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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 December 2017

* Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel >>
* The impossibility of intelligence explosion >>
* Trump’s National Security Strategy to Stress Technological Innovation >>

* New York City Moves To Create Accountability For Algorithms >>
* Open-endedness: The last grand challenge you’ve never heard of >>

* Volkswagen plans 2,800 EV charging stations in the US by 2019 >>
* There Will Be a [Senate] Vote’ To Reinstate Net Neutrality, Schumer Says >>

* The US Army’s futuristic new helicopter just flew for the first time >>
* Scientists have figured out why this Italian family feels no pain >>
* Facebook’s facial recognition now finds photos you’re untagged in >>

* dYdX is a decentralized protocol for cryptocurrency derivatives >>
* Venezuela Will Force Bitcoin Miners To Register With the Government >>
* Ethereum reaches new highs while Bitcoin takes a break >>

* Researchers create less invasive method for placing brain electrodes >>
* People without electricity could end up living the energy dream >>
* The body’s killer immune cells also feed fetuses in the womb >>

* Is Boeing’s secret plane? Firm teases mysterious design believed to be an electric ‘hairdryer’ craft it boasts will ‘change future air power’ >>
* Boeing reveals radical unmanned ‘Stingray’ drone that can refuel fighter jets in midair >>

* Is this Samsung’s folding ‘Galaxy X’ >>
* How exploding stars influence Earth’s weather: Cosmic rays rain down through the planet’s atmosphere to help seed clouds and cool the climate >>
* Scientists create an AI robot CAT >>

* Italian Rolls-Royce is transformed into a futuristic FLYING car concept capable of reaching speeds of 340mph using four jet engines >>
* Google and Rolls-Royce join forces to create self-piloting ships >>
* Virgin Hyperloop One sets a new speed record of nearly 240mph >>

* Divers are sent in to start work on fixing a leak on the Royal Navy’s £3.1bn aircraft carrier >>
* Will supersonic air travel’s return be another white elephant? >>

* These Quantum Droplets Are the Most Dilute Liquids in the Known Universe >>
* The Beautiful Mind of Neural Networks >>
* A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age >>

* Stimulating the Brain’s Emotional Center Enhances Memory >>
* Researchers uncover a brain process that may help explain the curse of uncontrollable thoughts >>

* Why Cognitive Manufacturing Matters in Electronics >>
* Twitter launches a new enterprise API to power customer service and chatbots >>

* How to program DNA like we do computers >>
* China’s stronger economy could force energy use above equivalent of 5 billion tons of coal by 2020 >>
* US crude oil production could be more than Saudi Arabia in January >>

* THOR gene could be critical to curing cancer >>
* Coinbase tripling staff to meet hypergrowth of cryptocurrency and adding Toshi app >>
* Why Bitcoin is not trustless >>

* Apache MXNet in the Wolfram Language >>
* These are Reddit’s most upvoted posts and top AMAs of 2017 https://www.fastcompany.com/40509708/these-are-reddits-most-upvoted-posts-and-top-amas-of-2017 >>
* Facebook and Microsoft disabled slew of North Korean cyber threats >>
* Facebook introduces new tools to fight online harassment >>

* Facebook brings its social VR ‘Spaces’ to the HTC Vive >>
* Ultra-fast 5G wireless service declared national security priority by White House >>
* Facebook will alert you when someone posts your photo, tagged or not >>

* NASA will take images of its quiet supersonic jet’s shockwaves >>
* AI Researcher Ben Goertzel launches SingularityNET marketplace and AGI Coin cryptocurrency >>
* China Creating a Mars Space Base in the Gobi Desert >>
* “Amazing” –Origin of Life on Earth Reset at 4 Billion Years >>

* “The Multiverse?” –Merging Neutron Stars Challenge Existing Theories of Gravity and Dark Energy >>
* What We Can Rule Out at Alpha Centauri >>
* 2017 retweeted By Bill Gates >>

* London police will use AI to look for child porn on seized devices >>
* These are the worst passwords of 2017 >>
* Apple will probably launch new AirPods in the second half of 2018 >>

* Microsoft Pledges $50M to Fight Climate Change With AI >>
* Augmented Reality’s Real Power Will Come From Substance, Not Flash >>
* Why The International Space Station Is The Single Best Thing We Did >>

* What Successful Digital Transformations Have in Common >>
* 2017 Was The Year The Robots Really, Truly Arrived >>
* Auto-tuning data science: New research streamlines machine learning >>

* NCAA teams up with Google Cloud >>
* The 10 (Well, 12) Most Anticipated Games Of 2018 >>
* China reiterates its stance on internet regulation to Google and Facebook >>

* Fyusion is bringing 3D vision technologies to a device near you >>
* Apple does slow down older iPhones – but not for the reason you think >>
* Interstellar object may hold ‘alien’ water >>

* Japan is buying a new US missile defense system amid growing threats from North Korea >>
* Disney World just added Trump to its Hall of Presidents — and people are horrified >>

* The First CRISPR Clinical Trial Could Begin in 2018 >>
* The World’s First Nuclear Fusion Plant Nears Completion >>
* Students Learn Engineering by 3D Printing Functional Jet Engine Model >>

* Upgrade to 5G will costs billions a year and may not be worth it >>
* YouTube’s latest deals with Sony and Universal will pave the way for new music streaming service in 2018 >>
* Bill Gates tweeted 7 inspiring moments of ‘amazing hope and progress’ from 2017 >>

* Here’s everything you need to know about blockchains, the ground-breaking tech that could be as disruptive as the internet >>
* We Have Abandoned Every Principle Of The Free And Open Internet >>
* The First $100 Billion Dollar Blockchain Company Could Be The Next SAP >>

* Noise Is The Next Great Public Health Crisis >>
* China’s Ban On “Foreign Waste” May Aid the Spread of AI in the US >>
* An AI-Equipped Microscope Can Diagnose Deadly Blood Infections >>

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