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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 November 2017

* Uber orders up to 24,000 Volvo SUVs for its self-driving fleet >>
* Fuel Cells Poised to Replace India’s Diesel Generators >>
* Your music tastes can be changed by using magnets on your brain >>

* The first asteroid we’ve seen from outside our Solar System is totally bizarre >>
* Drones Distribute Swarms of Sterile Mosquitoes to Stop Zika and Other Diseases >>
* Magnetic Field Controls Drug Delivery >>

* You can now hail Uber rides for friends who don’t have accounts >>
* Laser-Powered SETI Probes –“Putting on the ‘Brakes’ to Orbit Habitable-Zone Planets” >>
* Team New Zealand reveal new America’s Cup boat >>

* DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database >>
* Deep Learning Is Eating Software >>

* London’s buses are getting a caffeine kick >>
* Engineers get the feeling for robotic fingers >>
* Airbus A380 superjumbo jet went from airline status symbol to reject in just 10 years >>

* Spaceflight’s Next Big Leap? SpaceX Cargo Mission Offers a Glimpse >>
* Earth’s Oxygen Levels Linked to Rapid Increase in Lifeforms 455 Million Years ago >>
* Mit Looks At How Humans Sorta Drive In Sorta Self-driving Cars >>

* HaptX Inc Reveals New Haptic Glove for Virtual Reality >>
* Weaponsized drones vs Anti-drone systems >>
* Combat lasers versus Dielectric mirrors, ablative materials countermeasures >>

* What’s different about the brains of the minority of us who feel other people’s physical pain? >>
* Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix in December 2017 >>
* Tesla’s portable phone-charging battery will complement your Tesla-branded life >>

* Internet of Elephants uses AR to get up close to endangered species, turns their migrations into a game >>
* What you missed at last week’s Engadget Experience >>

* How the Next Generation is Building Our (Artificial Intelligent) Future >>
* ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ trailer shows off a planet-hopping adventure >>
* I Paid $300 For Dna-based Fitness Advice And All I Got Was Junk Science >>

* ESO Observes a Giant Structure Forming Around an Ancient Quasar >>
* 51 enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2018 >>
* Uber adds live location sharing and more for easier pickups >>

* IMAGR scores funding for AI-enabled shopping trolley >>
* Tesla Roadster will get even quicker through an option package >>
* The best GPS trackers for cats and dogs >>

* World’s first artificial meteor shower will take place in 2019 >>
* Everyone is freaking out about artificial intelligence stealing jobs and leading to war — and totally missing the point >>
* US Marines F-35 squadron is training to fight through nuclear war against North Korea >>

* Americans are planning to celebrate Christmas like it’s 2007 >>
* Marvell Technology will buy rival chipmaker Cavium for $6 million >>

* Facebook briefly hid its ‘delete’ option on posts, and users panicked >>
* Uber just made its biggest move yet to adopt self-driving cars >>
* Drug Discovery AI to Scour a Universe of Molecules for Wonder Drugs >>

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