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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2017

* AI-Powered Microscope Counts Malaria Parasites in Blood Samples >>
* Virtual nation Asgardia has launched itself into space >>
* Airbus Reveals Its Autonomous Air Taxi, Vahana, With A Series Of Flight Tests >>

* Bill Gates buys land for a 36 square mile smart city west of Phoenix Arizona >>
* Bill Gates made a big investment to fight Alzheimer’s >>
* Mini liver tumors created in a dish for the first time >>

* Q&A: The Ethics of Using Brain Implants to Upgrade Yourself >>
* US Navy tests hypersonic missile that will eventually be launched from submarines >>
* Bitcoin’s value rose $10 billion in just 12 hours after a dramatic sell-off >>

* IBM: What’s in a qubit? >>
* This New Startup Wants To Create Carpools For Satellites >>
* Apple could launch a bigger iPhone X Plus next year, report says >>

* Nanotech, gene editing used to edit cholesterol gene: U.S. study >>
* Artificial Intelligence Could Hijack Brain-Computer Interfaces and Take Control of Our Minds >>
* Automation and the “Creation of a New World” Why “Think Different” is Necessary in a Digital Age >>

* Delaware cops to use AI dashcam to look for fugitives in passing cars >>
* Brain implant boosts human memory by mimicking how we learn >>
* Boeing 757’s flight controls are HACKED remotely while on the runway without the knowledge of the pilots >>

* Amazon may be prepping a free ad-supported video service >>
* This bicycle lets you cycle vertically across a building surface >>
* Germany’s future trains have digital cars with game consoles >>

* Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events >>
* Facebook Stories replaces Messenger Day with synced cross-posting >>
* MIT to construct new, cutting-edge Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel >>

* Synthetic circuits can harvest light energy >>
* CRISPR-carrying nanoparticles edit the genome >>
* “Harmless” Nuclear Gas Cloud Floats Over Europe >>

* Life Form from First Two-Billion Years Discovered In the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area >>
* China leads in top 500 supercomputers with 202 versus the US with 143 >>
* Orbital Antares Rocket Launches From Wallops Flight Facility >>

* Realtime Air quality is worse in parts of Turkey and Mexico than Delhi India >>
* New Delhi Air is ten times worse the Beijing and United has cancelled flights >>
* Bristol AI chip designer bags $50m from Valley VC >>

* This A.I. Chatbot Will Get Revenge on Email Scammers For You >>
* The world’s first floating nation will appear in the Pacific Ocean by 2020 >>
* This reversible fabric is like personal heat and A/C >>

* Airbus is ready to test its self-flying taxi >>
* Uber teams up with NASA to make flying taxi service available by 2020 >>
* Star Trek: Discovery Turns Into a Voyager for Chapter Two >>
* On Airplanes, Considering Fighting Cameras With Cameras >>

* Ray Kurzweil On Turing Tests, Brain Extenders, And Ai Ethics >>
* Roomi raises $11 million to find you a roommate >>
* Philips-branded TVs to come with built-in Roku streaming >>

* Five Technologies That Will Rock Your World >>
* The next Volkswagen Beetle could be an electric car >>
* Jobs and Robots: Bracing for Technological Disruptions to Come >>
* Human Mini-Brains Growing Inside Rat Bodies Are Starting to Integrate >>

* Hair bleach chemical triggered life on Earth: Study >>
* Hollywood Studios Force ISPs to Block Popcorn Time & Subtitle Sites >>
* MPAA Lobbies US Congress on Streaming Piracy Boxes >>

* New Zealand Rugby League players 3D modelled with virtual reality tech >>
* The Secret to Long Life? It May Lurk in the DNA of the Oldest Among Us >>
* A little bit of stress keeps aging cells robust >>

* Why everything you know about happiness is wrong >>
* Head Transplants: Sergio Canavero About to Perform and There’s Nothing to Stop Him >>
* The future of AI blockchain and deep learning >>

* Qualcomm spurns Broadcom’s $103 billion takeover proposal >>
* Genes that hold the clues to bladder cancer and its treatment >>
* Bill Gates buys 25,000 acres of land to build the smart city of the future >>

* Check out China’s remarkable progress >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Space tourism will lift-off in 2018 >>

* Sharp’s new 8K camera is $77,000 >>
* Edge Computing — The New Frontier of the Web >>
* Analyst Says 94% of Bitcoin’s Price Movement Over the Past 4 Years Can Be Explained By One Equation >>

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