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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 Janurary 2018

* Food store AI sees what you put in basket >>
* Decentralized AI = AI + Blockchain + Internet of things >>
* CES 2018: Wireless recharging while on the move >>

* Prototype satellite makes way for 4K ‘Earth observation’ >>
* Researcher Finds Another Security Flaw In Intel Management Firmware >>
* This robotic maid takes us one step closer to ‘The Jetsons’ >>

* A.I. Has Arrived in Investing. Humans Are Still Dominating.>>
* Cruising the Las Vegas Strip in the Smart Vision EQ concept car >>
* Everyone is talking about laundry folding robots—but are they REALLY the future? >>

* Alexa-powered toilet, other devices unveiled at CES 2018 >>
* Bathrooms are getting smarter, for better or worse >>
* A new app is about to change the way we have sex, help with consent >>

* Mark Zuckerberg just turned up the dopamine. Here’s how >>
* Scientists Develop Robot Implant That Can Stretch Your Organs >>
* Google is well-positioned to crush its competition in four big areas in 2018 >>

* Does an exploding brain network cause chronic pain? >>
* BRCA Breast Cancer Gene Doesn’t Affect Survival >>
* Scientists identify immune cells that keep gut fungi under control >>

* Boeing reveals the model for a competing design for a reusable hypersonic plane >>
* This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World >>
* NASA Enables X-Ray Navigation to Pilot Robotic Spacecraft for Deep Space Exploration >>

* DeepFrame augmented reality window turns you into life-sized hologram >>
* Why It’s a Bad Idea to Launch Rockets Over Land >>
* Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not >>

* Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ trailer shows a vast cyberpunk world >>
* Scientists Change Our Understanding of How Anaesthesia Messes With the Brain >>
* Samsung phones will have functioning FM chips from now on >>

* The Zeeq smart pillow tracks sleep, plays music and more >>
* Extraterrestrial diamond-studded ‘Hypatia’ stone found in Egypt >>
* Apple has already run out of replacement iPhone batteries >>

* CES 2018: Square Off smart chessboard moves its own pieces >>
* Dogs can’t speak human. Here’s the tech that could change that. >>
* From a game that lets you see through the eyes of a drone to a VR joystick you control with your FEET >>

* MediaTek Pushes AI to the Edge >>
* Inexcusable false ballistic missile alert in Hawaii was caused by human error >>
* CES 2018 Showcases High-End Smart Gadgets For Pets >>

* No sweat: Does high-intensity interval training work? >>
* Rocket Lab Sets New Window for Second Electron Launch >>
* Apple’s ‘I’m sorry’ for throttling old iPhones isn’t good enough for Congress >>

* Scientists Discover Clean Water Ice Just Below Mars’ Surface >>
* Scientists map mammalian neural microcircuits in precise detail >>

* Subnanometer brain like atomristors operated at 50 gigahertz >>
* A new book on robots and technological unemployment >>
* Merge Blaster mixes real world with game >>

* Introduction to Robotics — Stanford University >>
* Disruptive Technologies Push Bioterrorism To A Whole New Level >>
* Future of Military IT: Gait Biometrics, Software Nets, and Photon Communicators >>

* We saw the future of laundry at CES—and it’s amazing >>
* Windows 10 adds ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature >>
* I’m a software engineer at Uber, 5 tech jobs will be safe from automation >>

* Tobii proves that eye tracking is VR’s next killer feature >>
* Smart HiMirror Is Your Outspoken Skincare Therapist >>
* Aptiv on helping automakers create an autonomous world >>

* Donald Trump confused real fighter jets with video game fighter jets >>
* China Says It Still Has Control Over Tiangong-1 And Can Decide Where It’ll Crash >>

* CES 2018: Were robots more than a gimmick at the tech show? >>
* The Samsung Galaxy S9 retail box may have just leaked — and it reveals all of the phone’s key features >>
* Mark Zuckerberg just made a sweeping change to Facebook that will affect 2 billion people and tons of businesses >>

* Apple’s Indirect Presence Fades from CES >>
* Why Streetcar Systems Are All The Rage Again >>

* The Full Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Starts With A Rude Cyberpunk Awakening >>
* Making neural nets uncool again – AWS style >>
* Indian Rocket Launches 31 Satellites Into Orbit >>

* Rocket Booster Falls from Sky and Explodes in Chinese Town After Satellite Launch >>
* Pentagon Shuts Down Questions About Zuma, and Raises More Questions >>
* Annihilation Movie–Sci-Fi Journey Into “Area X,” Unknown Ecosystem (Video) >>

* AI, augmented reality, blockchain and other tech Transforming Manufacturing by 2023 >>
* CES 2018: Active HDMI Cables and Harmony in the Smart Home >>

* CES 2018: Zero Mass Wants to Get Water Off the Grid and Onto Your Roof >>
* Cleanliness is Close to Godliness for Carbon Nanotubes >>

* Even as we use more gadgets, American energy consumption is dropping >>
* NASA is cautiously moving ahead with manned flights by SpaceX and Boeing >>

* How This Former Amazon Exec Gets Top Talent To Accept Job Offers >>
* Meet the amateur astronomers who track secretive spy satellites for fun >>
* Samsung shows off ‘almost finished’ foldable smartphone at secret CES meetings >>

* How AI can help enterprise workers automatically triage conversations >>
* Larry Page-backed asteroid mining company launches CubeSat with experimental water detection tech >>
* Netflix was 2017’s top non-game app by revenue >>

* Toyota’s e-Palette Mobile Retail Space Expected in 2020 >>
* IBM may be prepping for massive changes at Global Technology Services group >>
* Forget the Alexa-powered toasters at CES, these innovations will really shape 2018 >>

* Transform any blinds into smart blinds with this easy automation kit >>
* Touring Hyperloop One’s ever-evolving test site >>
* UK to Hong Kong by train >>

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