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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 Janurary 2018

* Everything is too complicated >>
* CES starts this week: TVs, cars and voice-controlled everything >>
* CES 2018: Watch CEO Jensen Huang Nvidia keynote >>

* Toyota teams up with Uber, Amazon, Pizza Hut and more on mobility services >>
* Toyota introduces e-Palette, its mobile retail space >>
* Toyota and Pizza Hut are teaming up to make self-driving cars that could deliver pizza >>

* Inside The Lab Where Amazon’s Alexa Takes Over The World >>
* This projector screen lets you watch two (or more) movies at the same time >>
* CES 2018 opening keynote: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich to talk live >>
* New smart home chip lets devices have 10-year battery life >>

* China Plans To Kill Most of the World’s Bitcoin Mining Operations >>
* China is reportedly moving to clamp down on bitcoin miners >>
* Microsoft Halts Bitcoin Transactions Because It’s An ‘Unstable Currency’ >>
* Parody cryptocurrency just broke $2 billion for its market cap >>
* A crypto expert explains the difference between the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world: bitcoin and Ethereum >>

* Giant MRI scanners could shrink to the size of laptops paves the way for surgeons to use them during operations >>
* This projector screen lets you watch two (or more) movies at the same time >>
* Robotic self-driving suitcase uses facial recognition and sensors to automatically follow you >>

* Uh-oh! CRISPR gene-editing stocks may be worthless >>
* This new aromatherapy ‘Scent DJ’ is perfect for tech geeks >>
* CES 2018: This smart mirror tells you how wrinkly you are >>

* Google brings its different payment platforms together under the Google Pay brand >>
* XYZprinting adds voice control to its color 3D printers >>
* Mira fertility monitor helps you track your ovulation with AI >>

* Alexa is coming to Windows 10 PCs >>
* Pet cameras from Petcube can take pet selfies, let Fido ‘call’ home >>
* Opportunities and challenges AI will face in the coming year >>

* Samsung just announced unlimited size MicroLED modular TV >>
* Samsung’s 8K TV uses AI that ‘learns’ to upscale low-res video >>
* Samsung Has QLED TVs With AI For 8K Because Of Course >>
* Samsung Is Bringing Bixby, The Internet Of Things And Machine Learning To Your TV >>

* Mymanu Clik+ offers real-time translation in 37 languages >>
* LG’s Alexa-powered fridge sends recipes to your oven >>
* CES 2018: Chinese Startup Byton Unveils $45,000 Gadget-Packed Electric SUV >>

* ThirdEye’s AR glasses come with massive swappable batteries >>
* Cosmo’s bike helmet light will alert others when you fall >>
* LG wants robots to take over. There’s just one glaring problem. >>

* FoldiMate returns to CES with a new design and higher price >>
* Smart shoes step it up at CES 2018 >>
* Here wants to help ride-hailing services find new passengers >>
* Using AI technology to chart immune cell receptor >>

* Nvidia reveals new AI platforms for smart assistants and AR in the car >>
* NVIDIA unveils powerful Xavier SOC for self-driving cars, (30 trillion ops). >>
* AMD’s Radeon Vega GPU is headed everywhere, even to machine learning >>
* NVIDIA and Volkswagen team up to build an AI co-pilot >>
* Self-driving startup Aurora will work with Nvidia on autonomous driving >>
* Uber taps Nvidia for its self-driving vehicle fleet >>
* VW taps Nvidia to build AI into its new electric microbus and beyond >>
* Baidu and ZF tap Nvidia Drive for self-driving compute tech >>
* Nvidia’s free GeForce Now beta lets you stream games from the cloud to your crappy PC >>
* Nvidia is rallying after rocking its CES keynote (NVDA) >>

* This automatic feeder can tell the difference between your pets >>
* This projector screen lets two gamers see different perspectives at the same time >>
* This lamp beams internet to your laptop Li-Fi is coming for Wi-Fi >>

* L’Oreal’s UV sensor sticks to your fingernail >>
* A smart insole pairs with an app to track how tired you are >>
* This Swallowable Gas Sensor Could Improve Your Diet >>

* Sophia the robot takes her first steps >>
* Recording the world in 360-degree camera glasses >>
* Onewheel doubles the range of its electric skateboard >>

* Smart home robot gives LG exec the silent treatment during CES keynote >>
* Nanoleaf wants to cover your walls in color-changing light >>
* Kohler wants to make your bathroom smarter with Konnect >>

* RightEye’s EyeQ system uses eye-tracking to uncover brain injury >>
* Sniffy Market will let you smell products as you shop >>
* Smart camera looks like a golf club, watches over your baby >>

* They make air bags for people now >>
* These smart shoes alert you if your grandma falls >>
* D-Link’s AX11000 futuristic router promises extreme speed >>

* Xenoma builds smart clothing for dementia patients >>
* SpaceX successfully launches top-secret Zuma spacecraft >>
* Elmer’s smart shower has surround sound and Alexa, too >>

* Philips’ kitchen-friendly TV packs Google Assistant >>
* D-Link adds battery-powered and LTE cameras to its home security line >>
* Winbot X robot doesn’t need a power cord to clean windows >>

* D-Link’s AX11000 futuristic router promises extreme speed >>
* Moen invites Alexa and Siri into your shower >>
* First Alert puts Alexa and Google on your ceiling >>

* Kepler Yields Star That Unlocks Clues Sun’s Cycle and Its Impact on Climate >>
* New Non-Biological Theory of Origins of Life >>
* New supercomputers and the exaFLOP race >>

* Why can’t we decide what to do about nuclear energy? >>
* How to beat a robot in a job interview >>
* C Programming Language ‘Has Completed a Comeback’ >>

* Hard wired: Now you’ll be able to buy MALE sex robots too as artificial ‘companions’ with bionic penises are set to go on sale this year >>
* Automation Will Reshape Our Workforce >>
* CES 2018: AI, Blockchains, and Emerging Memory Technologies Will Make Their Mark On Consumer Electronics >>

* The US Air Force is putting new focus on its bomber fleet >>
* Graphene sensors embedded into RFIDs for wireless humidity sensing >>
* Watch the Hisense press conference live now >>

* The new chips made by the Intel and AMD partnership bring us one step closer to ultra-thin laptops that can do everything >>
* There Is No Such Thing as “the” Blockchain >>
* Live from LG’s CES 2018 press conference! >>

* 8 Biggest Tech Trends to Watch at CES 2018 >>
* IEEE Spectrum Team CES 2018: Complete Coverage >>
* Never mind the gadgets, here’s what to look for at CES >>

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