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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2017

* Talk with first-ever robot politician on Facebook Messenger >>
* The Next Mars Rover’s Wheels Won’t Get Torn Apart By The Red Planet >>
* ASEAN and India focus of global growth for next decade >>

* Jeff Bezos’ net worth surpasses 100 billion dollars >>
* Transportable solar powered EV charging station >>
* The ‘StingRay’ device that sweeps up data >>

* New species can develop in as little as TWO generations, according to a study >>
* Morning sickness in pregnancy blamed on protein in the placenta >>
* MIT Team Wins Mars City Design Contest for ‘Redwood Forest’ Idea >>

* Could a Rogue Nation Alter Clouds to Combat Warming? >>
* How humans became so smart: Huge dose of the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine may be responsible for our intelligence >>

* Elon Musk applies to expand his traffic beating LA tunnel across Los Angeles >>
* Apple buys augmented reality headset maker in $30m ‘iGlasses’ deal >>

* Russia military official claims mach 8 Zircon hypersonic missile is operational >>
* Using microrobots to diagnose and treat illness in remote areas of the body >>
* On-Orbit Satellite Servicing: The Next Big Thing in Space? >>

* Unearthing oxygen-starved bacteria might worsen climate change >>
* Personal CRISPR genetic experimentation >>
* Tissue engineering, replacement organs and regenerative medicine are getting friendlier regulations >>

* Tesla revolutionary electric semi-truck half the price experts expected with utter domination by 2025 >>
* Ford Debuts Plug-In Hybrid Cop Car >>
* Turn Your Clothes Into Health Trackers >>

* When Robots Invade The Kitchen >>
* 5 Wild Biotech Products That Will Touch Our Lives in the Near Future >>
* Samsung smart TVs gain Amazon Prime Music support >>

* The legal quagmire of creativity in artificial intelligence >>
* DARPA Aims to ‘Disrupt’ National Security Space Business >>
* If No One Owns the Moon, Can Anyone Make Money Up There? >>

* Your Heartbeat Can Tell You How Generous You Are >>
* Quantum encryption is now fast enough for voice calls >>
* $18m emergency mobile phone alarm system tested – six months early >>

* This New Invention Uses Smartphones to Help Treat Illness Affecting Millions >>
* Most Popular SSDs Are Down to Their Best Prices of the Year >>
* Russian ‘hulk’ drone that can lift 400lb payload and fly for up to eight hours >>

* Have astronomers solved the mystery of the ‘engine’ on Enceladus? >>
* The ‘mouthprint’ app that turns your phone into a SONAR detector to monitor lip movement as you speak to prove it really is you talking >>

* Researchers reveal ‘tape recorder’ made of MICROBES in breakthrough that could lead to a new generation of bacterial machines >>
* The ‘unhackable’ quantum messages that could stop cyber criminals from using super computers to steal data >>
* ‘Biohybrid’ machines size of red blood cell could soon deliver drugs to remote parts of the body >>

* Fears of a GLOBAL CRISIS after drug-resistant malaria hits Southeast Asia >>
* Smart label helping beat counterfeiters >>
* Bitcoin soars above $9,000 to new record high >>

* One Gene in Human Brain Differentiates Us From Other Primates –“We Have No Idea What It’s Doing There” >>
* Spacex heading to 40 launches per year without including Spacex internet satellite launches >>
* Head of Google talks AI, China, Robotics and Quantum computers >>

* Tom Baker returns to Dr Who to complete lost episode >>
* China is grabbing the solar battery EV future and transition could happen before 2030 >>
* At least 16 companies developing Deep Learning chips >>

* Graphcore AI chips are 100X times faster >>
* UK spy court ruled immune from judicial review – for now >>
* The World’s First Self-cleaning Sunglasses >>

* The Future Of Retail In The Age Of Amazon >>
* Approaching e-commerce investments in the age of Amazon >>
* Bmw Wants To Build Networks Of Elevated Cycling Paths >>

* EE’s next phone will be all glass and cost just over £100 >>
* What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind? Thoughts and feelings are generated ‘behind the scenes’ by non-conscious systems in our brains, scientists claim >>
* World’s deadliest sub’ can launch 20 nuclear warheads and destroy cities 6,000 miles away >>

* Avatar for schizophrenia patients perfectly mimics the threatening voices in their head so they can confront their torment face-to-face >>
* An AI might help identify missing children when they’re older >>
* Researchers Say New Species Are Evolving at an Unbelievable Rate >>

* UK and China joining the USA in the supercarrier club >>
* China starting construction of supercarrier with electromagnetic launch but using older heavier fighter jets >>
* To calm your emotions, get 15 minutes alone >>

* New trailers: The Incredibles 2, A Wrinkle in Time, and more >>
* My approach to using Git, without the headaches >>
* Life in Amazon warehouse revealed with timed toilet breaks and workers sleeping on their feet >>

* INTERNET OF THINGS 2017 REPORT: How its is improving lives to transform the world >>
* Here’s everything you need to know about blockchains, the ground-breaking tech that could be as disruptive as the internet >>
* Here’s how many people watched the original shows that Facebook is renewing for second seasons >>

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