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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 February 2018

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* Super Bowl 2018 live-stream: How to watch the Patriots-Eagles game without cable >>
* SpaceX confirms it will try to land all of Falcon Heavy’s boosters >>
* Electric Cars Could Destroy the Electric Grid—or Fix It Forever >>

* The biggest limitation of artificial intelligence is it’s only as smart as the data sets served >>
* “Life Beyond the Milky Way?” –1st Planets Detected Outside Our Galaxy >>
* Curiosity’s sweeping Mars panorama shows how far it’s come >>

* A 3-D approach to stop cancer in its tracks >>
* Tesla is installing Powerwalls and solar power on 50,000 homes to create biggest virtual power plant in the world >>
* China’s plan to use artificial intelligence to boost the thinking skills of nuclear submarine commanders >>

* How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet >>
* Inside Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence Flywheel >>
* Tesla’s plan to charge electric semis relies on its customers >>

* Penn researchers create first optical transistor comparable to an electronic transistor >>
* Japan launches smallest rocket ever to carry satellite into orbit >>
* Hate your boss? B12 is designing work without (human) managers >>

* The Biggest Tech Takeaways From the 2018 World Economic Forum >>
* Bank of America issues its strongest sell signal yet as stocks plummet the most in almost a decade >>
* ‘Jumanji’ just won’t go away — it’s No. 1 at the box office again >>

* The tech company using 3D printing to make life-like human models >>
* Boxing’s place at Tokyo 2020 under threat as concerns grow about how the sport is run >>
* Cell Phone Cancer Risk Still Considered ‘Weak’ With ‘No Strong Evidence’ Linked To Malignant Tumors In Humans >>

* The Gig Economy’s Tipping Point >>
* We don’t need fully self-driving cars to save lives >>
* Humans Have Already Dumped 400,000 Pounds Of Garbage On The Moon [Video] >>

* Super Bowl Commercials: Advertisers Prepare for Their Biggest Stage >>
* Wall Street can’t stop sounding the alarm on a ‘double bubble’ in both stocks and bonds >>
* Dr. Michio Kaku; The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth >>

* 60,000 Hidden Mayan Ruins Discovered in Guatemala –“Technology Used is Equivalent to the Hubble Space Telescope” >>
* Russia, Japan and China Launch Satellites in Back-to-Back Missions >>
* The rise of chaos engineering >>

* Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –U.S. Report on Status-6: “A Mysterious Russian Doomsday Weapon” >>
* To Advance Artificial Intelligence, Reverse-engineer The Brain >>
* Tapping Machine Learning to Foster Greater Use of Biomimicry for Innovation >>

* Tesla is coming to 800 Home Depot stores >>
* Scientists have discovered where anxiety comes from >>
* ‘Fiction is outperforming reality’: how YouTube’s algorithm distorts truth >>

* Is China Railgun a Sputnik moment for the USA? >>
* If China is ahead deploying Railguns, electromag catapults and hypersonic weapons >>
* Russian Supernuclear robotic submarine would trigger a mega-tsunami to wipe out Florida and east coast of the USA >>

* Mercedes and Bosch will test self-driving taxis in a few months >>
* My AAAI Workshop talk on game depth >>
* If Elon Musk is to colonise Mars, he’ll need to recruit a crew of genetically-modified humans >>

* Cancer Vaccine Eradicates Tumors in Mice >>
* Japan’s first operational F-35 gets deployed amid rising threat from China >>
* Virtual reality sheds light on memory recall >>

* Are Autonomous Cars Really Safer than Human Drivers? >>
* PSA: No India hasn’t banned Bitcoin — but it’s still talking tough on crypto >>
* China to Start Blocking Unauthorized VPN Providers This April >>

* A spacecraft is using the Martian atmosphere to get closer to the planet >>
* Google code reckons it’s smarter than airlines, AI funding, and lots more >>
* The search engines you’ll need for every type of question >>

* Dentists May Soon Completely Regenerate Your Teeth damaged from cavities >>
* Boeing and Lockheed competing for billions for future hypersonic spyplane >>
* The First Results From The Illustristng Simulation Of The Universe Has Been Completed, Showing How Our Cosmos Evolved From The Big Bang >>

* SpaceX Gets Launch License for First Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch >>
* Galaxies Rotate in Sync, Raising Dark Matter Questions >>
* Greedy, Brittle, Opaque, and Shallow: The Downsides to Deep Learning >>

* How Nasa Tests Shapeshifting Plane Wings >>
* The Wired Guide To Artificial Intelligence >>
* China’s Chunyun enters new era >>

* Behind the great firewall, China’s internet is thriving – even in rural areas >>
* China’s village people fast to adopt mobile payments >>
* AI Is Automating the Workplace. This Is How We’re Adapting. >>

* The Squishy Ethics of Sex With Robots >>
* Elon Musk’s Roadster Will Break the Record for Fastest a Car Has Ever Traveled >>
* Foxconn to plug at least $340M into AI R&D over five years >>

* How The Super Bowl Halftime Show Gets Set Up In Just Six Minutes >>
* The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads (So Far) >>
* Super Bowl 2018: the best commercials, trailers, and performances from the big game >>

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