail Fungus >>
* OpenAI Releases Algorithm That Helps Robots Learn from Hindsight >>

* FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: ‘We need smart networks, not dump pipes’ >>
* FCC Will Auction 5G-ready 3.7-4.2GHz and mmWave Spectrum >>
* 5G needs a “new mindset” towards Internet rules, telcos warn >>

* An AI just beat top lawyers at their own game >>
* Huawei announces its first 5G chip for mobile devices >>
* What would happen if humans tried to land on Jupiter >>

* New algorithm can create movies from just a few snippets of text >>
* What is a Brain-Chain Interface? >>

* NASA’s Exoplanet-Hunter TESS Gets Prepped for Launch >>
* Pony.ai launches a self-driving ride-hailing fleet for public use in China >>
* Baidu can clone your voice after hearing just a minute of audio >>

* Energizer set to unveil smartphone with 5-day battery life >>
* Quantum trick lets one particle send messages two ways at once >>

* Aircraft and undersea drone carrying submarines will disrupt warfare >>
* Fibre-optic cables used in sewers could monitor the flow of sewage pipes in real-time, acting before blockages build up >>
* Making AI More Secret Could Prevent Us From Making It Better >>

* Mystery make up of collapsed stars could be revealed in mission to capture and move anti-matter >>
* Chipmakers Test Ferroelectrics as a Route to Ultralow-Power Chips >>
* Special ‘blankets’ could help melt monstrous snowbanks more quickly >>

* Social code site will let vendors peek at online store analytics >>
* China’s hypersonic aircraft would fly from Beijing to New York in two hours >>
* IBM gives Services staff until 2019 to get agile >>

* Scientists Say Space Aliens Could Hack Our Planet >>
* Hubble Space Telescope one of 16 suffering data-scrambling sensor error >>
* Watch this dining room table transform into a shelf in seconds >>

* YouTube Live gains automatic captions, chat replay and more >>
* Electric surfboards for waveless waters >>
* Now you can have eyes in the back of your head >>

* CBS launches a 24/7 streaming sports news network, CBS Sports HQ >>
* Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S9 launch in under 11 minutes! >>
* Watch Nokia’s MWC 2018 event in under 10 minutes >>

* IBM Researchers Receive Aegis Graham Bell Award for Work in Digital Agriculture >>
* Water distributed across lunar surface: Nasa probe on Chandrayaan-1 >>
* We went for a ride in Huawei smartphone-controlled, self-driving Porsche >>

* Pop-up cameras could soon be a mobile trend >>
* Netflix is testing a navigation bar on Android >>
* Ford cars are getting a new ‘voice-controlled co-driver’ thanks to Sygic >>

* Deep learning in the enterprise >>
* Canon’s AI flash moves by itself to make portraits more flattering >>
* US Navy’s newest stealth destroyer could get nuclear cruise missiles >>

* Samsung says its smart speaker will arrive in the second half of 2018 >>
* Fluorescent sensor allows imaging of neurons’ electrical communications, without electrodes >>
* Qualcomm’s Simulated 5G Tests Shows How Fast Real-world Speeds Could Actually Be >>

* Even tiny temp changes affect these ‘clock neurons’ >>
* Elon Musk will pave way for humans to explore Mars within the next 20 years >>
* Bitcoin miners turn Quebec’s cheap energy into cold cash >>

* Your 2022 Winter Olympics Host Lit Up the Internet With Glowing Flying Pandas >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy S9 AR Emoji are kind of horrifying >>
* Scientists Have Learned Why Neutron Stars Shine So Bright >>

* Phone’s camera pops up to take your selfie — Apex also reads two fingerprints you scan on-screen >>
* Trump is reportedly pushing for his personal pilot to run the government’s top aviation agency >>
* Vodafone to track users in Ghana to halt spread of epidemics >>

* 5G, cellular’s next step, brings new positioning capabilities >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Is Its Most Powerful Smartphone For VR Yet >>
* Island 359 Review: Dinosaurs Are Finally Terrifying Again >>

* I created an AI that beats me at tic-tac-toe >>
* Indie games are the latest trophies for tech giants in China’s multibillion-dollar gaming market >>

* China’s cutthroat smartphone market is coming down to a handful of major brands >>
* China pulls further ahead of US in mobile payments with record US$12.8 trillion in transactions >>

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