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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 February 2018

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* Amazon launches Polly WordPress plugin turns blog posts into audio, including podcasts >>
* NASA Tests Implantable Device in Effort to Curb Astronaut Muscle Loss >>

* NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Arrives in California for Final Assembly (Photos) >>
* Radiation Will Tear Elon Musk’s Rocket Car to Bits in a Year >>
* HTC, LG, and Sony will have 5G-ready phones in 2019 >>

* Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain >>
* How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics Online >>
* Amazon now delivers Whole Foods products to your home in two hours >>

* ‘Modern AI is Good at a Few Things But Bad at Everything Else’ >>
* Cleo Robotics Demonstrates Uniquely Clever Ducted Fan Drone >>
* Researchers train senior pets to play computer games >>

* Human bone tissue grown in the lab is used to repair the leg >>
* Autism Shares Brain Signature with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder >>
* The smartest people have the most willpower >>

* Plan a lot bigger SpaceX BFR will give 1000 times space capabilities >>
* What was impossible in Space will become easy with SpaceX BFR >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Feb 7, 2018: Weekly News Roundup >>

* The Chinese facial recognition glasses are a dystopian nightmare come true >>
* Fast Pace of Facial Recognition Innovation >>
* Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store is getting more web apps >>

* SCIC and the blockchain pave the way to a new era >>
* The Promise of Artificial Intelligence-Enabled IoT >>
* Superconducting ‘synapse’ could enable powerful future neuromorphic supercomputers >>

* Facebook’s Quill tool now lets you animate VR >>
* The Solar System Probably Has Thousands Of Captured Interstellar Asteroids >>

* You Can’t Touch Harvard’s New Ambulatory MicroRobot >>
* Nanoparticles in Mice Brains Light Up, Trigger Memories >>
* China’s working on the next generation of military exoskeleton. Here’s what it can do. >>

* Google Express Doesn’t Replace Amazon Prime, But It’s Still Pretty Useful >>
* Superconducting ‘synapse’ could enable powerful future neuromorphic supercomputers >>
* Huawei’s next flagship phone could have a triple-camera system >>

* Today GPUs for AI but then Phase Change Memory-Neuromorphic and then Quantum >>
* IBM doubling qubits every 8 months and ecommerce cryptography at risk in 7-15 years >>
* Amazon Polly Gives WordPress a Voice! >>

* Zeiss’ entry-level VR headset is about to get a lot more fun >>
* Adobe brings more AI smarts to its Experience Manager >>
* Joseph Polchinski, 63, Leading Theorist on Multiple Universes, Dies >>

* Jupl signs Australian disti for smartwatch health monitoring service >>
* Super wood that is so strong it can stop a bullet >>
* Space Technology Could Change the Balance of Power in Africa >>

* Elon Musk back to earth: Tesla’s annual loss hits $2.7 billion >>
* Elon Musk expects to do coast-to-coast autonomous Tesla drive in 3 to 6 months >>
* Autonomous Embark Truck Completes 2,400-Mile Cross-Country Trip >>

* Google Photos uses AI to make videos for multiple occasions >>
* 3D-printed foam parts could stay strong as subs dive deep >>
* Police ‘may need AI to help cope with huge volumes of evidence’ >>

* Olympics officials are panicking that athletes might get sick >>
* Scientists take big step toward stopping cancer metastasis >>
* Fast Forward — The Data-Driven Enterprise >>

* Robotic fish can ‘see’ and mimic live fish >>
* Biosensors will be inexpensive, do more, go everywhere >>
* Mind-reading program translates brain activity into words >>

* My Argument Against Quantum Computers >>
* Mars on Earth: Simulation tests in remote desert of Oman >>
* What happens when a robot develops a personality? Alibaba has a vision >>

* China to build the country’s first heating nuclear reactor >>
* China’s Air Force part of joint patrol over S China Sea >>

* China formulates new policies for autonomous cars in bid to catch up to US >>
* China’s facial-recognition systems are becoming part of daily life >>
* US senators propose bill to block government from using Huawei, ZTE equipment >>

* Qualcomm is already working with phone companies and carriers to release 5G devices in 2019 >>
* Brains of those with psychiatric disorders show similarities at the molecular level >>
* A Multi-Trillion Dollar Blockchain Use Case >>

* Jump Inside Elon Musk’s Space Tesla In This 360 Video >>
* A Startling Demonstration Of What A Jet Engine Would Do To Your Face >>
* This ‘spaceship’ yacht concept actually hovers above water >>

* CogX London 2018| Festival of AI | 11–12 June 2018 >>
* Machine Learning Everywhere: Build Your Ladder to AI | Feb 29 >>
* Microsoft Build 2018 developers conference | May 7-9 >>

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