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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 February 2018

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* Airbus Vahana flying taxi actually flew for the first time >>
* MIT is aiming for AI moonshots with Intelligence Quest >>
* 100 Petawatt lasers could generate antimatter from vacuum and create commercial nuclear fusion >>

* How to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang without cable >>
* Hulu Live TV subscribers can customize their Olympic coverage >>
* Automating materials design >>

* Here’s What Happens When Your Mom Or Dad Steals Your Identity >>
* A successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch gives NASA new options >>

* Have Self-Driving Cars Stopped Getting Better >>
* Armpit transplants could make football locker rooms less stinky >>
* Flying electric air taxi gets a boost from Toyota, JetBlue >>

* Two-and-a-half glasses of wine a day will CLEAN the brain and reduce the risk of dementia, reveals first study of its kind >>

* One-armed barista robot begins serving coffee at new cafe in Japan’s capital >>
* How to control a machine using your mind >>

* Jeff Bezos is worth more than Bill Gates and Elon Musk Combined >>
* Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, adds $20 BILLION to his fortune >>
* New Technology Reveals 60,000 Maya Structures In Ancient Cities Hidden In Guatemala >>

* Why Women’s Voices Are Scarce in Economics >>
* Weather the Storm: Protect Electronics, Avoid Costly Failures >>
* Quantum hack allows quantum computing systems to tolerate 400% gain in interference >>

* Video Friday: Waffle Robots, Laser vs. Drone, and TurtleBot Tutorials >>
* Novel Lithography Technique Combines Speed With Accuracy >>
* Infographic – Top Ten Countries Military Spending in 2030 >>

* Automating Code Generation for Deep Learning Models from Research Papers >>
* IBM Research AI at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence >>
* Bitcoin for kids, AI recruiting and more >>

* CASIS Focuses on Near-Term ISS Utilization Despite Long-Term Uncertainty >>
* Will Astronauts Someday Feast on Poop-Grown Microbes? >>
* NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Snapped an Awesome Selfie on Mars >>

* Take a Journey Through the Known Universe >>
* Gravitational Lensing: Untangling an Image >>
* Outflows From Black Holes Are Creating New Molecules Where There Should Only Be Destruction >>

* YouTube’s CEO promises stronger enforcement in the wake of controversies >>
* There’s a problem with YouTube’s new anti-propaganda initiative >>
* To fight propaganda, YouTube will now label state-funded news broadcasts in the U.S. >>

* The security gadgets and apps you need to keep your information safe >>
* What You Should Always Carry in Japan >>
* New A.I. police car brings us one step closer to Robocop >>

* Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google? >>
* British Airways is finally offering onboard WiFi >>
* HBO outbids Apple for J.J. Abrams’ latest sci-fi thriller TV series >>

* This Week in the Future of Cars: Shortcuts >>
* Tesla will sell solar panels and Powerwalls at Home Depot >>
* Intel spin-out could launch AR smart glasses this year >>

* As cancer survival rate grows, so does number of new cases >>
* The cryptocurrency market is now smaller than $400 billion >>
* Internet-connected vibrators can be remotely hacked and controlled >>

* Alphabet’s Earnings Disappoint. Blame It on the iPhone. >>
* 2017 was Amazon’s best year for new Prime subscriptions so far >>
* Amazon reports nearly $2 billion in profit, blowing past Wall Street expectations for holiday quarter >>

* First UK three-parent babies could be born this year >>
* The Best Wireless Charging Pads of 2018 >>

* ‘Ultra-processed’ products now half of all UK family food purchases >>
* Elon Musk Reportedly Too Busy With Flamethrowers And The Boring Company, Breaks Up With Amber Heard Again >>
* Here’s what analysts are saying about Amazon’s impressive quarter >>

* Nvidia just took a one-two punch from Wall Street (NVDA) >>
* Tesla Looks To Get Ahead In Lithium Battle >>
* Quantum algorithm could help AI think faster >>

* New algorithms to train robots >>
* Ford wants to patent a driverless police car that ambushes lawbreakers using artificial intelligence >>
* World’s first freeform 3D-printed house to break ground this year >>

* It is easier to get into Goldman Sachs than be hired for this job at Chinese e-commerce giant >>
* How AI, big data help ease traffic jams >>
* In response to spying allegations, China tells the West to look in the mirror >>

* How to biohack your intelligence with everything from sex to modafinil to MDMA >>
* Amazon should buy CBS. Here’s why it would be a smart deal. >>
* Amazon has a clever trick to make sure your Echo doesn’t activate during its Alexa Super Bowl ad >>

* Advanced Reproductive Technology is Here. But Who Decides Who Gets Access? >>
* Experts Answer: Who Is Actually Going to Suffer From Automation? >>
* AI Is Automating the Workplace. This Is How We’re Adapting. >>

* Will You Get Alzheimer’s 30 Years from Now? The Answer Is in Your Blood >>

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