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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2018

* Single-Person Spacecraft Design Passes Pool Test >>
* Intel Made Smart Glasses That Look Normal >>
* Olympics Could Require Athletes’ Genetic Code to Test For Doping >>

* You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time >>
* Drones That Smash Into Obstacles Can Be a Good and Useful Thing >>
* A ‘gently used’ SpaceX rocket is for sale on Craigslist >>

* Falcon Heavy’s Debut Flight Tomorrow Hailed as a ‘Changing Moment’ in Spaceflight >>
* SpaceX Confirms Its First Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Attempt a Triple Landing >>
* Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Tweet Each Other Ahead of Falcon Heavy Launch >>
* Reusable SpaceX Falcon Heavy will make highly cost competitive space based solar power >>
* SpaceX animation shows the ideal outcome for the Falcon Heavy launch >>
* SpaceX Has Received Permission From the US Government To Launch Elon Musk’s Car Toward Mars >>
* Elon Musk shows off the dummy that’s going to Mars in a Tesla >>
* Can Elon Musk disrupt deep space with the world’s most powerful rocket? >>

* Can VR Survive in a Cutthroat Attention Economy? >>
* VISA and Mastercard make it harder to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies >>
* Physicists Harness Twisted Mathematics to Make Powerful Laser >>

* These beautiful, terrifying maps show how hot we’ll get in 2090 >>
* NVIDIA will power Continental’s self-driving car platform >>
* Air Force general behind government 5G memo leaves White House >>

* New laser technology could improve how scientists study molecules >>
* Paige.AI deal with Sloan Kettering to bring machine learning to cancer pathology >>
* Neural Network Generates Authentic-Sounding Insect Names >>

* DMV Data Says Waymo and GM Are Leading the Self-Driving Car >>
* Lightmatter aims to reinvent AI-specific chips with photonic computing >>
* Google Flips the Switch on Its Pixel Visual Core >>

* India will land a rover on the moon in APRIL >>
* Researchers take important step toward gonorrhea vaccine >>
* Amazon patents robot ‘postmen’ that can unlock doors to deliver and pick up packages at any time of the day >>

* Detection of Extragalactic Planets? >>
* China’s Terrifying, Emerging Surveillance State >>
* Optical Waveguides for stopping light >>

* Find out where your town’s air pollution actually comes from >>
* We might need to turn our poop into food to survive in space >>
* Electric air taxi startup Joby gets $100 million in funding >>

* These Short Exercises Can Get Your Whole Team To Think Creatively >>
* Deep Learning Training Times Get Significant Reduction >>
* Want Awesome Robots? You’ll Have to Best These Challenges >>

* See If You’re Allowed to Access Police Body-Cam Video in Your State >>
* The Bitcoin rollercoaster is going down again >>
* Proposed Moon Mission Offers Little Value at Astronomical Cost >>

* The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads >>
* Trailer For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ >>
* Westworld’s second season gets its first trailer >>
* The first trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout shows high-flying Tom Cruise action >>
* Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s new trailer looks downright terrifying >>
* The latest Avengers: Infinity War teaser packs a lot of heroes into 30 seconds >>
* J.J. Abrams’ The Cloverfield Paradox is now available on Netflix >>
* Super Bowl 2018: Eagles win first Super Bowl, 41-33 >>

* MIT IQ Aims to Advance Human, Machine Intelligence Research >>
* Gillmor Gang: Day Zero >>
* Buglife wants to put the power to report mobile software bugs in user’s hands >>

* Has China developed a hypersonic railgun? Leaked photos appear to show the superweapon mounted on a ship >>
* Construction has officially begun on the Orion crew capsule >>
* Automotive veteran tears apart the newly-released Tesla Model 3 and finds countless problems >>

* NASA transforms dozens of ‘selfies’ taken by its Mars Curiosity rover into a stunning self-portrait from the red planet >>
* ‘Son of Blackbird’ hypersonic spy plane could ‘circle the globe in three hours’ >>
* Ehang’s passenger-carrying drones look insanely impressive in first test flights >>

* Voice-controlled device examines your skin for wrinkles, dark spots and pores – so clever it can even order your make-up without you lifting a finger >>
* Japanese researchers create tasty new banana with a thin edible peel >>
* Inspiring! 7-year-old boy earns good money by teaching yoga >>

* “Drone squads” tackle electric breakdown in China >>
* HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to be completed Tuesday >>
* Huawei sets world’s lowest price for its unlocked flagship smartphone >>

* China’s smart home devices start-up gets US$54.4m from Citic and Baidu >>
* Japan’s Nissan betting US$9.5 billion on China’s growing eco-friendly car buyers >>
* Chinese retailer JD.com sees artificial intelligence as central to its expansion >>

* A Quantum Algorithm Could Help Us Bring AI to Life >>
* IBM’s New AI Can Predict Psychosis in Your Speech >>
* Half of Americans Want Universal Income, but Expect AI Companies to Pay It >>

* Dow plunges 1100 points in biggest one-day drop ever >>
* Imaging Without Lenses >>
* More Galaxy S9 images leak, showing off redesigned fingerprint reader and lilac color >>

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