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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 February 2018

* China shot down another missile in space >>
* Heating and ventilating a 10,000 person space station >>
* Accurate Navigation Without GPS Circuit keeps up to 5.5-meter accuracy after 3 kilometers >>

* Aliens could trigger apocalypse by sending a message hiding malicious AI that could shut down global power systems >>
* Qualcomm’s new LTE chip is twice as fast as Google Fiber >>
* A New AI Detected 17 Times More Earthquakes Than Traditional Methods >>

* FCC looks to approve SpaceX’s satellite internet plan >>
* Cryptocurrency mining is hampering the search for alien life >>
* Jobs Are Going Extinct. But That Doesn’t Mean We Have To. >>

* Organ-on-chip technology enters next stage as experts test hepatitis B virus >>
* We Read This 800-Page Report on the State of Longevity Research So You Don’t Have To >>
* Personality: Where does it come from and how does it work? >>

* Neural networks everywhere >>
* Porsche Is 3D Printing Hard-To-Find Parts For The 959 And Other Classics >>
* Virgin Galactic’s VR-powered website lets you tour its spaceships >>

* Thermal cameras could be key to safer self-driving vehicles >>
* MIT’s new chip could bring neural nets to battery-powered gadgets >>
* China’s reckless attitude to space debris needs to change >>

* The great divide in AI >>
* Sony now has a Koov robotics learning kit for US classrooms >>

* Drone Delivery, If Done Right, Could Cut Emissions >>
* Chief Innovation Officer Summit >>
* Getting Ahead with RF Ionization Breakdown Simulation >>

* Microsoft working to scale Blockchain for grand distributed ID scheme >>
* Six U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using Huawei phones >>
* TV Shouldn’t Need A $400 Box To Fix Its Problems >>

* Rogue IT admin goes off the rails, shuts down Canadian train switches >>
* Scientists to explore an underwater world near Antarctica >>
* Magic Leap’s AR headset will start at around $1,000 >>

* Bill Gates says the world is objectively getting better >>
* The “normalization” of North Korea >>
* Flowers, apologies, food or sex? Men’s and women’s views on the most effective ways to make up >>

* Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Core Booster Crashed >>
* ‘Oumuamua: New Work on Interstellar Objects >>
* Thermal blankets melt snow quickly >>

* Silicon Nanostructures Bend Light to Make Faster Photodiodes >>
* How to profit from the Recent Crypto Carnage >>
* Capable drones-missiles means foreign interventions will no longer all be low-risk >>

* Not encouraging and enabling to people to stay home with the flu kills 1000s per year >>
* Mathematics used to make powerful lasers >>
* SpaceX gets U.S. regulator to back satellite internet plan >>

* Apple’s HomePod may leave marks on wood furniture >>
* Immortalize your love on the blockchain this Valentine’s Day >>
* A theory of physics explains the fragmentation of tropical forests >>

* This team turned an entire room into a massive four-player game of Pong >>
* Electric Jolt to the Brain Helps Stop Stutters >>
* YouTube TV is getting Turner channels, more sports, and a higher price >>

* Vimeo wants to power Facebook, Twitch and YouTube livestreams >>
* Cancer-Fighting Nanorobots Are the Future >>
* Here’s how Chrome will filter annoying ads >>

* August’s Smart Locks proved to be the key to my smarthome puzzle >>
* SpaceX to launch its satellite internet prototypes this weekend >>
* Cape Town is about to run out of water – how did this happen? >>

* Robot cockroaches are here! Terrifying machines that can climb up WALLS are created by scientists >>
* Winter Olympics: Could Plastic “Ice” Help Overcome Bias toward Colder Countries? >>
* Five projects to kick off unmanned aircraft system trials at Singapore’s first drone estate >>

* Amazon Echo customer complains after TV advert leaves them with unwanted order for CAT FOOD >>
* Could gene editing fight the AIDS crisis? Scientists poised to re-try the risky procedure >>

* Piece of Mars going home onboard NASA’s 2020 rover >>
* Singapore is replacing an abandoned parking lot with a stunning skyscraper containing thousands of plants — take a look inside >>
* AI 101: How learning computers are becoming smarter >>

* $1.8 Billion in India Bank Fraud Raises Fears of Ripple Effects >>
* Why the Rise of Self-Driving Vehicles Will Actually Increase Car Ownership >>
* Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook—and the World >>

* Our Universe Isn’t As Special As We’d Like to Believe >>
* The World’s Coasts May Be Drowning Under Rising Seas Faster Than We Thought >>
* Elon Musk Is Arguing With Spaceflight CEOs on Twitter. Again. >>

* The Next Recession Is Really Gonna Suck >>
* Google’s nemesis: meet the British couple who took on a giant, won… and cost it £2.1 billion >>

* Can the blockchain really disrupt the middleman freelance platform market? >>
* Can Blockchains Reduce Social Inequality? >>

* Siri, already bumbling, just got less intelligent on the HomePod >>
* Why face scanning is going to dominate the future of smartphones and laptops >>
* How Do Computers Work?: New Video Series Explains the Inner Workings of the Device You Use Every Day >>

* The “Father of Artificial Intelligence” Says Singularity Is 30 Years Away >>
* Fighting Cancer with Artificial Intelligence: Part 0 – Deep Learning >>
* Only Numpy: NIPS 2017 – Implementing Dilated Recurrent Neural Networks with Interactive Code. >>

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