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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2018

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* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018 >>
* Boston Dynamics’ robots won’t be held back by puny humans >>
* Physicists Plan Antimatter’s First Outing–in a Van >>

* We can now squeeze a molecule and turn it into one that we want >>
* Mitsubishis Hybrid 16-beam Spatial-Multiplexing Technology for 5G Base Stations >>

* Hyperledger blockchain tracks your fish from ocean to plate >>
* Nasa is making new spacesuits with built-in TOILETS >>
* Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shares video of 10,000-year clock project >>

* VP Mike Pence Announces Candidates for National Space Council Advisory Group >>
* Nest rolls out a $5 cloud recording plan for its cameras >>
* With $10M in funding, Mabl brings machine learning to software testing >>

* 3D-printed hearts could replace human hearts >>
* The female Viagra: An electric shock on the ankle >>
* Google steps up global fight for digital wallet as China dominates mobile payments >>

* Why Self-Taught Artificial Intelligence Has Trouble With the Real World >>
* Facebook Messenger now lets you add more people to in-progress calls >>
* Good News: A.I. Is Getting Cheaper. That’s Also Bad News >>

* AI is making more realistic CG animal fur >>
* Cognoa’s AI platform for autism diagnosis gets first FDA stamp >>
* AT&T will launch mobile 5G in Atlanta, Dallas and Waco >>

* Netflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ reboot premieres April 13th >>
* Renault’s ‘smart island’ runs on wind power and recycled batteries >>
* SharpestMinds wants to help startups find AI talent before Google and Facebook snatch them >>

* China shows stealth drone that appears to copy the US X47B drone >>
* Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs >>
* China reveals military exoskeletons which are behind current US exoskeletons >>

* Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit Boston >>
* Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop One is setting up a test track in India >>

* Aadhaar, India’s Biometric ID System, Gets Its Day in Court >>
* New Quantum Crypto Scheme Looks Ahead to “Quantum Internet” >>
* Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Should Be More Paranoid >>

* Robots that pick up and sort objects may improve warehouse efficiency >>
* Vectra raises $36M for its AI-based approach to cybersecurity intrusion detection >>
* There Might Soon Be a Drug to Treat Peanut Allergies >>

* Russia And China Are Working On Space And Counterspace Weapons >>
* Spin Master Releases High-Flying Motorized ‘Sonic Rocket’ >>

* Big data could help millions of refugees — but there are obstacles >>
* Build your dream home with this top-rated app >>
* Google is learning how to predict heart disease by looking at your eyes >>

* Space tourists could book a stay at a ‘monster’ inflatable hotel that will orbit Earth in 2021 >>
* BitTorrent Client uTorrent Suffers Security Vulnerability (Updated) >>
* This artificial skin can sense ladybug footsteps >>

* Measuring the Magic of Healing >>
* Killer drones, cyber attacks and targeted propaganda will undermine national security as ‘malicious AI’ grows increasingly powerful, warn experts >>
* Japan demands answers from US as fighter jets drop fuel tanks into fishing lake >>

* Silicon Valley, people who make $400,000 think they’re middle class >>
* Tesla is pushing back Model S and Model X delivery dates >>
* AI Earthquake Tracker Is Inspired by Speech Recognition Technology >>

* Ditching the Lecture Hall for Recording Studio, the Power of Podcasting to Inspire a Whole New Audience >>
* Scientists have taken a step toward creating ‘sheeple’ by introducing human cells into sheep embryos >>
* Beijing to New York in 2 hours? Chinese team reveal hypersonic plane ambition >>

* Losing Biodiversity Could Lead to “Extinction Cascades” >>
* Ellen DeGeneres Made Bill Gates Guess The Prices Of Grocery Store Items, And It Went About How You’d Expect >>
* Bill Gates will guest star on “The Big Bang Theory” next month >>

* Signals of opportunity: Holy Grail or a waste of time? >>
* Exploring X-ray navigation in space >>
* Apple in talks to buy key mineral used in batteries as China secures bulk of global supply >>

* Blockchain is entering the valley of despair phase, and that’s a mistake >>
* Qualcomm made a new Wi-Fi chip for the next generation of Wi-Fi >>
* For this robot, the secret to crawling is artificial snakeskin >>

* Using Deep Learning for Structured Data with Entity Embeddings >>
* My Journey into Machine Learning: Class 3 >>

* Chinese Doctors Are Using Modified T-Cells to Treat Advanced Forms of Cancer >>
* More Than Half the World Has No Internet. Enter Internet Blimps. >>
* Man-Made Whirlpool Can Power Homes Without Harming Wildlife >>

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