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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 December 2017

* NASA plans a launch to Titan or a return to comet 67P in 2025 >>
* The first 5G spec has been approved >>
* This burger chain recognizes your face to place an order >>

* Facebook job ads are being used to filter out older applicants >>
* In 2017, society started taking AI bias seriously >>
* Can a dreaming AI fix low res digital photos in the edit? >>

* Incredible LASER shoes to help Parkinson’s patients walk freely again >>
* Taylor Swift can soundtrack your holiday video: Facebook signs deal w Universal Music >>

* Apple will allow apps built from templates >>
* How machine learning will accelerate data management systems >>
* LA orders 25 of Proterra’s electric buses >>

* Apple’s iPhone X racist? Chinese users claim facial recognition system can’t tell them apart >>
* Skin-Like Biosensor Offers Needle-Free Blood Sugar Monitoring >>

* SingularityNET creating marketplace of modular AI services >>
* Walmart is testing personal shopping and cashier-free stores >>
* First male contraceptive GEL that can dramatically reduce sperm count to be trialled >>

* An applied introduction to generative adversarial networks >>
* Smart speakers to outsell wearables, as demand for wearables slows >>
* Microsoft brings back PhotoSynth in its Pix app for iOS >>

* NASA’s Drone-Like Dragonfly Mission is Exciting News in Hunt for Alien Life >>
* Interstellar Communication Using Microbes: Implications for SETI >>
* Fruits and vegetables could save your life—but not from any one disease. >>

* In locked-down Xinjiang, China is tracking kitchen knives with QR codes >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Dec 20, 2017: The Year In Review >>
* This Robot Works Out >>

* North Korea Is Trying to Fit Its Missiles With Anthrax >>
* US making plans for ‘bloody nose’ military attack on North Korea >>

* Pathway to radical longevity – Induced Tissue Regeneration explained >>
* Back to Immortality >>
* 2017: The Year In Robocars >>

* Embryos have full human regeneration could be key for radical life extension >>
* New Research: Unlocking the secrets of Huntington’s Disease >>
* Light-triggered Genes Reveal The Hidden Workings Of Memory >>

* Space Industry Takes Prominent Role in Trump’s National Security Strategy >>
* How to Temporarily Undo the Universe’s Endless Chaos with Chloroform >>
* A breakthrough low-light image sensor for photography, life sciences, security >>

* Civilization VI lands on iPad >>
* Why Net Neutrality Will Be A Campaign Issue In 2018 >>
* Two-Layer Graphene becomes a Diamond-Hard Material could make super armor >>

* Unusual Galaxies Reveal Changes in the Fabric of Spacetime –“At Centers of Supermassive Gravitational Wells” >>
* Tiny Fossils May Be Oldest Evidence of Life on Earth >>
* The European Union at 60: It Should Be Happy, but It Isn’t >>

* Compounds Made From Metal-Organic Frameworks Could Challenge Conventional Semiconductors >>
* China’s Didi Chuxing raises $4B more for AI and electric vehicles >>
* Apple is developing higher capacity batteries for 2019 iPhones >>

* Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms >>
* Are robots edging closer to ‘alive’? Scientists create droids that SWEAT just like humans while doing press-ups to keep themselves cool >>
* Gallium Nitride transferred to Flexible Substrate for better antennas, communication and wearable electronics >>

* Booby-trapped obstacle course trains older people not to fall >>
* 5G Race Is On, Now That The Technology Is Almost Ready >>
* Fasting can delay the signs of AGING, claims researcher >>

* How energy makes life possible >>
* Why I’m digging deep into Alzheimer’s >>
* Ad Astra Diplomacy >>

* Gene Editing Shows Promise for Alleviating Hearing Loss >>
* The Career Audit You Should Conduct As We Head Into The New Year >>
* 12 things you may have missed from Google this year >>

* Printed photos can fool Windows 10’s Hello face authentication >>
* People are really into MoviePass’ unlimited cinema subscription >>
* Robots Won’t Save the U.K. from a Brexit Labor Shortage >>

* Netflix now streams HDR video on Windows 10 >>
* LG’s latest PC monitors bring intense HDR and ultra-wide 5K >>
* Netflix’s big-budget film ‘Bright’ already has a sequel planned >>

* NASA asking scientists how to keep astronauts safe on space missions >>
* ‘Stargate: Origins’ will make its streaming debut February 15th >>

* Apple Maps finds a useful feature: indoor airport guides >>
* Job hunting: Mistakes Google’s head of HR sees on resumes >>
* UK’s first vending machine for homeless installed in shopping centre >>

* Court rules sperm is allowed to be taken from dead man >>
* Researchers map molecular interaction that prevents aggressive breast cancer >>
* Researchers find key to making transplant rejection a thing of the past >>

* The world of physics in 2017 >>
* Elon Musk Explains Why He Loves the Saturn V Rocket >>
* Bigscreen Is Hosting Top Gun 3D Screenings Dec. 29-30 >>

* For the last time: rejuvenation is not immortality >>
* Artificial intelligence goes bilingual—without a dictionary >>
* Oculus Seeks Patent For Convertible HMD Powered By Phone Or PC >>

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