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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 December 2017

* Woman With Transplanted Uterus Gives Birth, the First in the U.S. >>
* Elon Musk is joking about launching his Tesla Roadster to Mars in January 2018 >>
* Volunteers Around the World Build Surveillance-Free Cellular Network Called ‘Sopranica’ >>

* This Robot Handles The Entire Process Of Growing Lettuce By Itself >>
* Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years >>

* The Future Of Digital: 2017 >>
* A.I. Will Transform the Economy. But How Much, and How Soon? >>
* HENRY BLODGET: 14 things you’ll want to know about the future of media >>

* Foresight Visions – Reaching Longevity Escape Velocity >>
* Amazon envisions delivery drones that self-destruct in emergencies >>
* The first text message was sent 25 years ago >>

* Researchers create ultrasound needle for internal surgical images >>
* Flowspace is AWS for warehouses >>
* This ‘magic’ wand lets you build anything out of thin air >>

* Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough >>
* North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Was Even Scarier Than It Seemed >>
* AI hype surge numbers, robo-radiologists, Apple voxels, and lots more >>

* 6 ideas for improving the dog walking app Wag! >>
* Russia Says It Will Ignore Any UN Ban of Killer Robots >>
* Deep Space Gateway Key Part of Updated Exploration Roadmap >>

* The FDA just approved the first direct competitor to a $6.7-billion-dollar cancer drug >>
* Watch for these three gadgets to soften the blow of PC and smartphone sales woes >>

* Aether 1 3D Bioprinter Promises a Plethora of Printing Options for Artistic Expression >>
* These Are the Games You Should Check Out in December >>
* Hospitals are scrambling to solve their air pollution issue >>

* A New Hypothesis Suggests That Parallel Universes Might Interact after All >>
* NSA surveillance expansion bill moves to House for a vote >>
* Tesla actually built the world’s biggest battery. Here’s how it works. >>

* Two Technologists Create Black Metal Album Using An AI >>
* Wired’s Top Stories In November: Electric Big Rigs, Ftw >>
* How Much Does My Dog Understand? >>

* Artificial intelligence could forever change Wall Street >>
* Will 3D printing replicate human life? >>
* Sex in America: 45 Years of Often Contradictory Changes >>

* Foresight Vision – The Long Term – So Much to Do and so Little Time >>
* Intelligence 2.0 – Brain, AI and Hybrids >>
* Foresight Vision – Blockchains – Master Key to Unlock the Future >>

* Dark Matter space probe detects cosmic ray gap which might be evidence of dark matter >>
* Home.me turns your 2D floorplan drawings into 3D renderings >>
* Atomic Age Began 75 Years Ago with the First Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction >>

* Artificial muscles using folded graphene >>
* US Think Tank fears world economic and military domination from China’s AI >>
* Emirates has a new plane with virtual windows and “zero-gravity” seats >>

* Space Heavy test launch will try to reach Mars with a Tesla Roadster >>
* Flink: The Latest 3D Printing Ink Powered With Bacteria [Video] >>
* Humans will live on the moon within five years >>

* Google Home can now handle two commands at once >>
* Amazon, Alibaba and Tencent could make ultimate cryptocurrencies >>
* IBM Research showcases AI advances @ NIPS 2017 >>

* How Rex Tillerson’s ouster could bring the US closer to war with Iran >>
* New evidence suggests schizophrenia begins during pregnancy >>
* US Air Force signs $60 million contract so that its F-35 hits moving targets >>

* India is preparing to land on the moon for the first time in the country’s history >>
* Artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers >>
* Ultrasound imaging needle to transform heart surgery >>

* Foresight Institute Vision Weekend starts tomorrow >>
* SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy will carry Musk’s Tesla Roadster to Mars >>
* Gravity Signals Traveling At The Speed Of Light Could Warn Of Big Earthquakes >>

* Don’t Bother Trying to Age Your Wine >>
* The 50 best-paying big companies, according to employees >>
* How self-driving technology is disrupting the way goods are delivered and creating opportunities for retailers and shipping firms >>

* Here Comes Comet Heinze For The Holidays >>
* Hydrothermal Vent Experiments Bring Saturn Moon Enceladus to Earth >>
* NASA’s Next Mars Rover: A Life-Hunting Curiosity 2.0 >>

* Japan’s Slow Demographic Apocalypse – 90,000 per year are dying and rotting alone in Japan >>
* Alibaba starts $1.5 billion anti-poverty fund >>
* Kevin LaGrandeur on Surviving the Machine Age >>

* Video Friday: Pepper at Work, Robot Muscles, and NASA’s Next Rover >>
* “Significant loss of neurons is a normal part of ageing” and other brain cell myths >>

* These Are The Digital Pills Coming To A Pharmacy Near You >>
* Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests >>

* Tinder is using AI to figure out who you’ll really like >>
* Uber’s Indian rival Ola begins offering a bicycle-sharing service >>
* Economist Tyler Cowen talks about the value of despair h >>

* Google Home learns how to multitask >>
* Human Speech, Music, and Bird Song Share a Common Origin >>

* Dive into the hottest AI technology with this set of online classes >>
* Machine learning gives environmentalists something to tweet about >>

* Watch YouTube Videos From Any Country Using This Chrome Extension >>
* Potty Train Your Pet With Flushable Catolet >>
* If North Korea fires a nuclear missile at the U.S., how could it be stopped? >>

* Amazing House Goes Up in 6 Hours and Costs Just $33k >>
* Why the first 5 minutes of every video conference is, ‘Can you hear me?’ >>
* Someone designed a car that doubles as office >>

* How the Internet of Things Can Prepare Cities for Natural Disasters >>
* $250 iPad: Claims Apple will reveal new ‘budget’ model alongside updated tablet with FaceID >>
* Tiny 3D-printed ‘bones’ could be implanted into the ears of deaf people to help them hear >>

* Brain Organoids Get Cancer, Too, Opening a New Frontier in Personalized Medicine >>
* Device that paved the way for Apple: 1972 ‘blue box’ created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to hack phones to sell for £50,000 at auction >>
* The future of psswords? ‘Sci-fi’ DNA test can prove your identity in minutes >>

* Quantum experiment reveals time really CAN flow backwards >>
* Alexa is coming to work: Amazon reveals plans to give the office voice control for everything from booking meeting rooms to making calls >>

* How cell ‘house cleaners’ boost prostate cancer >>
* Did humans descend from SPONGES? The humble creature is our deepest ancestor, statistical analysis suggests >>
* The Periodic Table of All of the Exoplanets Found So Far >>

* Talks at Google we fell for this fall >>
* Why human race is 20 years away from guaranteeing its immortality – physicist Brian Cox on space colonies and mining asteroids >>
* MIT’s winning solar-powered dome tree habitats for Mars mimic earthly forests >>

* These Shapeshifting Metals Could Be The Future Of Flight >>
* Make game coding your career with this $49 course >>
* It’s Gonna Get A Lot Easier To Break Science Journal Paywalls >>

* Cows going online in NZ paddocks >>
* California axes self-driving car rule limiting liability for crashes >>
* Terrorists and rogue states likely to get their hands on Terminator-style killer robots in ‘very near future’ >>

* 5 Industries Primed To Leap Forward Into AR >>
* Which Tech Jobs Will Be Automated by 2045? >>
* The Last Mile of City Drone Deliveries >>

* The airport of the future will have extremely complicated lines >>
* Marine heatwave unfolding as hot temperatures continue >>

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