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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 December 2017

* Holography-based 3D printing produces objects in seconds instead of hours >>
* New software development program works with AI and the cloud >>
* Announcing Google Cloud Next 2018 >>

* MIT is redesigning power converters to make the grid more efficient >>
* The “Always Connected PC” May Solve Laptops’ Battery-Life Problem >>
* Artificial Intelligence Seeks An Ethical Conscience >>

* Star Wars: The Last Jedi – what are the critics saying? >>
* Patrick Stewart Would Return to ‘Star Trek’ for Quentin Tarantino >>

* Microsoft has set up an internal AI University to try and get around the skills shortage >>
* Researchers use electric currents to detect cancer in human tissue >>
* CRISPR Might Be Able to Cure Disease, Without Changing Genes >>

* Dinosaurs didn’t crack under stress, but the hard times affected their eggs >>
* New AI algorithm recommends right products at the right time >>
* NVIDIA’s ‘most powerful GPU’ ever is built for AI >>

* World’s Smallest Mona Lisa Is Made From DNA >>
* Bitcoin and the millennials may have created a perfect storm >>
* Neuroscientists Just Launched An Atlas Of The Developing Human Brain >>

* That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet >>
* Sentiment and emotion-aware natural language processing >>
* From smart cities to intelligent societies >>

* SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2017) >>
* AI in Healthcare Summit >>
* Edible straws, living ink and more >>

* F35 helps target North Korea ICBM but anti-ICBM drones are better and will be ready in months >>
* Only 90-120 seconds for an interceptor missile to hit an North Korean ICBM during the most vulnerable boost phase >>
* US Navy not ready for major war as they forgot to train sailors to sail and operate ships >>
* US Is Testing a Microwave Weapon To Stop North Korea’s Missiles >>

* Chinese students blanket the world, but Americans barely get past Europe >>
* Why not? Pushing and prodding the possible, at TED@IBM >>
* Elon Musk finally admits Tesla is building its own custom AI chips >>

* Too Big, Too Soon. Monster Black Hole Seen Shortly After The Big Bang >>
* ‘American Murderer’ Worm Strips To Evade Your Immune System >>
* Study Validates NanoRacks Concept for Commercial Space Station Module >>

* WATCH NASA VIDEO: “2017 –Death of Saturn’s Cassini to the Discovery of 10 Earth-Sized Alien Planets” >>
* Astronauts In Trouble Will Be Able To Press The “Take Me Home” Button >>
* 8 European Space Missions Get Extensions >>

* Does Dark Matter Exist? Bold New Study Offers Alternative Model >>
* The Human Species “Biological Limits Have Peaked” >>
* Aerial Photos Tell a Story About Which Cities Are Embracing Clean Energy >>

* Boeing CEO Says Boeing Will Beat SpaceX to Mars >>
* “We’re Re-thinking the Evolution of the Universe” –13-Billion-Year Voyage of the Light from Oldest Most Massive Known Black Hole >>
* Boeing only has lies and empty promises about Mars so NASA will not cut off $4 billion per year for SLS rocket >>

* MRAM-like Device Could Make Logic Run Backwards >>
* The most improvement for the World’s poor ever will happen over the next 12 years >>

* Flexible UV Imagers for Drones >>
* Gillmor Gang: Coin Operated >>
* Dating as we know it will change with virtual reality >>

* Researchers establish long-sought source of ocean methane >>
* Uber will soon have to compete with China’s Didi Chuxing in Mexico >>
* Coinbase CEO: ‘Please invest responsibly’ >>

* Kepler Mission’s “Big Alien-Planet Discovery” via Google AI –Live-Streamed This Coming Thursday on NASA TV >>
* 3D-printing biocompatible living bacteria >>
* How to Apply for a New Job After You’ve Been Fired >>

* DARPA’s $100 million Gene Drive program >>
* Nvidia has GPU with Tensor cores has 9 times deep learning speed of previous Nvidia GPU >>
* Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos >>

* IBM explains why the time for quantum computers is now >>
* China is at 1.5 times US electricity usage in 2017 and should be double by 2023 >>
* Faster, taller, denser, more profitable warehouse robots and Interview with the CEO >>

* This tiny bit of the brain could offer clues about addiction >>
* Astronomers just discovered a supermassive black hole from the dawn of the universe >>

* Is This The Future Of Amtrak >>
* Apple’s Jony Ive will return to his design management role >>
* Musk Says Tesla Is Building Its Own Chip For Autopilot >>

* Forget body painting—body marbling turns your skin into a psychedelic work of art >>
* Google Is Giving Away Ai That Can Build Your Genome Sequence >>
* Study: Genes Start Mutating Soon After Conception >>

* Incredible footage captures a mid-air COLLISION between a murmuration of starlings and a flock of geese >>
* Do Genes Direct Our Behavior? [Video] >>
* Whale-sized asteroid capable of DESTROYING a major city skimmed past our planet at just a third of the distance between Earth and the moon – and NASA didn’t even notice >>

* What NASA’s Mock Space Missions Tell Us About the Need for Martian Law >>
* Exoplanet Most Likely to Support Alien Life Might Not Be Habitable After All >>
* Tiny Space-Debris Detector Will Fly to Station This Week >>

* AI Analyzes Dolphin Chatter And Discovers Something We Didn’t Know >>
* Stunning waterfront property for sale in Bitcoin >>
* Google Maps will wake you up when you need to get off the bus >>

* China Has Launched the World’s First All-Electric Cargo Ship >>
* DNA Tattoos Are the Final Frontier of Love >>
* Emotion Recognition Systems Could Be Used In Job Interviews >>

* The FCC Still Doesn’t Know How the Internet Works >>
* What Mistakes Can Stall An IT Career? >>
* How To Encrypt All Of The Things >>

* Toyota’s New Power Plant Will Create Clean Energy From Manure >>
* Physicists say they’ve confirmed new form of matter in a breakthrough of ‘cosmic significance’ >>

* Jet lag could increase your risk of cancer because our body clocks are controlled by the same mechanism that causes tumours, study finds >>
* The AI that can hear dolphins ‘talk’: Algorithm is able to distinguish different species in the wild based on their clicks >>
* The year 2017 in Netflix news >>

* In Green Company: Aurora over Norway >>
* 34 of the weirdest photos taken in 2017 >>

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