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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 February 2018

* Researchers grew a fully mature human egg in a lab >>
* Amazon may soon launch a national delivery service >>
* End for kidney disease? Human tissue capable of producing URINE in mice is created in a world first >>

* Intel put on an Olympic light show with 1,218 drones >>
* Olympics viewership is down, even as NBC pays more for the rights to air it >>
* Facebook will invest tens of millions in community leaders >>

* Super sensor detects running appliances >>
* This electronic skin can heal itself — and then make more skin >>
* AIs Have Replaced Aliens As Our Greatest World Destroying Fear >>

* Researchers find that the brain can assign value to an object in less than a tenth of a second >>
* New intelligent system learns from simple problems to solve complex ones >>
* AI computer vision breakthrough IDs poachers in less than half a second >>

* Forget a space race – Let SpaceX transport you and focus building out the frontier >>
* SpaceX aims to make history 3 more times in 2018 >>
* Tesla Roadster Gets Interplanetary ID >>
* Military Certification the Next Big Test for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy >>
* Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX Prefers Clusters of Small Engines >>
* Observatory Spots Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster Zooming Through Space (Video) >>

* First glimpse of how genes may cause mental health problems >>
* US Army tests self-driving robot ‘Wingman’ equipped with a MACHINE GUN that can identify and shoot targets on its own >>
* Is a ‘mini Ice Age’ on the way? Scientists warn the sun could be ‘unusually cool’ by 2050 >>

* We Just Found Out Asteroids Are Flying by Earth This Week — Here’s How Worried You Should Be >>
* First Glimpse of Alien Planets That May Hold 250 Times More Water than Earth’s Oceans >>
* Asteroid Skimming Past Earth May Loom Larger Than Exploding Russian Meteor >>

* To Make AI Smarter, Humans Perform Oddball Low-Paid Tasks >>
* Alumni call on MIT to champion artificial intelligence education >>
* Jennifer Rupp: Engineering practical ceramics >>

* This machine is an eco-friendly alternative to bug spray >>
* What to Know About a Stock Market Correction >>
* CRYPTO INSIDER: Bitcoin is doing even worse than stocks >>

* Amazon Prime customers will 2-hour delivery for Whole Food orders over $35 >>
* Primitive human eggs matured in the lab for the first time >>
* Dreamscape’s Alien Zoo Creates A Sense Of Awe And Wonder >>

* 5G is coming, and its next big test is at the Winter Olympics >>
* China says its new J-20 stealth fighter has been put into combat service >>
* US Air Force is upgrading the F-22 to keep it combat ready until 2060 >>

* Thinking in a second language drains the imagination of vividness >>
* A Sleeping Alexa Can Listen for More Than Just Her Name >>
* A fish that barely sleeps could help turn humans into all-night party animals >>

* Researchers who made praying mantises wear glasses discover a new type of vision >>
* The Tale Of The Painting Robot That Didn’t Steal Anyone’s Job >>

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