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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 October 2017

* Artificial Intelligence Beats CAPTCHA >>
* AI finds possible gravitational lens points >>
* First genetically engineered humans might not have their DNA tweaked at all >>

* Watch Yamaha’s Humanoid Robot Ride a Motorcycle Around a Racetrack >>
* Buildings of the future might be constructed by swarms of robots >>

* New “Ultrasound on a Chip” Tool Could Revolutionize Medical Imaging >>
* Doctor says he diagnosed his own cancer with iPhone ultrasound machine >>

* Fully automated mining and factories on Earth a precursor of automation for space >>
* ARM CEO: Tech Industry Must Build an Immune System to Prevent a Cybercrime Pandemic >>

* Can artificial intelligence learn to scare us? >>
* Neural network invents hilarious Halloween costumes >>

* Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world with $90 billion >>
* Sex robot inventor says bots will soon have a ‘moral code’ >>
* First large transport drone takes off in China >>

* Sarcos Robotics has force multiplying robots and exoskeletons to boost productivity >>
* Quantum computing is now an engineering scaling problem and treating cancer will become like preventing cavities >>
* Nvidia AI and multi-petaOps chips for class 5 automated cars within 4 years >>

* India overtakes the US to become the world’s second largest smartphone market >>
* India will Orbiter and Rover to the moon in 2018 >>
* Australia, Argentina, Chile and the USA will be the top suppliers of Lithium >>

* Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships >>
* Robot ants are here to terrify and impress you >>
* Honda’s cutesy robot cooler keeps drinks within reach >>

* Artificial intelligence to evaluate brain maturity of preterm infants >>
* Yamaha’s new concept motorcycle would let you slalom into the future >>

* Autoblog’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show roundup >>
* Nissan unveils concept electric VAN to slash emissions from food delivery vehicles >>
* Why Heart Surgery May be Better in the Afternoon >>

* We Might Be Able to Survive on Mars—But Can We Live There Peacefully? >>
* Getting to and living on Mars will be hell on your body >>
* Amazon offers $250,000 prize fund for Alexa skills aimed at kids >>

* Strange shifting patterns on Mars that are ‘unlike anything seen on Earth’ are created by carbon dioxide and NOT water >>
* Mussel-inspired plastic could make self-repairing body armour >>

* Facebook will require political advertisers to disclose their identities >>
* Peter Thiel isn’t so sure self-driving tech is a good investment >>
* Tech companies face scrutiny from Congress over data sharing >>

* New AFM Technique Reveals Piezoelectricity in Ferroelectric Materials >>
* Apple Is Not America’s Favorite Tech Company >>
* An Artificial Intelligence Just Found 56 New Gravitational Lenses >>

* October Launch Trifecta From Florida Cleared As Spacex Conducts Static Fire Engine Test For Oct. 30 Koreasat Liftoff >>
* Comets Detected in Alien Solar System for First Time –“In Its Early Era of Extreme Bombardment?” >>
* Galaxies Take Wobbly Path Around Clusters, Surprising Scientists >>

* An Interstellar Visitor? >>
* How Was the Moon Formed? >>
* Who Owns the Moon? | Space Law & Outer Space Treaties >>

* Vodafone’s NBN plans may include voice-over-WiFi, virtual landlines >>
* Walmart is testing out shelf-scanning robots in 50 stores >>

* The making of TED-Ed’s first 360° animation >>
* There’s an Apple-like acquisition trend in the self-driving car space >>

* Surgeons Are Using Social Media to Share and Learn New Skills >>
* More Kiwis ordering in as apps like Uber Eats’ popularity soars >>
* Could this compound offer pain relief without addiction? >>

* Computer beats ‘Captcha’ security test designed to separate man and machine >>
* Marijuana linked to BETTER sexual performance and higher libido >>
* Three in four reptiles perish because they cannot escape pain and hunger in a captive environment >>

* Russia test fires huge ‘Satan Two’ ballistic missile that can carry 12 nuclear warheads and wipe out Britain or Texas in ONE devastating strike amid huge military drills >>
* Instagram adds SUPERZOOM feature that will automatically turn videos into dramatic close-ups >>
* Fossilized feathers reveal tiny dinosaur that roamed China 130 million years ago had ‘bandit mask’ and looked like a ‘RACCOON mixed with a turkey’ >>

* Nissan tests fully driverless cars on the streets of Tokyo ahead of their launch in 2020 >>
* Solar-powered machine could let astronauts make their own water and oxygen from MOON ROCKS >>
* Space changes how your brain thinks and it starts right away >>

* 3D Map of Mouse Neurons Reveals Complex Connections >>
* Would you fit solar panels to your phone? £110 expandable solar-powered ‘paper’ could charge your handset in just 2 hours >>

* The X3 Ion Engine Test Break Thrust Records >>

* Video Friday: Rocket RoboBee, Willow Garage, and Caltech’s Cassie >>
* Lawmakers propose bill to make make smart devices more secure >>
* Amazon’s $18 billion cloud business continues to crush Microsoft and Google — here’s the latest scorecard for the cloud war >>

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