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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 October 2017

* New artificial intelligence can detect colorectal cancer in less than second, 86% accuracy >>
* Robotic eel seeks out water pollution >>
* YouTube TV debuts a dedicated app for smart TVs, gaming and streaming devices >>

* 3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers >>
* Neural network gives your phone ‘DSLR-quality’ photos >>
* AI Scans Twitter for Signs of Opioid Abuse >>

* Controversial Body Transplant Procedure waiting for the right donor >>
* Head transplant mavericks must be scrutinised, not ignored >>

* Controversial Brain Imaging Uses Ai To Take Aim At Suicide Prevention >>
* Could a Machine Identify Suicidal Thoughts? >>
* Sony just offered a major look into the future of the PlayStation 4 in these 12 new trailers >>

* Stanford’s ‘accelerator on a chip’ could revolutionize medical care >>
* Ford’s robot butt makes sure its cars can handle your butt IRL >>
* “Self-regulating” nanoparticles can burn cancer without harming healthy cells >>

* Can you get from ‘dog’ to ‘car’ with one pixel? Japanese AI boffins can >>
* iPhone X automatically blocks message notifications by default >>
* The race for the autonomous car is on, FiveAI attack plan at Disrupt Berlin >>

* AT&T and Tech Mahindra launch open source AI project >>
* The new Japan Taxi from Toyota wants to be an international icon >>
* More than half this country apparently uses Facebook’s Messenger >>

* Thanks to iPhone 8 orders, Apple is finally growing again in China >>
* Emirates ditches first class on London-Dubai flights to squeeze in more economy seats >>
* Scientists beams of energy from black holes are created by matter squeezed so tight they erupt plasma streams >>

* Elon Musk essentially predicts ‘Mad Max’ IRL if Australia doesn’t embrace renewable energy >>
* Electricity should be cheap in Australia but is most expensive so Anything can be mismanaged >>
* SpaceX rocket comes in for a fiery but successful landing after launching satellite >>

* F-35s grounded by spares shortage >>
* Google’s phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done >>
* Digital Resource Lifespan >>

* Would you make an insurance claim by chat-bot? >>
* Scientists Prove Nanomagnets Can Levitate, Expect More Exotic Quantum Phenomena >>
* NASA reveals record-setting tests of radical ion engine that could take man to Mars >>

* IBM Simulates a 56-Qubit Machine >>
* Tech firms must do more to takle extremism, warns World Economic Forum >>
* To See a Habitable World >>

* Toyota will test autonomous cars at California’s GoMentum station >>
* There may be a sense in which expert athletes see things in slow motion >>

* Thousands of Videogame-Playing Soldiers Could Shape the Future of War >>
* Smaller is better with Samsung’s Gear Sport smartwatch >>
* iPhone 8 launch propels Apple to growth in China after 18 months of sales dips >>
* The First First Impression Of The Iphone X >>

* ‘Extremely rare’ 1983 Apple Lisa-1 computer that was the first to use a mouse could fetch £30,000 >>
* The way T cells attack may inspire new antibiotics >>
* They talk, they make jokes, have ‘customisable’ breasts – the sex robot is no longer a weird fantasy but a troubling reality >>

* Pixel smartphone ‘burn in’ could burn Google >>
* Has Netflix changed TV forever? >>
* All The PSVR Trailers And Videos From Sony’s Pre-Paris Games Week Conference >>

* Focus: House of Cards canned after allegations against Kevin Spacey >>
* Tech and the art of patience >>
* The richest families in America are pouring money into healthcare startups >>

* The best yoga socks you can buy >>
* Snag a wireless charging pad for just $11 and kiss cords goodbye >>

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