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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 February 2018

* SpaceX rocket survives an intentional water landing >>
* What the Coincheck hack means for the future of blockchain security >>
* Stanford Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates any cancer tumor in mice and human trials are starting >>

* Looks like China just installed a railgun on a warship, beating the U.S. Navy to the punch >>
* Semi-solid lithium metal battery is lightest rechargeable battery >>
* Lithium metal electrode batteries >>

* At least three types of bacteria may help cause bowel cancer >>
* Dancing galaxies may shake up our ideas of galaxy formation >>
* This Chinese battery maker will soon surpass Tesla in capacity >>

* Spacex Gears Up To Finally, Actually Launch The Falcon Heavy >>
* Amazon patent details hand-tracking wristbands for warehouse workers >>
* New Space based solar power designs can get to less than 2 cents per kwh >>

* India rejects cryptocurrency, but it isn’t giving up on blockchain >>
* Blockchain era is here but big biz hasn’t a clue what to do with it >>
* EU hitches its cart to the blockchain bandwagon >>
* The sad state of crypto custody >>
* Blockchain Platforms: One Chain to rule them all? >>

* The Next 25 Years Of Wired Start Today >>
* The Wired Guide To The Blockchain >>
* The Wired Guide To Artificial Intelligence >>

* Facebook’s Future Rests On Knowing You Even Better >>
* New cancer research initiative eyes individualized treatment for patients. >>
* Microsoft Office 2019 Will Only Work on Windows 10 >>

* Stargate: Origins trailer has an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel to it; premieres February 15th. >>
* Scientists Help Fill in Human Genome Gaps With USB Sequencer >>
* 3Q: Daron Acemoglu on technology and the future of work >>

* Designers create wireless charging pad for the Tesla Model 3 >>
* Jeff Bezos’ master plan is to have no plan >>
* We were in an accident during an automated driving tech demo >>

* Don’t let a spotty connection stop you from searching >>
* Waymo drove 2 million autonomous miles in 2017 >>
* Elon Musk sells all 20,000 $500 Boring Company flamethrowers >>

* NVIDIA proves the cloud can replace a high-end gaming rig >>
* Bionic device gives you a third thumb >>
* Technologies and topics likely to transform life-science research in the year ahead. >>

* Mashable’s Future Shift: The name, the newsletter, the explanation >>
* Supermedium launches its virtual reality web browser backed by Y Combinator >>
* Super Bowl 2018: How to watch the big game online >>

* Russia reveals plan to offer spacewalks for tourists in 2019 >>
* Why Finding Alien Life Would Be Bad. The Great Filter >>
* Space Station Crosses Moon’s Face Just Before Epic Lunar Eclipse (Photos) >>

* Curiosity Has Lasted More Than 2,000 Days On Mars, Triple Its Original Mission Plan >>
* Opportunity Mars Rover Wheels Past 14 Years of Exploration >>

* Now That Nasa’s Missing Image Satellite Has Been Found, Talking To It Is Going To Be Difficult >>
* 1st US Satellite Launched 60 Years Ago Today >>
* From the Farside — “Detecting Alien Asteroid Mining” (WATCH Video) >>

* Watch This Chilling Animation Of Capetown’s Water Disappearing >>
* Precise control of the properties of plastics >>
* Zocdoc builds patient confidence using TensorFlow on AWS >>

* The Princess Leia project: ‘volumetric’ 3D images that float in ‘thin air’ >>
* Uber crafts tool to make staff follow the rules in future (er, coding rules, that is) >>
* Netflix and Univision will co-produce at least five more TV shows >>

* Apple removes Telegram from App Store due to inappropriate content (updated) >>
* Was Telegram removed from the App Store because of its porn problem? >>
* China’s nuclear power generating capacity to reach 58 million KW by 2020 >>

* If You’re So Successful, Why Are You Still Working 70 Hours a Week? >>
* Microsoft Planner vs Microsoft Project: Everything You Need to Know >>
* Researchers treat ear defect by growing implants from cells >>

* Polar bears waste lots of their energy and it could be a problem >>
* Scientists create a bendable battery that holds 85% of the charge of a normal power cell >>
* Nintendo will bring Mario Kart to your PHONE >>

* People are spending 50 million fewer hours on Facebook a day >>
* Google is slipping ahead of earnings >>
* Amazon erases losses after beating earnings expectations >>

* Working, Beating Hearts Will Soon Be 3D-Printed From Patients’ Own Cells >>
* What’s It Like Working Alongside Automation? How Walmart’s New Robots “Fit In” >>
* More Americans Are Working From Home — And It’s Better for the Environment >>

* What’s On The Minds Of Tech CEOs In 2018? >>
* Is China poor? A Chinese student’s answer receives more than 2,600 likes on Quora >>
* Xi stresses developing modernized economy >>

* Alibaba to acquire 33pc stake in Ant Financial >>
* How WeChat came to rule China >>
* 2018 VR and AR Conference, Festival and Expo Schedule >>

* HTC Vive’s China President: ‘Immersive Computing Will Be Your Key Interface’ >>
* Biotech giant Moderna is now valued at $7.5 billion >>
* Why Apple’s biggest quarter ever is a disappointment >>

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