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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 Janurary 2018

* This Ai-fortified Bot Will Build The First Homes For Humans On Mars >>
* Driverless Hotel Rooms: The End of Uber, Airbnb and Human Landlords >>
* Self-Driving Car Companies Are Going To Shake Up This Year’s CES >>

* Distributed applications, teams, genes and geographies will shape the future of VC in 2018 >>
* Proximity Tags Emit Radio Waves to Monitor Heart, Lungs, Blood Pressure >>
* Vuzix Launching First Alexa-Powered AR Glasses Next Week >>

* Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is looking into how it can use cryptocurrency >>
* Mark Zuckerberg is right to explore the potential of the blockchain for Facebook >>

* 2018 is the year ICO companies become investors, too >>
* Neutrogena’s scanner shows your skin, AI can judge your pores, fine lines, wrinkles and moisture levels. >>
* The Golden Globes will stream live for the first time >>

* Google joins the CES crowds as big tech jostles to dominate smart devices >>
* CES 2018: A preview of new products from the tech industry >>
* Innovation Group rounds up a preview of what’s in store at CES. >>

* LG to show its drool-worthy 4K projector at CES >>
* LG’s tiny 4K projector puts a 150-inch screen in any room >>
* Lenovo will display nine new ThinkPads at CES 2018 >>

* Laser beams could be used to protect sheep from sea eagles >>
* Hole in ozone layer has shrunk thanks to worldwide ban of CFCs, Nasa confirms >>
* How 30 minutes of facial exercise a day can make women look three years younger >>

* Ultrafine fibers have exceptional strength, New technique could produce strong, resilient nanofibers for many applications. >>

* Stochastic Computing in a Single Device >>
* Your Next T-Shirt Will Be Made by a Robot >>
* EUV Lithography Finally Ready for Chip Manufacturing >>

* Upcoming Chinese Lander Will Carry Insects And Plants To The Surface Of The Moon >>
* SpaceX Targeting Late January for Falcon Heavy >>
* SpaceX Delays Mysterious Zuma Spacecraft Launch to Sunday >>
* Elon Musk tried to get Trump interested in colonizing Mars >>
* SpaceX’s Latest Advantage? Blowing Up Its Own Rocket, Automatically >>
* Video: Falcon Heavy goes vertical >>

* 2017 from an Interstellar Perspective >>
* Secret Electrical Language of Cells, Aztec Map of the Universe, Search for Alien Life in Antarctica >>
* RBC Analyst forecasts cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech will become $10 trillion market by 2033 >>

* China’s high temperature pebble bed reactor on track for operation this year >>
* Google’s Tough Choice On How To Warn The World About Super Bugs >>
* In the city where pizza originated, a robot chef is now learning to master the craft >>

* Google says it sold a Google Home device every second since October 19 >>
* These camera-sunglasses can post photos and videos directly to Facebook and YouTube >>
* How to leverage AI and Big Data in Dynamics 365 >>

* Fitbit could add glucose monitors to future health-monitoring devices >>
* India’s national ID database is reportedly accessible for less than $10 >>
* FCC releases the text of its order to undo net neutrality >>

* Intel says it will patch 90 percent of recent chips by next week >>
* Apple says Meltdown and Spectre flaws affect ‘all Mac systems and iOS devices,’ but not for long >>
* Google Says CPU Patches Cause ‘Negligible Impact On Performance’ With New ‘Retpoline’ Technique >>
* Own a Mac, PC or smartphone? A major security flaw means you need to do this now >>
* Spectre and Meltdown Attacks Against Microprocessors >>
* New Book Coming in September: “Click Here to Kill Everybody” >>

* George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’: Syfy Reveals Series Details for 1st Season >>
* Military Confirms China’s high tech third aircraft carrier construction details >>

* New Tech Could Help Astronomers See Planets Around Alpha Centauri >>
* New Horizons’ Epic Second Flyby Is Less Than a Year Away >>
* Your theory >>

* Iron fertilization of the ocean is as natural as whale poop and it can save the planet >>
* What’s your stress mindset? >>
* Four Reasons Resumes No Longer Work >>

* Verizon acquires autonomous threat detection startup Niddel >>
* What’s More Important: 4 Million Jobs or a $7 Trillion Economy? >>

* What could possibly go wrong? Amazon’s Alexa can now control your microwave – and will soon expand to conventional ovens >>
* Can Gene Editing Save the World’s Chocolate? >>
* Sex robots could make MEN obsolete as women of the future get wooed >>

* VR experience: Disney addition hints at theme park future >>
* The Last Jedi is struggling at the China box office >>
* Google lead a $120 million investment in a Chinese game streaming platform >>

* What Happens When States Have Their Own Net Neutrality Rules? >>
* Ready or not, Windows 10 laptops are going all-in on USB-C ports >>
* GoPro cuts 200-300 jobs, largely impacting its drone division >>

* Tesla made this feature to quell concerns about becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere >>
* A Fragile Biblical Text Gets a Virtual Read >>
* Human-like virtual assistants can deter help-seeking >>

* Quantum ‘spooky action at a distance’ becoming practical >>
* 10 ideas to shake up the world in 2018 >>
* New year, new searches: resolutions, “bomb cyclone” and Coachella >>

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