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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 Janurary 2018

* Artificial intelligence software beats humans in reading test for first time >>
* Neural Network Built by Japanese Researchers Can ‘Read Minds’ >>
* How AI could revolutionise project management >>

* AI researcher Monty Barlow teaches a computer to figure out American accents >>
* AI helps Dutch emergency dispatchers diagnose heart attacks >>
* Incredible mind-reading device could help stroke patients regain the use of their hands by strengthening the neurons in their brain >>

* NASA-Funded Research Will Let Unmanned Spacecraft “Think” Using AI and Blockchain >>
* For the First Time, Physicists Accelerated Light Beams in Curved Space in the Lab >>
* Scientists Develop Important Tool for Connecting Poo Bacteria to Health >>

* No need for a third runway? Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin plans hi-tech 700mph ‘hyperloop’ link between Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted >>
* Radical ‘forever battery’ which can wirelessly recharge itself from a smart ceiling tile >>
* First precise measurement of a single molecule’s effective charge >>

* Every step you take… Retailers reveal smart floors that will tell them exactly what shoppers are doing >>
* DNA of man who died in 1827 recreated from his living relatives >>
* New IVF technique that uses images of embryos to pick the best one is hailed as the ‘most exciting advance in fertility treatment for 40 years >>

* The Milky Way ate 11 other galaxies >>
* Nissan’s Xmotion concept swaps key fobs for fingerprints >>
* Researchers measure single atoms in a graphene ‘petri-dish’ >>

* This new virtual reality system is taking researchers inside microscopic images >>
* Ford to invest $11bn and have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles by 2022 >>
* Voice and AI Explosion Rocks CES >>

* We Aren’t Prepared for an Automated Future >>
* Agile (Done Right) Is Continuous Design >>

* Clever maths will stop hackers spying on the quantum internet >>
* Russia has an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton warhead >>
* First human frozen by cryogenics could be brought back to life ‘in just TEN years >>

* 2018 IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things >>
* Spacex Falcon Heavy will have static fire test on Monday >>
* Skycorp planning to make space industries >>

* NBC brings two Winter Olympics preview shows to Netflix >>
* One in six Americans owns a smart speaker, according to study >>
* Advancing cloud with memory disaggregation >>

* Now Open: Get quantum ready with new scientific prizes for professors, students and developers >>
* Are YOU ‘micro-cheating’? Scientist warns flirty gestures on apps can ruin marriages >>
* Newly FDA-Approved Platform Will Rapidly “Manufacture” Stem Cells to Repair Our Bodies >>

* VR gym makes you work out by playing games >>
* Dirt Contains Incredible, Inexhaustible Reservoirs of Undiscovered Antibiotics >>
* Is the chip boom over? >>
* Humanity will live in a ‘hellish dystopia’ as robots takes over billions of jobs >>

* CES 2018: Waiting for the $100 Lidar >>
* Airbus says lack of demand could halt A380 production >>
* Alibaba’s AI outperforms humans in one of the toughest reading comprehension tests ever created in a remarkable world first >>

* Smart buildings that can manage our electricity needs >>
* NASA Has First Close Look at Distant Galaxy From Dawn of the Universe >>
* China Plans to Destroy Space Junk With Giant Lasers >>

* SpaceX and Boeing Slated for Manned Space Missions By Year’s End >>
* Researchers Discover a New Warning System in the Immune System >>
* The next revolution in dental care is about to begin >>

* Robots Can Now Read Better Than Humans, Putting Millions of Jobs at Risk >>
* Big Bets on A.I. Open a New Frontier for Chip Start-Ups * >>
* Security video shows mezzanine collapse inside Jakarta Stock Exchange tower hurts nearly 80 >>

* New trailers: Black Panther, Altered Carbon, Hellraiser and more >>
* Airbnb’s CEO is promoting home rentals in places Trump reportedly labeled ‘shithole countries’ >>
* Welcome to the Age of Micro Satellite Swarms >>

*’Greyscale’ may curb smartphone addiction >>
* Alibaba and Microsoft have developed AIs that can outperform humans on reading comprehension test >>
* Blockchain is the game to watch >>

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