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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2018

* NASA probe makes history by snapping the most distant photos taken away from Earth >>
* Landing the Falcon Heavy boosters relies on a mathematical model that applies to everything from balancing brooms to interest rates >>

* Beijing unveils first enclosed testing center for self-driving vehicles >>
* Windows 10 is getting its own effortless Bluetooth pairing for devices >>
* Collaboration is unlocking whole new lines of business for the companies of the future >>

* Gillmor Gang: Dead Flowers >>
* China’s Feminist Movement Braves A Government Crackdown On #metoo >>
* Self Driving in China with startups Pony.ai and JingChi >>

* Today, Michio Kaku Described What Life Will Look Like in Twenty Years >>
* Yesterday, World Leaders Gathered at a Secretive Meeting to Decide the Fate of AI >>

* Politicians and Innovators Agree: It’s Impossible to Govern AI >>
* Experts Assert That All Nations Should Have a “Minister of AI” >>
* World Leaders Have Decided: The Next Step in AI is Augmenting Humans >>

* How Do We Get the Future We Want? >>
* In the Next Century, Brain Computer Interfaces Could be Mainstream >>
* a16z Podcast: The Evolution of Payments >>

* Science’s Pirate Queen >>
* MoviePass adds 500,000 subscribers within a month >>

* Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy >>
* Elon Musk and Tesla will make multi-layer assembly and other car factory advances or die trying >>
* Indonesia has rapidly growing energy needs and they are looking to nuclear energy >>

* Hover-1 Cruze is the only electric skateboard that doesn’t terrify me >>
* Your devices are tracking you. Here’s what to do. >>
* Your phone tracks your location even when you tell it not to >>

* NZ ready to repel the robot invasion >>
* Trump Administration Wants to Privatize the International Space Station >>

* Amazon is ignoring a huge chunk of the population and a multimillion-dollar opportunity with its new grocery store of the future >>
* Will the new TV golden age produce the first $20m per show series >>
* Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding guest list is a major source of speculation >>

* Scientists create self-healing electronic skin >>
* New trailers: Deadpool 2, Jessica Jones, Venom, and more >>
* 10 medtech startups selected for Australia’s Catalyst accelerator program >>

* What I Learned from Working for Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs >>
* Chinese scientists become world’s first to regenerate human lung tissue >>
* The Universe Has Been Outsourced >>

* The Most Interesting Thing Shot into Space Last Week Wasn’t a Tesla >>
* The Falcon Heavy backlash and the public trust >>
* The new space race: how billionaires launched the next era of exploration >>

* The car of the future is taking shape—and it will know how we feel about it >>
* Building a blockchain version of Twitter >>

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