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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 December 2017

* The AI chip startup explosion is already here >>
* Project Maven Brings AI To the Fight Against ISIS >>
* Making the Future >>

* World’s largest amphibious aircraft takes off in China >>
* Why is it better if Interstellar aliens do not really care about human civilization ? >>

* Russia is planning to put a luxury hotel on the ISS >>
* Maybe 2018 Is A Good Year To Throw All Your Electronics Away And Go Live In The Woods For A While >>

* Thailand high speed rail construction starts >>
* Star Orbiting black hole will reach 2.5% of the speed of light next year >>
* 2018 Is The Year Virtual Reality Goes Wireless >>

* Nanowire device detects cancer with a urine test >>
* Physics: Scientists Rewrite Quantum Theory To Do The Impossible And Track ‘secret’ Particles >>

* China’s censors have taken down 13,000 websites in 3 years >>
* Russia’s Putin Calls For Web Activities of Some Firms To Be Monitored >>

* How the brain selectively remembers new places >>
* It’s Time For Innovators To Take Responsibility For Their Creations >>
* Get rid of the smells in your car better than an air freshener could with this device >>

* Ubisoft’s new AI wing melds gaming and scientific research >>
* Should Plant-Based Meat Replace Beef Completely? >>
* CMU Researchers Reveal How Their AI Beat The World’s Top Poker Players >>

* NASA Begins Planning For An Interstellar Mission In 2069 >>
* Qualcomm can start testing its self-driving tech in California >>
* Edward Snowden’s new app turns any Android phone into a surveillance system >>

* H.G. Wells vs. George Orwell: Their Debate Whether Science Is Humanity’s Best Hope Continues Today >>
* Watching How Rare, Meteoric Diamonds Form >>

* China’s New Lenders Collect Invasive Data and Offer Billions. Beijing Is Worried >>
* Scientists describe how solar system could have formed in bubble around giant star >>
* Breakthrough Cures for Respiratory Diseases and COPD in the Pipeline >>

* Australia’s Tesla battery responded to power failure in 140 milliseconds and prevented 10-30 minute blackout >>
* Our Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas & a Great New Year >>
* Toyota reveals roadmap to 5.5 million electrified cars per year by 2030 >>

* A robot arm is Prague’s latest star DJ >>
* 2018 preview: Opioids will kill tens of thousands more people >>
* 2018 preview: Thousands of mystery lifeforms to be revealed >>

* Ask Slashdot: How Do You Avoid ‘Information Overload’ >>
* Researchers Ask: Are People Better Off Than 50 Years Ago? >>
* Saudi Arabia’s TechUtopia Neom will have to reinvent the rules to succeed >>

* Elon Musk’s Christmas Letter (Tesla Sure Is Growing Up Fast) >>
* The best gadgets of 2017 >>
* Update on the War in Ukraine >>

* APOD; SpaceX Rocket Launch Plume over California >>
* APOD; Fireball in the Arctic >>

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