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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 Janurary 2018

* Trust in Digital Technology Will Be the Internet’s Next Frontier, for 2018 and Beyond >>
* AT&T will launch real mobile 5G in 12 cities this year >>

* Bill Gates: Why I Decided To Edit an Issue of TIME >>
* Bill Gates Thinks These 6 Innovations Could Change the World >>
* See TIME’s ‘Optimist’ Issue in Augmented Reality >>

* Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook is broken and sets a goal to ‘fix’ fake news, hate and abuse on the site in 2018 in order to help an ‘anxious and divided’ world >>
* Opioids that hit different brain target could be less addictive >>

* RagTagd reinvents the lost and found >>
* Toyota Research Institute to debut its 3.0 self-driving research car at CES >>
* Deep Learning Sharpens Views of Cells and Genes >>

* CES 2018: 7 tech trends that will dominate the show >>
* 5 ways the web will evolve in 2018 >>
* 5G to AR: Here are 7 technologies to watch in 2018 >>
* CES 2018: Highlights from tech’s biggest event >>

* LG reveals trio of ‘friendly’ droids that are set to replace workers in airports, hotels and supermarkets >>
* LG’s new robots deliver food and double as shopping carts >>

* SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test is the start of a race to Mars >>
* Toyota’s new self-driving test car can better recognize small objects >>
* Amazon Alexa now controls your microwave >>

* This researcher in Austria hacked his own computer and discovered the massive chip vulnerability that’s rocked the tech world >>
* How the Meltdown Vulnerability Fix Was Invented >>
* Google Says Almost All CPUs Since 1995 Vulnerable To ‘Meltdown’ And ‘Spectre’ Flaws >>
* Cloud infrastructure vendors begin responding to chip kernel vulnerability >>
* Microsoft just issued a fix for that big Intel processor vulnerability >>
* Google’s Project Zero team discovered critical CPU flaw last year >>

* This smart suitcase uses Segway technology to balance itself as it follows you around >>
* Robots Have Replaced Humans in 25% of China’s Ammunition Factories >>
* Silicon Valley elites are obsessed with dangerous, unfiltered water — and it reveals a hidden economic inequality >>

* GardenSpace robot takes the heavy-lifting out of gardening, and puts the fun back in >>
* I Spent A Week Living With Chatbots—did All That Self-help Help? >>
* Bringing AI into the enterprise >>

* Ethereum breaks new record by reaching $1,000 for the first time >>
* 2018 Will Be The Year Blockchain Technology Goes Mainstream. Here’s Why >>
* Central banks investigate digital currencies following bitcoin boom >>
* Dow tops 25,000, extending milestone-breaking run for blue-chip stock index >>
* Apple and Cryptocurrencies are soon to be over a trillion dollar valuation >>

* Google ‘optical illusion’ stickers that trick AI into seeing something that’s not there could help hackers fool self-driving cars >>
* Largest prime number ever found has over 23 million digits >>
* A daily blast of sound and electrical pulses may tame tinnitus >>

* The ocean ‘is losing its breath’: Number of ‘dead zones’ with no oxygen has quadrupled in just half a century >>
* Airlines might be changing your in-flight entertainment >>
* Skynet it ain’t: Deep learning will not evolve into true AI, says boffin >>

* A Space Station Is Expected to Fall Out of the Sky. You’ll Probably Be Fine. >>
* AI System Sorts News Articles By Whether Or Not They Contain Actual Information >>
* Scientists create particles with negative mass >>

* Test Implications of Packaging Innovation >>
* Testing Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles >>
* Blackberry partners with Baidu on self driving car technology >>

* Brainwave ‘mirroring’ neurotechnology improves post-traumatic stress symptoms >>
* Peter Thiel looking at creating Fox News Competitor >>
* Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit London >>

* Data centre mergers and acquisitions hit $20bn in 2017 feeding frenzy >>
* Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies are using AI to decode the immune system >>
* 5 new ways to connect with your customers on Google >>

* Samsung’s new Exynos 9810 chip could make the Galaxy S9 very iPhone X-like >>
* Personal Data of a Billion Indians Sold Online For $8 >>
* WebTorrent Desktop Hits a Million Downloads >>

* Mark Zuckerberg’s personal challenge is all about fixing Facebook before it implodes >>
* Nissan’s future cars could read your brainwaves >>
* The X-Files Returns With a… What the Hell Was That? >>

* On-demand streaming now accounts for the majority of audio consumption, says Nielsen >>
* Read SD cards on your phone without downloading them using this handy plug that’s on sale >>
* Volkswagen and Hyundai both plan to deploy self-driving taxis by 2021 >>

* Internet Users in China Expect to Be Tracked. Now, They Want Privacy >>
* Starry Internet’s beaming broadband tech hits LA and DC this month, with more cities coming soon >>
* Research: We’re Less Likely to Collaborate in Bad Economic Times >>

* Glasgow subway trains will be the UK’s first with no staff >>
* California bill would ban new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 >>
* Competing With the Giants in Race to Build Self-Driving Cars >>

* The Year Climate Change Began to Spin Out of Control >>
* Samsung’s smart TVs are getting ESPN and Freeform >>
* Dell XPS 13 hands-on: A makeover inside and out >>

* Tesla Delays Its Model 3 Production Goals—again >>
* Netgear releases water-resistant satellite to extend your Wi-Fi network outside >>
* The First Fully Commercial Robocar Will Be in Holland >>

* China built 2000 meter long solar highway with transparent concrete over solar panels >>
* The universe could be full of more huge stars than we thought >>
‘Thrill-seeking’ genes could help birds escape climate change >>

* NASA’s ISS Orbiting Lab Identifies Unknown Microbes 1st Time Ever –“Great Leap in Identifying DNA-Based Alien Life” >>
* NASA Scientists Baffled –“On Mars Methane, a Sign of Life on Earth, Changes Inexplicably with the Seasons” >>
* The Bottom of the Ocean Is Sinking >>
* 3200 Phaethon: Arecibo Back at Work >>

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